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Bile Duct Cancer from Nepal

My dad has been diagnosed with Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile duct cancer). He is 58 YEARS old currently in NEPAL. Doctors are not suggesting surgery and Chemo is also not reffered but some of the doctor says Chemo need to be done as I guess from the layman on this area CHEMO is standard norms for this kind of patience which might could effect him or might not be . And my main concern is if his body could not resist chemo he might be more weaker than now . After placing stunt he feels himself a bit relax trying to walk himself . We had to conduct the tests because he has jaundice. Currently, doctors placed a metal stent after removing the damaged bile duct part. I have no idea what to do. Doc says considering his age, the operation may be not be successful. He is currently recovering from Jaundice which was 30 (bilirubin) and dropped to 7.6 now. My Brother is currently with him to take care.
Doctor Diagnosis —


Any help would be appreciated.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places.



Urgent: Seek for 2nd Opinion – Breast Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris,

We are Chinese couple from Klang.

My wife is diagnosed with Progressive Cyst via Modern Medical (Ultrasound) and is considered as Stage 1-2 Breast Cancer via Alternative Medical. She had changed her lifestyle (praying to God and exercise under the hot Sun) and diet (Vegan) in the past 3 months with mixture of progress (improvement on initial stage but slight worsening lately).

Now both experts (Western & Alternative) just advised us not to delay anymore but to perform Lumpectomy. We are struggling here due to the fact of Strong Family Background (several cancer deaths within family tree) as well as the articles on the web mentioning the disadvantages and potentials risks of performing Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, MRI, or PET.

Do you think we should give another chance via Natural Approach (i.e. Chris Teo) before proceed with Conventional Approach?

Hope to hear from you soon. Warm Regards.

Reply:  Come and see me with all the medical reports and scan.

Thanks for your quick response, Dr Chris. I see your web mentioned no entertainment without proper report of Biopsy or Mammogram or PET or MRI. Would you still like to see her with just Full Blood Report and Two Ultrasound Reports? 

Reply: Okay..that is fine … come at about 11 am — any day from tomorrow to Friday (Since you said it is URGENT!)

Dear Chris,

Are you available next Friday  (Hari Raya)?  Otherwise I shall make proper arrangement for my wife and kids in order to make a trip to Penang during normal weekdays.

(Note: Hari Raya is 3 weeks away! It is a holiday for all in this country)

Reply: I think it is better that you read what I wrote in my website first before you come … if there is a lump…get it out …no use to see me with the lump ..I am going to tell you to get it out anyway. But if you think you don’t want to get it out — then go and see someone else. But if you think you want to talk to me first before taking it it — then come.  

Read these 2 articles first.

Breast Lump: Get It Out

Your Breasts: What to do if there is a lump? What to do if it is cancerous?

Available in either pdf or epub formats for only US$2.99 (approx. RM 10)  PDF

format:http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=68 EPUB format:http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=69  What Do You Do If You Find A Lump In Your Breast?

Hi Chris,

We had read your articles and got your point.

I guess we shall proceed with Lumpectomy without Biopsy or other treatments, do you agree?

May I hear your suggestion for any good and affordable Breast Surgeons in Selangor or KL areas?

Reply: I am sorry I cannot say much about KL …but I think Prof Yip from SJMC is a good surgeon to go to.

Hi Chris,

We were asked by Doctor to do Lumpectomy (Excision) and Mammogram this Saturday.

Can you share your view before we proceed to booking today?

Reply: I  have already written enough in my book …secondly, I am sorry I cannot give my view by just sitting n front of the computer…it is wrong and not ethical. If you need help you can come and see me with all the reports or you can go and see another doctor. Sitting in front of the computer will not do.


Brain Cancer from UK

Dear Chris,

I read with interest your paper on the child treated with herbs and impact on the pineocytoma. Unless I’m mistaken the paper doesn’t mention which herbs that were used. Are you able to say?

The reason for asking is that at the age of 49 I was recently diagnosed with this tumour type following surgery and biopsy. I am currently looking at different approaches to try and shrink the tumour in order to avoid further surgery for a total resection.

