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Gall bladder Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris,

I’m writing to you on behalf of my mom. She had her gallbladder removed on 19th of Dec due to acute gallbladder stones inflammation. It turned out to be gallbladder cancer which metastasis to liver and lymph nodes. Biopsy out on 29th of Dec. Oncologist suggested chemo to prolong her life. We decided to go for it after consulted with two more oncologist and due to mom constant pain and spreading fast. Was told she only has 4-6mths without chemo and 1yr with chemo.

She started her 3cycles of gemzar cisplastin chemo on29th of Jan.

Ct scan on 19th of March shows cancer progression. Oncologist switched her chemo to Xelox 10th of April for one cycles. Mom refused to go with second cycle, took xeloda alone for two weeks.

4th of May : mom refused to go for anymore chemo.

Mom’s current condition :
She still able to walk, alert except in pain. There are several tumors in her peritoneal due to seedings on her surgery. The sizes are quite big, can be felt 3cms-10cm ranges.

Except she is having pain controlled with morphines, distended stomach, constipation, difficulty passing urine, breathlessness  on and off, she still can walk and very alert.

I know she is not curable, We are only hoping to prolong her life as long as possible  and give her quality life.

We are in Batam right now.  I’m able to bring my mom to consult you on Monday or Tues upon receiving your reply. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards.


My mom is having pain most of the time. Doctor thinks that she got bowel obstruction as she throw up whenever eating, unable to pass and constipated. Her stomach is very extended, too much wind.

We were at Mount E hospital waiting for admission but the hospice team ask me to transfer my mom to saying it’s their expertise to help my mom on this.  I did so. But they never do much except feeding her with morphine and pain killer. And fleet her.

Dr Chris, do you think I should send her back to hospital or stay at hospice? Is there a way to relieve the gas out?

I’m lost.

Reply: Go and see the doctors who took care of your mom and ask for help.





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