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Lung Cancer from Indonesia: Tarceva does not help

Good afternoon Doctor,

My name Nita,I come from Indonesia, I want to consult with you about my mom. Early January 2015 my mom had numb on her left face but the area of the numbness is small, after a few days she started had a headache only on her left head, after consult with a lot of doctor in Indonesia and there were no good result we decided to bring her to Singapore.

In singapore we met Dr. C (neurologist),and he asked my mom to had MRI. After that he asked her to had CT PET scan because he said there was something wrong there and he needed to make sure about it. After the result came he said that my mom had lung cancer and it already metastase in her bone. Dr. C recommended us to met Dr. E (Oncologist). Dr. E asked my mom to had biopsy and the result showed that there were non small cell carcinoma in her right lung.

On March,28, she started her chemo by oral medicine. Dr. E gave her Tarceva 150 mg for her cancer and bondronat 50 mg for her bone.

Until now my mom condition is not getting better, the numb on her face is spread now and its hurt, she still have bad headache, she loss her appetite, she is weaker, she lost more than 10 kg since January,  its affect her eyes now, and she can’t sleep because she said that all of her body hurt and can’t get the right position to sleep well.

I really don’t know what to do now to relieve her from her sick, can you tell me what should I do?

Is there any recommended food for her? Is there any food that she must not consume?

Thank you for your help. 

Reply: What do you want to do? Go to the oncologist and ask her to help you.


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