If you could let me know further details of the herbs that would be great.

Thank you

Reply: Where are you from?

I am in the UK. I have brother in law in China  who will be visiting the UK in July.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places.

From India: Father Advance Bile Duct Cancer

Dear Sir

I am writing this email with very high hope and expecting reply / guidance /advice from your hospital.

Myself S from India. I came across your website when I was looking for alternative treatment for advanced stage bile duct cancer.

Back Ground of Patient

He is 58 year old male from India. In November 2014 he suffered jaundice. We went to hospital. They did biopsy and didn’t find any cancer.

They operated father in December 2014 to remove the block & inserted plastic pipe to regularize the blockage.

After operation for next -3 months father was good. He was doing every thing fine and he joined is job.

But from early May 2015 his condition started deteriorating again.

We took him to hospital. They performed lot of tests. They said father has cancer but they can only confirm the stage once they start operating it.

They did operation in early June 2015 (this month) to remove ball gladder and plastic pipe.

During operation they discovered cancer has spread and it is on stage 3.

They informed us about cancer and said this is NON – OPERABLE cancer and we need to give him Chemo ( Gemzar).

First they will give 3 cycle of Chemo which started today. This is 15 days cycle. After 3rd cycle they will review.

They suggested total 6 cycle of chemo which they believe after 6 cycles cancer tumor will burn & they can operate to remove.

I don’t want to lose my father so I decided to try all the treatments including alternative Ayurveda etc.

During this I came across your website and I am very impressed.

Please let me know how to proceed? As I live in India do I need to come personally with Patient?

Or Should I come alone? On my next email I will send you all the medical reports for your review.

Please advice how to proceed. A desperate son with high hope on you

Kind Regards. 

Reply: It is very, very difficult to treat patients from faraway places …. it is better that you find someone else in your city to take care of the cancer. I am sorry about this but my experience shows me that it is not possible to treat people from far away.



Breast Cancer: Chemo and radiation — cancer spread to lung and bone

Hi Dr. Teo,

I am writing here to make an appointment with you for my mother who is having last stage breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and undergone chemo and radiotherapy.

Now, after 3 years, on January this year, her cancer has relapsed and spread to her lung, lymph node and bone. She then undergone the second time of chemotherapy on the 21st of April but with the serious side effect of the chemo drugs, she stop just after the first chemo shot.

These days, mother is very weak. She is in much pain and breathless and couldn’t sleep at night. we are not expecting for a cure for her but if the herbs can reduce her pain and sleeplessness and appetite, we will be more than happy for her.

Dr. Chris, we hope can see you as soon as possible as my mother’s condition getting worse day by day. Fyi, we ‘re from Bukit Mertajam. Hope to hear from you soon.

Note: This email is written with the help of my cousin as we are not good in English. With regards, 

Reply:  Come and see me on Monday at about 11 am. Bring all medical reports.

Breast Cancer from Perth

Dear Dr Teo,

I am 52 years old and I live in Perth.  I was diagnosed with 2nd stage right breast cancer last Sept. 1.5cm tumour removed and axillary lymph nodes removed under armpit .  I am currently on 1mg of Arimidex which I need to take for 5 yrs.  All through these months of treatments I must say I have been very lucky as I do not suffer drastic side effects common to most  and I believe is because I am very discipline with my exercise and diet regime. Throughout my appetite was good, no nausea, constipation or blister, etc.. I exercise daily going for morning and afternoon walks and I only take vegetables, beans, fish and nuts.  I avoid dairy and meat products.  I take green smoothies daily (dark green veg and fruits combine) and food with high antioxidant.

I only came to know of your website this month.   I plan to come back to Malaysia in August and hope to be able to take some natural herbs for detox since I have been through chemo and radiotherapy.  Would you have some natural herbs remedy that can help me to detox.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Kind regards.

Reply: Go to my website and read all those articles that I wrote … August is still far away …write me again in August when you are ready to come home. Take care.


