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Metastatic Lung Cancer from Jakarta

Good morning Dr. Chris,

My name is A. I email you regarding my father’s health situation.

Father’s health background:

  1. Heavy smoker & coffee drinker since his young time.
  2. Got stroke on Agustus 2009 but been active again for the past 3 years..
  3. Diabetic.

Since the end of 2014 my father has been coughing a lot that makes him can’t sleep at nights. At the end of January 2015 he felt weak & couldn’t stand up on sudden. We brought him straight to the hospital & he was opnamed for 2 weeks.

Early diagnose was lung infection & pneumonia. Doctors gave him an antibiotik for some days to deal with the infection. They tried to get the fluid in his lungs but couldn’t get much since it was gel. They got only a little & it was blood. They suspected that was caused by some medicines he was taking, therefore they stopped him from taking those medicines. My father was oxygened while he was in hospital because he was out of breath on sudden & the oxygen level in his blood was dropped. But it was stabilized & he was released from the hospital.

On early February he did Pet-Scan & from the results he was diagnosed lung cancer that already spread to his brain, liver, bone.

Until now he is still coughing a lot & hard to sleep at nights. He feels weak & feel pain on his bones. Other doctors said the same as they saw the tests results. But there’s pne doctor said it is not certain that is cancer, the uncured infection could look like that as well.

My father was suggested to take another blood test to ensure the CEA level, brain MRI to check if it was a cancer in his brain, a Pet-Scan for his current condition, CT-Guided Lung Biopsy to take out the fluid & sample of his lungs.

My questions:

  1. Is it ok to take another Pet-Scan since it was taken just couple weeks ago?
  2. Is it ok for him to take the biopsy? The biopsy won’t make the cancer cells become aggressive right?
  3. What kind of treatments do you have for this condition Dr. Chris? & how long will it takes?
  4. Does the patient need to come there/ stay there for some times? Or can he just come there to consult with you then bring the herbs back home (outpatient)?
  5. How much approximately for the treatment and/ or the herbs?

Looking forward for your fast respond Dr. Chris. Thank you for your time & help in advance.

Reply: Where are you from? Jakarta? I am now in Singapore. You can come and see me without the patient if you like to know more.

Dear Dr. Chriis,

Yes I am in Jakarta.

I was just from Singapore last week, and I don’t think I can come back there except for my father’s treatment because I’m working & need to safe money when possible.

If you don’t mind, could you please explain to me here by email how is your procedure/ method for healing lung infection/ tumor/ cancer patient? My father condition is kinda weak right now. We really need to decide things as soon as possible. Thank You,

Comment: I cannot help patients who only want to sit in front of the computer and expect things to come their way!



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