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Breast Cancer: Medical treatment did not cure her yet! Let her find her way

Dear Dr. Teo,
My aunt 62 from Bukit Mertajam. She had breast cancer 3 years ago and had undergone mastectomy on her right breast and followed on with Chemotherapy and radiotherapy. On January this year, the cancer has metastasized to her lung, lymph node and bone.

She has just undergone the first chemo 2 weeks back but the side effect is just too strong for her to bear. She is having a very serious mouth ulcer thus having difficulty to eat. I know that there’s nothing can be done to cure her cancer at this stage but would be appreciated if you can prescribe some herbs that will help her ulcer and reduce her pain. It would be much appreciated if l can make an appointment with you tomorrow at 11am or at any time most convenient to you. >>> >> Hope to hear from you soon. hank you with regards,
Reply: OK…come with all the reports

Dear Dr. Teo,
Really thank you for your reply. Unfortunately,  it’s too late for my cousin(my aunt’s daughter) to go to Penang at this time. I’ve called up your centre … about the change of date. They will see you on Monday instead.

Dear Doc Teo,
I am writing here to tell you that my aunt’s daughter have changed their mind not coming to see you. I am very disappointed with their decision and the reason is all because my aunt’s attitude and knowledge about natural treatment (already brain washed by conventional treatment).  As a nutritionist myself,  I deeply feel sorry for her. Thank you for your time all the while reading my email. Thank you very much.

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