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From the Philippines: Cancer … 1 to 3 Months to Live

Dear Dr. Chris,

Greetings from the Philippines.

My name is AL, and my grandmother had been admitted to the hospital after collapsing at home last week.

She was initially brought in for internal bleeding in her tummy for taking in too much mefenamic acid (we didn’t know she took about two pills a day to address the pain in her hips). A few days ago she had to be inserted a chest tube to drain fluids in her lungs.

Several tests were conducted already… And our family was told that it’s highly suspicious she has cancer… Until now we are praying and hoping that it’s not it… I think I’m still in the state of denial…

I personally am not a believer in chemo and all those anti-cancer treatments. I’ve been doing research regarding cancer and all other possible treatment alternatives… And that’s how I came across your site.

Would it be possible for me to seek help from you for my grandmother? She is 76 years old and I don’t think she can travel anytime soon. However I can go to Malaysia so I can meet and talk to you personally.

Thank you, Dr. Chris. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Reply: No need to panic …find out what is wrong with her first. Keep cool … get all the medical test done … when everything is done …. write me again and tell me what happen.

Dr. Teo, we badly need your help. The doctor told my mom that my grandmother has terminal cancer. It had already spread from her thyroid to her lungs and adrenal glands. The doctor said that she might have only one to three months to live. Please help us. At this point, we are really willing to try anything. Looking forward to your reply,


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