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Coming from India — please find local herbalist

Respected Sir,

This is GS from India. We read about your treatment and would  like to visit your place. Since we are coming

from far we would like to know about over all expenses required for the Herbs, boarding and lodging for two members and number of days we need to stay there. Kindly reply to this mail so that we can make necessary arrangements for the same.

Thank You. 

Reply: I am sorry .. it is very very difficult for me to help patients from faraway places… I suggest that you find a local herbalist to help you. I cannot answer the questions you asked because I am not running a hospital here.

Prostate Cancer from Palembang

Dear Dr. Teo,

I am Ko from Indonesia. My grandpa has diagnosed prostate cancer after got TURP laser in Melaka Hospital because he cannot pee in middle of 2011. At that time the Doctor suggested us to cut off the prostate to remove the cancer cells, it needs 15,000 RM but we ignored it because of financial problem.

Now he found blood in his pee. I want to ask how to help my grandpa, is there herbal treatment for his cancer? And how much the average price for the medicine because I have a plan to bring his to your CA CARE..

I look foward to hearing your answer. Thank you for your attention Dr. Teo.

Reply: Where are you from Jakarta?

I live at Jakarta but my granpa at Palembang ( South Sumatera ).


Pancreatic Cancer from the Philippines

Dear Dr. Teo,

My god parent named NC suffered from a severe pain on his stomach thinking that he was just acidic. After a week the pain became unbearable so they decided to go to the hospital to consult a doctor. Due to the severe pain, a CT scan was done last April 7,2015: Iimpression was : CONSIDER A PANCREATIC HEAD MASS: RULE OUT NEOPLASTIC PROCESS/MALIGNANCY. RESULTANT BILIARY TRACT AND PANCREATIC DUCTAL DILATATION IS EVIDENT. UNENLARGED LYMPH NODES, Upper RETROPERITONEAL AREA HYDROPIC GALLBLADDER WITH SLUDGE FORMATION AND DIFFUSE NON-SPECIFIC WALL THICKENING, ATHEROMATOUS AORTA.

Based from the CT Scan. the doctor gave us 3 choices:


my father had chosen the first choice which is an operation .

He was admitted to the hospital last April 16.. The operation was held at Apr 18… After five hours of waiting… the doctor explained… that the tumor was too big and damages other internal organs so it is not resectable.. They did not able to remove the tumor. If they will insists to remove it, the patient will die according to them. Since there were areas damaged and blocked by the tumor, the doctor made a way for fluids to flow.. They even saw a discoloration on the liver so they got a sample from it for a biopsy purpose which will served according to them as a confirmation that he has a pancreatic cancer.

Due to the result of the operation, the next step that they will do if daddy will fully recover after a month is that a CHEMO-RADIATION then a Chemotherapy. .. If the tumor will respond on these processes,  meaning the tumor will decrease its size, that will be the time to held another operation.

We as his family member do not know what exactly the right thing to do about this matter… is it alright to have another operation after all what he experienced? What would be the best thing to do? Hope you could help us. We will be totally indebted to you Doc if we will overcome this situation…

Reply: It is very hard for me to help people from faraway places …you are in the Philippines and I am in Malaysia. What can I do?




Mom’s breast cancer – chemo not an option for us

Hi Dr Chris,

My name is L. My mum has just been diagnosed with breast cancer but unfortunately we have been told she’s in the advanced stage and that the cancer has spread to other parts of her body the most recent case was a pelvic mass noticed in an ultrasound scan.

My mum had renal failure and doctor had to perform a surgery by putting stent through to the kidney as she had problem urinating. Now she can pee naturally and the next step is a CT Scan to find out where the tumour in her pelvis is.

My mum is 73 this year and we haven’t told her about her cancer yet. We also haven’t spoken to the oncologist but we know chemotherapy is NOT an option for us.

We just want to know if you are still in practice as we would like to see you when my mum is out of the hospital. And of course once we have told her the truth. Please, Dr I need your advice as in what’s the next step. I hope you can help provide some light as in if we shd do what the oncologist will be telling us or do we seek alternative therapy?

Thank you for taking the time to read this email (if it ever reaches you!).

Reply: Where are you from? You can come and see me in Penang with all the medical reports and scans.

Hi Dr Chris

Mum is currently in P Hospital and she should be discharged this Thursday as she’s still recovering from the surgery yesterday. We were referred to an oncologist and tomorrow he will be performing a biopsy and thereafter will have a chat with us. I live in KL with my family while my parents live in Batu Pahat. Once discharged I will get a copy of her medical report and scan and should I mail it to you or do you have to see her personally with the report?

