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Breast Cancer: Just being stupid

Dear Chris,

By the grace of our Lord, our mighty GOD.

My wife has breast cancer and she refuse to be operated or chemo etc. Now,  She has in the second to third year after founding there’s a “benjolan/lump” in the left breast, and now after many kind therapy, her breast start bleeding.  Last Photo yesterday attach.


The problem is about the fund to go to your office in Penang and how much we have to spent money buy the herbal. What’s the fund that we have to prepare if we want to get your herbal?.

Awaiting your earliest reply, we thank you,

Reply: It is wrong not to operate … and this is what happen to your wife. Cannot take my herbs yet …you need to go for chemo and operation first …already too “parah”….. after that if you want to take our herbs, write me. Read this  article that I wrote: http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2012/02/21/some-women-gamble-with-their-breasts/




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