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Prostate Cancer: Surgery, Hormonal Therapy and Chemo Did Not Cure Him

Dear Prof Teo,

Our 76 years old father is having recurring metastatic prostate cancer. He was diagnosed with stage 3+ PC 7 years ago. The cancer has gone into a few of his lymph nodes. He went through a prostatectomy in the same year he was diagnosed. After the surgery he was put on lucrin. His psa stayed 0.01 – 0.03 for two years.

His psa started to rise in the third year so he was put on casodex for about 4 years. When his psa went up to 14+ he was advised by his urologist to have an orchidectomy. His psa did not go down at all after the surgery, instead it went up to 22 then 35. We also found out that his PC has gone into his bone.

We consulted a few oncologists and decided to go for chemotherapy. Our father completed 6 cycle of chemo with doxitacel in December. His psa was 15 in December. Since he had pain in his lower back bone so 10 sessions of radiation were given to him in February. Sadly his psa shot up to 264 in February during radiation (we did not let our father know about the steep climb of his psa because he has been in a very positive spirit. We just don’t want him to lose faith in battling his cancer which we believe he will if he knows about his sharp rising psa.)

His oncologist suggested him to go for another round of chemo either with jevtana or zytiga, however we do not think that he is fit enough to take another hit from chemo drug so chemo is definitely not going to be considered at this point.

My father’s overall health condition and energy level deteriorate rapidly since January. He lost 6 kg in one month. He has no appetite, he has numbness in his feet, weakness in his legs, wet cough that seems worsen over the week, and he constantly has hyponatremia. We also learned that he has drug induced diabetes after chemo. We hope that our father will receive an effective alternative treatment from you after reading the information from your website. Please kindly advise that whether our father’s PC is still treatable and how high is the chance that he can be healed.

We are in Kota Bharu and we are ready to travel to Penang to see you anytime soon. Please let us know what should we do next from here.

Sincerely hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Reply:  Nobody can do anything …chemo / hormonal treatment had made the cancer more stubborn… this happened all the time. Now it goes to the bone …worse. To tell you that I can cure cancer is to cheat you but if you think I can help …maybe … I cannot promise.

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