Once again I thank you for your time. I just went to see mum and she looks happy and at peace and I don’t have the heart to tell her now she has cancer. My dad also reminded us not to tell her just yet….


Reply:  Why do biopsy if you don’t want chemo? Do biopsy only if you want chemo.

Hi again.

According to my mum the doctor in P Hospital “placed a fine needle through her left breast where the tumour is and drew out a sample” but she doesn’t know what procedure that was but I think it was a biopsy. The doctor insisted that wasn’t a biopsy as a biopsy requires a longer needle.

I understand why you advised against a biopsy but..isn’t biopsy the only way to make a definitive cancer diagnosis, as it provides the most accurate analysis of tissue?

What other choices do we have besides getting a biopsy as we do not know to which body part exactly the cancer has spread.

Thank you and I appreciate your reply and help even before we have met.

Reply: I have written all these in my books and also in my website … anyway…what they did is called needle biopsy …..IF YOU WANT TO DO CHEMO AND CONTINUE WITH MEDICAL TREATMENT…GO AHEAD WITH THE BIOPSY…IF YOU DON’T WANT CHEMO THEN BIOPSY IS MEANINGLESS. 

Thank you. I have bought your e-book and I will read up and put the biopsy on hold.

Reply: Good and at least you learn something!


Lung Cancer from Riau

Dear dr. Chris,


My name is J. I am from Pekan Baru,Riau-Indonesia. I’m so glad to know about you.

Humbly, I would like to ask your advice for my mother’s health condition. What can i do for her? Really need your kind advice.

Warm Regards.

Age        : 70 years old

Sex         : Female 

Medical History 

Lung Cancer (adenocarcinoma), Stadium III

She had breathing disorder and cough since 2012-2013, getting worst in July 2014.

Dr.  (specialist in lung and asthma) on :

August 2014 – November 2014 gave TB Medication ( Rimstar 4FDC :Rifampicin 150 mg, INH 75 mg, pyrazinamide 400 mg, etahunambutol 275 mg)

November 2014-February 2015 gave TB Medication (Rimactazid 450/300 : Rifampicin 450 mg, INH 300 mg)

She didn’t get better. In 07 April 2015  the Bronchoscopy was taken and it showed there is tumor on left lung. The lung fluid was taken for Patology analysist and the result is adenocarcinoma. 


We give her 1 glass of Annona muricata leaves  decoction . We also give AceMax herbal (contains of mangosteen peel extract and soursop leaf). Right now she’s waiting for Iressa medication.

Condition Right now

  1. She’s having breathing difficulty and to reduce it, we give her oxygen
  2. Can’t sleep because of breathing difficulty
  3. Feeling tired and no energy
  4. Can’t walked and move
  5. No appetite
  6. No bleeding
  7. Having H.pylori infection, dyspepsia, hipertension

Reply: She has lung cancer … no, daun sesak or mangosteen skin are NOT going to cure anything. Iressa will make her suffer. There is no cure … but if you need you can come and see me in Penang. Go to my website: www.CancerCareMalaysia.com and you get all the info you need.



Lung Cancer: Tarceva no longer effective

Dear Prof. Teo,

My mother (65 years old) is diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4 with bone metatasis in Oct 2013.  She took Tarceva from Nov 2013 until Apr 2015.   Recently the oncologist advised us to consider chemotherapy as Tarceva is no longer effective in controlling her cancer.  As I was writing this email to you, my mother has just underwent 5 session of radiotherapy on her spine, hip and brain in F Hospital, Ipoh.

My family members have decided not to let my mother to undergo chemotherapy (to treat her lung area with tumor).  We want her to have a quality life, less pain/sufferings in her remaining days.  I was recommended by my friend to read about CA Care Penang and to bring my mother to see you.  Can you see my mother?  I will call and make appointment if you agree to see my mother.

Reply: Come and see me with her medical reports and scans. No need to bring your mother.

Breast Cancer from UK


I came across your website as I was searching for an alternative treatment for cancer.  I had breast cancer and now it has spread to lungs. I did take 16 rounds of chemo (abraxane 16+avastin 6) and it cleared some cancer but two big tumors on my left lung are still there. Doctors suggested oral chemo of Xeloda, which I took for three days and it made me exceptionally sick and I stopped it. Now doctor is suggesting to try different type of chemo and he is hopeful that it will work.  I refused to take the chemo as it makes me very sick. I have mentioned to him that I want to look into alternative therapy and he is fine with that.

