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Tumour in the Throat (?)

Dear Dr. Chris

I have learnt about CA CARE from the internet and all of the cases is about cancer But still i want to know can your herbs can be used for tumour treatment.

My father has tumour in his throat but we’ve already had the operation in july 20 this year in Lam Wah EE hospital in Penang. But the doctor there said that he saw with his eyes-but he’s not quite sure himself- that in my father upper throat has a little mark and the doctors afraid that it’s a tumour. So he recommend us to have chemotherapy in penang or in jakarta.

Our family looks for another treatment excluding tumour. So i search on the net and found your CA CARE. We plan on going back to penang on 22 february 2015 – 2 march 2015.
Please kindly advise for appointment to see you, should we need to go there and see you. Eagerly awating for your reply. Thank you.

Reply: We are closed from 18 February to 28 February 2015

Lung Cancer – in Singapore hospital. Get the doctors to help you

Dear Dr Chris,

Currently my mother is hospitalised at NUH in Singapore. Her latest result from the biopsy addendum report suggest: Immunostains show the tumour cells to be positive for AE1/3 and CK7. They are negative for CK20, p40, WT1, ER, PR, Vimentin and CDX2.

Her condition at present is that she is losing a lot of HB (Haemoglobin) and her feet and tummy are swollen.

The doctor in Singapore, suggests that she has a lung cancer. However it was not said when she did the biopsy in November. The report was held back by the Mount E hospital because we did not want to proceed with chemotherapy. Only now we get the addendum report … the doctor mentioned there are patches in the lung.

Current condition:

  1. No pain
  2. Easy to fall asleep
  3. Tired
  4. Not easy to go to toilet but no pain or  no blood.
  5. Appetite is not too good, however, if there are variety of food, eat a bit better
  6. No bleeding
  7. No problem with digestive, however, after taking antibiotic there is a little gastric problem. Blood sugar is high 16 – 19. Taking insulin at the moment. Low blood pressure.
  8. Not so much going to toilet, no pain and no blood
  9. No cough.

10.There was time when she had trouble breathing, after blood transfusion in Jakarta twice. But since in Singapore, she didn’t have problem breathing. Also, her breath is shallow. I asked her to breath deeply and she is not really able to do that.

Another note, she lost 10 kgs from Sep 2014 to recently and then she gained 10 kgs in a matter of days (water retention). The doctor in Jakarta tried to pump it out and she lost around 4 kgs. We are still asking questions to the doctor tomorrow on the patches in the lung, whether that is the water retention or something else.

Please kindly advise for appointment to see you. I am not sure how we do this if my mum is very weak at the moment, as she might need to be hospitalised and we are not sure how to move her there. Or is there any way we can have you to be in Singapore? I am just asking all these questions, so that it is easy for us to communicate.

Many thanks to you. Hope to hear from you very soon.

Reply: Just bring your mother home if you don’t want to do chemo … then you can come and see me with all the reports and scan.

Hi Dr Chris

She is having blood transfusion now. My brother reckons that its very hard for her to fly. From Singapore to Penang is closer than from Jakarta to Penang.

The doctor is doing more analysing on the biopsy sample that she had done in November while she is having blood transfusion. Do you think she can still be helped?



Breast Cancer: Just being stupid

Dear Chris,

By the grace of our Lord, our mighty GOD.

My wife has breast cancer and she refuse to be operated or chemo etc. Now,  She has in the second to third year after founding there’s a “benjolan/lump” in the left breast, and now after many kind therapy, her breast start bleeding.  Last Photo yesterday attach.


The problem is about the fund to go to your office in Penang and how much we have to spent money buy the herbal. What’s the fund that we have to prepare if we want to get your herbal?.

Awaiting your earliest reply, we thank you,

Reply: It is wrong not to operate … and this is what happen to your wife. Cannot take my herbs yet …you need to go for chemo and operation first …already too “parah”….. after that if you want to take our herbs, write me. Read this  article that I wrote: http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2012/02/21/some-women-gamble-with-their-breasts/




Free herbs from Singapore

I have on hand some herbs …  which I want to give FREE to a cancer patient, probably residing in Singapore.

Obviously this cancer patient has to be currently consuming similar herbs which I had been taking:-

  • GI1;
  • LIV1;
  • GI2;
  • LIV2;
  • LL-Tea;
  • Capsule A;
  • Capsule B;
  • Capsule C;
  • Capsule D

 Write to:

Ang, Kenny (Singapore)   Kenny.Ang@sgs.com


Cancer from India

My mom is suffering from cancer since one year and since April she is undergoing treatment  surgery chemotherapy radiation therapy. All is given now Dr is telling she is in advanced stage nothing can be done You are my last hope .

I have only my mom. My dad is also no more. Please help I am in India but my uncle is in Malaysia. Can I send him to you. Please reply and do the needful.

Reply: I am read sorry and sad to know this. But I am not god, I cannot cure your mom’s cancer. What is more she is so far way. I cannot do anything meaningful for her.

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