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Tumour in the Throat (?)

Dear Dr. Chris

I have learnt about CA CARE from the internet and all of the cases is about cancer But still i want to know can your herbs can be used for tumour treatment.

My father has tumour in his throat but we’ve already had the operation in july 20 this year in Lam Wah EE hospital in Penang. But the doctor there said that he saw with his eyes-but he’s not quite sure himself- that in my father upper throat has a little mark and the doctors afraid that it’s a tumour. So he recommend us to have chemotherapy in penang or in jakarta.

Our family looks for another treatment excluding tumour. So i search on the net and found your CA CARE. We plan on going back to penang on 22 february 2015 – 2 march 2015.
Please kindly advise for appointment to see you, should we need to go there and see you. Eagerly awating for your reply. Thank you.

Reply: We are closed from 18 February to 28 February 2015

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