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Liver Cancer: Hunting for a cure that does not exist

Dr. Chris Teo,

Good morning, Dr. Chris Teo. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am from Jakarta – Indonesia. At this moment, we are very worried about our Mom’s condition … 64 years old.

She’s diagnosed with Cancer Liver since 8 May 2014. At that time, we did a medical check-up at Penang (Island Hospital), but the result came out and shocked us, as the USG’s result showed an object with size  8×5.4×8.8 cm. At that time, the AFP is 1497.

We were referenced to Dr. Onco, who requested us to do surgery.

With big worries and deep sadness, we went back to Jakarta. Then we asked my Mom to take :

  1. Juice of Potato, Carrot and Apple (everyday)
  2. 4 Life Transfer Factor (for immune)
  3. Daun Sirsak (leaves of Soursoup)
  4. Tian Xian Liquid
  5. Legalon (from Oncologist)
  6. Diet with no pork and no oily food. She can handle it because our Mom is very organized and discipline personal.

However, after taking those above items, the AFP is still getting high to 4645 (8 Juli 2014). Then jumped to 9637 (1 August 2014).

After we did PETScan (7 August 2014) in Indonesia, we are confirmed that it is HCC.

At that time, we heard the info from my friend that his father was cured by FU DA Cancer Hospital in China with : Intra Arterial Intervention (JIE RU) and Cryoablation (LEN TONG).

After getting through of tough discussion, on 22th August 2014, we brought our Mom to Modern Guangzhou Hospital for treatment. …Only with one hope. Total Recovery for our Mom.

At that time, the AFP has jumped to 12617.

After doing the JIE RU on 24 August 2014 and LEN TONG on 4 Sept 2014 , our Mom went back to Jakarta. She was called for return on 1 Oct 2014.

At second visit, on 3 Oct 2014, our Mom’s AFP has gone down to 8290. The doctor told us that the first treatment’s success, that caused the AFP getting lower at that time. We were informed that 50% of the cancer cell were terminated.

Then, second JIE RU on 5Oct 2014. At that time, my Mom didn’t feel well, and almost fainted.

After reaching home, we reviewed the document and found it very confusing, as the size of tumor is getting bigger.

Since we don’t know how to read Mandarin, we truly don’t understand. Kindly see and please help to review the file.

Our Mom doesn’t want to go to GuangZhou anymore with the reason of pain, felt no good after the treatment, as the White Blood Count was getting low, and we get the injection for 2 times for my Mom.

On 30 Oct 2014, AFP came to 9615.

Since then, my Mom only consumed Tian Xian, and received Accupressure treatment. Again, it doesn’t reduced the AFP, which turned to 28.674 (10 Dec 2014). 

We heard the information from my father’s friend, that has been cured by Shin She in Kedah, Malaysia. He suffered from same case (Cancer Liver) and has been cured totally. Now he can do the routine and heavy activities at this moment.

After visiting Shin She, our Mom takes the capsule 4 x 2 times a day, after meal. And once in a week, we boiled the TCM and gave it to our Mom. The condition of my Mom is good.

Oon 5 Jan 2015, we checked :

–          the AFP is getting high to 32749 ng/ml.

–          the CTScan showed that our Mom’s liver is getting worse and cancers were around of liver.

–          the USG showed the bigger size.

Finally the latest test result on 21 Jan 2015, the AFP is getting up to 40379.

Kindly accept our above details with the hope that Dr. Chris Teo can help our Mom and find the best way out. Please advise. Should we need to bring our Mom and visit Dr. Chris Teo, kindly advise.  Thanks.

Reply: No one  in this world can cure your mother’s cancer. Don’t be misled! If you need help, come and see me in Penang. No need to bring your mom.



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