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Nose Cancer: Radiation, Chemo and chemo – did not work

Dear Chris,

Your centre was recommended to me quite some years back by our  pastor D.

Patient Age 57

First diagnosed : 2003 NPC stage 1 – Treated with radiation only

About 1 plus later year – Relapsed – Treated with both radiation and chemo

Few years later : relapsed – Again treated with radiation and chemo

Last year June 2014: Tumor remained sighted in PET – so chemo again + Oral ones T1

5 mths later Nove 2014 : Re-took PET. Tumor size increased. – Tried a new chemo method (Bio something – apparently to aid to block blood flow to feed tumor area or sth like that.)

Since Nov 2014, patient was already experiencing  pain and discomfort in the ear and head area. She just about to complete her 3rd chemo cycle as this email stands . Once chemo cycle is about 2 courses (one per week). But with the increasing pain she is having, she is now thinking of giving up chemo. Will be seeing the oncologist next Tue 20/1 on this.

In the meantime, yesterday 17/1, she went to see her ENT. This was his comments:-

We saw her ENT this morning. His view of pet scan

  1. Recurrent uptake. Stage 4. But may or may not be cancerous.
  2. No need of biopsy due to the depth of that tumor.
  3. Tumor spread gone into bone area. High suspect. And sitting on 5th nerve. Which cause her facial muscle jaw pain.
  4. recommended her to see radioonco to discus poss of targeted dosage to halt kill that growing tumor. (notwithstanding that she already had her max of 2 radiation)
  5. Rec her to change her painkiller drug to lycril instead of tremidol which is more effective in 5th nerve pain mgt with less side effects on face . And perhaps increase dosage if she still cannot handle the pain.
  6. He would rec her to a pain specialist if Nec.

She will be consulting her medical onco next tue – to propose stopping chemo and seek her opinion on the ENT’s proposal to consult the radioonco with regard to the targetted dose of radiation on the growing tumor.

Background of patient: She is a firm believer of TCM. Had been seeing TCM for post NPC since 2004. Has been very careful on her diet as well.

I have not mooted the idea of asking her to go to Penang as yet.(as she is pretty tired now) Like to ask you for some info:-

  1. Have you seen such cases described above improved at your centre ever?
  2. Understand that you have a pain qi assessment method at your centre to prescribed the herbs.  Having described of patient’s condition rather in detailed (I hope) , do you have any particular herbs that may be able alleviate her pain and discomfort?

Appreciate your time on this email.  If nec, from your experience that herbs might help, I am prepared to courier them her to s’pore for her.

Hope to hear from you. Many thanks!

Reply: It is not my nature to play god and make promises. Why not just let the doctors take care of her.


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