I have watched many of your testimonial videos on youtube, where people look hopeful. What does your treatment includes besides herbal medicine, is there any other therapy performed upon the patients.

We live in UK and don’t mind travelling to Malaysia but if you know any similar treatment center like yours in UK or anywhere in Europe please do let me know it will be Much appreciated.

I thank you in advance for your time and help. God bless! Kind Regards.

Reply:  I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places …. attached is a booklet about German clinics. May be you want to consider this.

Lung Cancer. Tarceva did not work anymore!

Dear prof Teo,
I am from Indonesia. My mom has diagnosed adenocarcinoma in lung. Doctor has given tarceva as 1st line. And it works for 18 months. Now the doctor said she will be given chemo because tarceva stop working. The chemo is cisplatin and alimta. We are scared of this chemo combo. And we need your help to give us herbal for this cancer. Please inform us when is the suitable time to see you. Thanks

Reply: Come and see me with all medical reports ….Monday to Friday at 11 am …BUT 9th and 10th April I am away ..other days okay.

Bile Duct Cancer

Dear Dr. Teo,

I happen to come by the CA CARE website and read the articles and testimonial of other cancer patients.

It brings us some hope in curing my father (61 years old) who is diagnosed with Hilar cholangiocarcinoma and fatty liver.

Based on the CT and MRI scan showed that the intrahepatic ducts and both right and the left hepatic ducts are dilated (>5 mm).

He is suffering from jaundice as one of the symptoms caused and is currently hospitalized to extract the excessive bilirubin that has accumulated in his body.  He will need the bilirubin levels to go down to sub-normal level, before he can do two stents in the ducts.  Advice prior to this from the consultant was to remove about 75% of his liver, but he chose to retain his organ and opt for an alternative method.

My father is keen to meet with you after he is discharged from the hospital. I understand that these information are not complete but I would like to seek your advice and opinion whether it is possible for CA CARE therapy so that we could arrange him for appointment.

Awaiting your reply.

Thank you. 

Reply: Just come and see me with all his medical reports and scan. Where are you from?

Liver Cancer – Please Help

Dear Dr. Teo,

Good day!

My mother is 67 years old and found that has liver cancer (HCC).

24/2/15 ultrasound and blood test found that liver cirrhosis.

25/2/15 ogds scan which upper scope found that liver cirrhosis and Swollen at esophagus tube.

1/3/15 pet scan found that with liver cancer Hepatocellular carcinoma.

9/3/15 ct scan and wait report.

30/3/15 found unable to cure been informed is late stage.

As per doctor information:

Her stomach with many water and cause swollen. Doctor cannot do anything and ask us just let it be.

Found the cancer already spread to lymph. Cannot cure at all as per told. Ask us go back till she very pain then admit emergency.

Mother current situation:

Stomach already 3 days swollen.

Leg sometime will swollen when walk too much. Swollen will reduce when rest.

1)Less eat, found the food too sweet, too bitter and hard to swallow.

2)Weight reduce.

3)Cannot sleep well.

4)Every morning like diarrhea. It is like the shit is sometime back, sometime soft like when diarrhea.

4) sleepy and tired whole day.

5) no energy to walk and feel tired all the while.

Now she only can drink juice, porridge and some food not that hard to swallow like bread. She still want to fight with cancer but we are no idea how to fight.

We blend juice everyday for her and blend Sabah snake leave every morning.

Doctor Teo, I have really no idea what to do. I am lost and don’t know what I can do for my mother. Mother with no educated can grow us up but i not even can help my mother.

Look forward to hear from you and appreciate your kind advise.

Best regards.

Reply: Where are you from? Come and see with all the medical reports. Please stop taking the Sabah Snake Grass!


Leukemia from Norway


I have a friend who got leukemia (AML-M7) 9 months ago. After following rounds of chemotherapy and allogeneic stem cell transplantation, she relapsed in January this year. After a second attempt, she got the message that there is no more treatment for her in Norway. I hope that you can help us, and maybe have anything to offer? Is there any experimental treatment that is possible to get access to?
Kind regards.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.