Lung Cancer: Let your father decide

Dear Dr. Theo,

I’m Ning from Jakarta. My father, 69 years old, just got lung carsinoma small cell at the left side. He decided for getting a chemoteraphy as doctor advised but as his daughter I really worry about the effects and the result of the chemo itself.

So, would you mind giving me some advices related the medicine and the therapy.

Thank you very much. Best regards. 

Reply:  If has to be your father to decide …you cannot decide for your father. Read this story



Lung cancer – chemo and now in agony

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is A from Indonesia and my mother, she is 75 years old, with stage 4 lung cancer….already treated by chemo 8x and only has about 1 year to live (predicted by most doctors). She and my father already accept this situation but she has been in agony in the last 4 months because of the continuous cough and we need your advice and help if this cough can be reduced or if God allows …..can be stopped…..we have been Christians from birth and we are the 4th generation of Chinese in Indonesia….we are going to Penang next week and if possible can we see you on Wednesday the 24th June….pls advice on other time and day if we can’t see you on that day…..thanks for your attention and may God always be with you, your family, and your services to other….GBU. Regards.

Reply: Bring all medical reports and scans.


Gall bladder Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris,

I’m writing to you on behalf of my mom. She had her gallbladder removed on 19th of Dec due to acute gallbladder stones inflammation. It turned out to be gallbladder cancer which metastasis to liver and lymph nodes. Biopsy out on 29th of Dec. Oncologist suggested chemo to prolong her life. We decided to go for it after consulted with two more oncologist and due to mom constant pain and spreading fast. Was told she only has 4-6mths without chemo and 1yr with chemo.

She started her 3cycles of gemzar cisplastin chemo on29th of Jan.

Ct scan on 19th of March shows cancer progression. Oncologist switched her chemo to Xelox 10th of April for one cycles. Mom refused to go with second cycle, took xeloda alone for two weeks.

4th of May : mom refused to go for anymore chemo.

Mom’s current condition :
She still able to walk, alert except in pain. There are several tumors in her peritoneal due to seedings on her surgery. The sizes are quite big, can be felt 3cms-10cm ranges.

Except she is having pain controlled with morphines, distended stomach, constipation, difficulty passing urine, breathlessness  on and off, she still can walk and very alert.

I know she is not curable, We are only hoping to prolong her life as long as possible  and give her quality life.

We are in Batam right now.  I’m able to bring my mom to consult you on Monday or Tues upon receiving your reply. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards.


My mom is having pain most of the time. Doctor thinks that she got bowel obstruction as she throw up whenever eating, unable to pass and constipated. Her stomach is very extended, too much wind.

We were at Mount E hospital waiting for admission but the hospice team ask me to transfer my mom to saying it’s their expertise to help my mom on this.  I did so. But they never do much except feeding her with morphine and pain killer. And fleet her.

Dr Chris, do you think I should send her back to hospital or stay at hospice? Is there a way to relieve the gas out?

I’m lost.

Reply: Go and see the doctors who took care of your mom and ask for help.





My daughter is suffering from osteosarcoma

Dear Dr Teo,

Hi, I’m living in KL but working in Johor, and I’m reading your book “Cancer, is there another option”.

Just to brief you the history of sickness of my 16 years old daughter. Early of this year, her knee was painful. My wife sent her to various senseh for treatment and also took an X ray photo. At last, she recovered. But unfortunately, she fell down from staircase in school. My wife quickly sent her to the last senseh who twisted her knee and cured her (but she had suffered the unbearable pain and scared to see the senseh), my wife later sent her to a senseh who did acupuncture for her. Again, my daughter had taken second X ray photo.

After several treatment, there was no improvement. At the end, my wife had no choice but brought my daughter together with 2 X ray photo to UM Specialist Centre to consult a professor. The professor suspected my daughter was suffering from cancer and wanted my wife to send her to UMMC the next day. I rushed back KL from Johor on the same night after receiving phone call from my wife. After discussion, we decided to adopt alternative/natural therapy, including homeotherapy, natural points massage, other method taught by Lapis Lazuli and also consumption of food supplements. The sickness improved.

