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Prostate Cancer – health deteriorating

Dear Prof Chris Teo,

I really feel there is a hope for my father after reading your posts on CA Care Therapy treatments. My father is diagnosed with prostate cancer about 2 months ago; PSA 61.1 and Gleason 5+3. We are now on the long waiting list for the bone scan (scheduled in April) and MRI scan (in June).

Before the doctors can offer him the treatment options, my father condition is now getting worse day by day. He has been suffering the following problems/symptoms:

1. Loss of appetite and weight – every food he takes is tasteless and he has to force himself swallow it (e.g. porridge).
2. He is unable to sleep even with the Prozovex pills – the moment he lays down he feels shortness of breath and mentally distorted.
3. Anaemia – Haemoglobin level was 7 previously. He did a blood transfusion the other day and it went up to 9. He seems better now.
4. Difficulty in breathing – likely due to fluid congestion in his lung, but after taking the medicine (Rasitol) to clear the fluid it was fine for few days.

He has been taking high blood pressure medication for the past 20 years which is his only underlying medical problem.

We live in Johor. I am planning to visit your Centre in Penang within these two weeks but I may not able to bring him there as I afraid he might not well enough for traveling long distance. We wish to give him a try on your herbs before we decide on whether to take or combine with those cancer treatments (which may cause more harm than good).

We do not aim to fully cure his cancer with the herbs (of course I wish there would be a miracle) and we are sincerely prepared to commit and work hard to fight against the disease. I really do hope it would at least reduce his pains and suffers so as to let him to have a better quality of life before he would leave us.

I am sincerely hoping for a good reply from you soon. Thank you and best wishes.

Reply: You come alone Monday to Friday at 11 a.m. next week. Bring all medical reports.




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