Uterine Sarcoma from London

Hi there
I am female age 38 living in London and diagnosed with UTERINE LOW GRADE ENDOMETRIAL STROMAL SARCOMA FIGO STAGE IIA
I did surgery removed uters and the left overy because it was involved ,but the doctor said in the operation he could see that the canser spread over the main artery or blood vessels which he cannot touch because it is life threaten ,after operation i had scan on chest and lung and appeared it didn’t spread yet on them yet .

the doctors suggest using cheamotherapy for treat but I don’t want to take . I changed my diet and my life style ,and praying to Allah to help me ,but I am also reaing and moving asking for help around.

Do you have treatment for me?  and how i can communicate you ? I ca not afford to travel to Malysia I am living in London . Looking forward to hear from you .

Housewife, Mother of two young boys 7yrs and 4yrs

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.

Cancer from India

My father age 62 is diagnosed with stage 4 metastasis cancer with no cure.  Cancer has spread to chest, lungs, vertebrae etc.  Is treatment possible? I am …. from India, pune. Please contact me ASAP.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.

From the Philippines: Cancer … 1 to 3 Months to Live

Dear Dr. Chris,

Greetings from the Philippines.

My name is AL, and my grandmother had been admitted to the hospital after collapsing at home last week.

She was initially brought in for internal bleeding in her tummy for taking in too much mefenamic acid (we didn’t know she took about two pills a day to address the pain in her hips). A few days ago she had to be inserted a chest tube to drain fluids in her lungs.

Several tests were conducted already… And our family was told that it’s highly suspicious she has cancer… Until now we are praying and hoping that it’s not it… I think I’m still in the state of denial…

I personally am not a believer in chemo and all those anti-cancer treatments. I’ve been doing research regarding cancer and all other possible treatment alternatives… And that’s how I came across your site.

Would it be possible for me to seek help from you for my grandmother? She is 76 years old and I don’t think she can travel anytime soon. However I can go to Malaysia so I can meet and talk to you personally.

Thank you, Dr. Chris. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Reply: No need to panic …find out what is wrong with her first. Keep cool … get all the medical test done … when everything is done …. write me again and tell me what happen.

Dr. Teo, we badly need your help. The doctor told my mom that my grandmother has terminal cancer. It had already spread from her thyroid to her lungs and adrenal glands. The doctor said that she might have only one to three months to live. Please help us. At this point, we are really willing to try anything. Looking forward to your reply,


Prostate Cancer: Surgery, Hormonal Therapy and Chemo Did Not Cure Him

Dear Prof Teo,

Our 76 years old father is having recurring metastatic prostate cancer. He was diagnosed with stage 3+ PC 7 years ago. The cancer has gone into a few of his lymph nodes. He went through a prostatectomy in the same year he was diagnosed. After the surgery he was put on lucrin. His psa stayed 0.01 – 0.03 for two years.

His psa started to rise in the third year so he was put on casodex for about 4 years. When his psa went up to 14+ he was advised by his urologist to have an orchidectomy. His psa did not go down at all after the surgery, instead it went up to 22 then 35. We also found out that his PC has gone into his bone.

We consulted a few oncologists and decided to go for chemotherapy. Our father completed 6 cycle of chemo with doxitacel in December. His psa was 15 in December. Since he had pain in his lower back bone so 10 sessions of radiation were given to him in February. Sadly his psa shot up to 264 in February during radiation (we did not let our father know about the steep climb of his psa because he has been in a very positive spirit. We just don’t want him to lose faith in battling his cancer which we believe he will if he knows about his sharp rising psa.)

His oncologist suggested him to go for another round of chemo either with jevtana or zytiga, however we do not think that he is fit enough to take another hit from chemo drug so chemo is definitely not going to be considered at this point.

My father’s overall health condition and energy level deteriorate rapidly since January. He lost 6 kg in one month. He has no appetite, he has numbness in his feet, weakness in his legs, wet cough that seems worsen over the week, and he constantly has hyponatremia. We also learned that he has drug induced diabetes after chemo. We hope that our father will receive an effective alternative treatment from you after reading the information from your website. Please kindly advise that whether our father’s PC is still treatable and how high is the chance that he can be healed.

We are in Kota Bharu and we are ready to travel to Penang to see you anytime soon. Please let us know what should we do next from here.

Sincerely hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Reply:  Nobody can do anything …chemo / hormonal treatment had made the cancer more stubborn… this happened all the time. Now it goes to the bone …worse. To tell you that I can cure cancer is to cheat you but if you think I can help …maybe … I cannot promise.

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