Unfortunately at the end of April, the tumor at the knee was becoming bigger and bigger (one of the nutritionist said it could be due to lack of protein, because we are vegan, senseh advised my daughter not to take beans. So after a few months of treatment, it’s understandable that my daughter’s body is lack of protein).

At this time, both of my wife and me were worried and no choice but to go to do MRI scan and to consult the doctor at UMSC again. Early May, my daughter was sent to UMMC to start western treatment. My daughter underwent the first chemotherapy on 15 May, this Tue was the 2nd time of 1st cycle, my daughter and wife are still in hospital. The photo i attach was taken before chemo. After chemo, the size of tumor had actually increased before it started to shrink.

Doctor advised us to do operation after 2 cycles of chemo. I had rejected it when i met the doctor on Tue. We are thinking the most is to carry out 6 cycles of chemo, but we may stop it after 2nd cycle.

So, my purpose is to consult your opinion. I would like my daughter to consume herbs rather than western medicine.

Thanks and regards,

Reply:  Sarcoma is a very very difficult problem …you can read what I wrote here… http://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/sarcoma/ You know chemo is not going to cure it … the only chance is amputation. I have another tragic case of sarcoma on hand which I have not written yet …his whole arm up to the shoulder was removed. Still no cure and the cancer went to the lung …. so it is very, very hard case.

Thank you for your reply. Since the boy had done amputation and he was still unable to be cured, that means amputation is not a good chance. A Japanese cancer expert with 40 years experience had mentioned in his book that surgery will cause the cancer cells burst and spread to other parts of body. All these doors (chemotherapy, surgery, herbs, etc) are closed, I believe there will be another door opens for me.

11-year-old with Sarcoma

Dr Teo,

Please find medical reports, scans, blood test attached. It seems time is of essence. As doctors in XX and YY are ready to take him in. We only know of chemotherapy.  We will be having our 2nd opinion tomorrow at YY.

My son is 11years. Doctors are ready to begin with chemo, surgery and chemo.

If you are know of someone kindly refer.

Family Conference Checklist for Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient

Staff in attendance: Prof X, Dr. K and Dr. W

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma, spread to lung, spread to bone. Behaviour – aggresssive. Serious disease.

Percentage of cure: Cure 10 to 20 %. In case of lung + bone, sprad.

Chemotherapy and side effects: M5K protocol. Cisplatin, andriamycin, methotrexate, Ifosfamide, Etoposide.

Hair fall, bone marrow – low red cell, low platelet — bleeding, low white cell –  risk of infection. Vomit – give anti-vomiting medicine.

Cisplatin: hearing tone, deafness –  hearing test. Kidney, Infertility.

Doxorubicin:  Affect heart, heart functin test and monitor. Need to use very high dose.

Ifosfamide: side effect on kidney, electrolytes loss from kidney, sometime can cause seizure, Infertility – sperm banking, parents to consider.

Etoposide: strong medicine. 1% leukemia.

Immunotherapy is still experimental, not proven.

Surgery: After week 9 – 10 of chemo … will decide for type of surgery.

Duration of treatment: Every 3 weeks cycle.

Other precautions (e.g. diet, hygiene): to avoid crowded places, eat well cooked, clean food, no salad, no rotten food, home cooked, fruits – fresh, peel skin, not to go to school during treatment. Any fever, unwell need to come back immediately.

Reply: The treatment would be hard on an 11-year-old. Do take time to consider properly. No time is not the essence here! The cancer has already spread.


Kidney Cancer to Lung After Very Successful Surgery!

Dear Dr Chris Teo

My father diagnosed with kidney cancer last October and it spread into some of his lymph nodes. His surgery was very successful and doc asked him to do chemo after his surgery but he didn’t do it. He is 71 years old this year and doc categorised as stage 3 kidney cancer.

Yesterday he went for CT scan after 6 months post surgery and doc confirmed it has gone to his lung.

I would like to fix appointment for him to see you.

Please let me know if he can see you tomorrow in your office.

We are from Penang.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

God bless.

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