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Lung cancer – chemo and now in agony

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is A from Indonesia and my mother, she is 75 years old, with stage 4 lung cancer….already treated by chemo 8x and only has about 1 year to live (predicted by most doctors). She and my father already accept this situation but she has been in agony in the last 4 months because of the continuous cough and we need your advice and help if this cough can be reduced or if God allows …..can be stopped…..we have been Christians from birth and we are the 4th generation of Chinese in Indonesia….we are going to Penang next week and if possible can we see you on Wednesday the 24th June….pls advice on other time and day if we can’t see you on that day…..thanks for your attention and may God always be with you, your family, and your services to other….GBU. Regards.

Reply: Bring all medical reports and scans.


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