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Pancreatic cancer: Less than a month to live!

Hi Dr Chris

I writing from Singapore…. we got your contact from a friend

My brother age 57 was diagnosed of stage 4 pancreatic cancer last year April

he did chemo but stopped after the cancer spread into his liver…

he has 2 ducts inserted.. one at the pancreas and the other in December in his intestine due to bloatedness and indigestion after food

he was breathless for the past few days and today CT scan showed blood clot due to thickening of blood and his oncology prescribed drug to be injected to thin the blood

he knew he is in the final stage of his illness and doctor said he only have less than a month life span…

I’m writing to you as I’m concerned that you might not be able to reach by phone…

your tagline on the name card ” our hands but God heals” indeed healing comes from our Almighty God.

will you be able to help him? and how since we are so far away and due to his medical condition he can’t travel to Penang to see you

looking forward to your reply

God bless.

Reply: No, I don’t intend to play god …. let the doctor takes care of him please.

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