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Uterine Sarcoma from London

Hi there
I am female age 38 living in London and diagnosed with UTERINE LOW GRADE ENDOMETRIAL STROMAL SARCOMA FIGO STAGE IIA
I did surgery removed uters and the left overy because it was involved ,but the doctor said in the operation he could see that the canser spread over the main artery or blood vessels which he cannot touch because it is life threaten ,after operation i had scan on chest and lung and appeared it didn’t spread yet on them yet .

the doctors suggest using cheamotherapy for treat but I don’t want to take . I changed my diet and my life style ,and praying to Allah to help me ,but I am also reaing and moving asking for help around.

Do you have treatment for me?  and how i can communicate you ? I ca not afford to travel to Malysia I am living in London . Looking forward to hear from you .

Housewife, Mother of two young boys 7yrs and 4yrs

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.

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