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Lung Cancer: Tarceva no longer effective

Dear Prof. Teo,

My mother (65 years old) is diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4 with bone metatasis in Oct 2013.  She took Tarceva from Nov 2013 until Apr 2015.   Recently the oncologist advised us to consider chemotherapy as Tarceva is no longer effective in controlling her cancer.  As I was writing this email to you, my mother has just underwent 5 session of radiotherapy on her spine, hip and brain in F Hospital, Ipoh.

My family members have decided not to let my mother to undergo chemotherapy (to treat her lung area with tumor).  We want her to have a quality life, less pain/sufferings in her remaining days.  I was recommended by my friend to read about CA Care Penang and to bring my mother to see you.  Can you see my mother?  I will call and make appointment if you agree to see my mother.

Reply: Come and see me with her medical reports and scans. No need to bring your mother.

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