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Prostate Cancer from Florida — Hormone therapy & radiation failed

My man was diagnosed Oct 2012 with prostate cancer with metastases to his sacrum.   His Gleason’s score was 4+4=8 Stage 4 cancer.  His PSA was 99.

We live in Florida (USA) and went the medical oncology route beginning with hormone therapy -Trelstar injection from his urologist which lowered his PSA. then a chemo iv drip with zometa was used which caused some bones to weaken so it was discontinued.

His PSA generally stays between 12 and 5.  This year when his psa was at 15 he underwent 45 external radiation treatments which were aimed to his prostate, and sacrum as well as several smaller tumors on other nearby bones. Treatment ended May 1, 2015.
The follow up imaging in June 2015 showed no decrease in tumor size and uptake but the doctors all state how pleased they are since “they consider” NO GROWTH OR INCREASE as Remission even though the cancer remains the same.   His bone pain is much worse now
( he also has some degenerative bone and muscle disease)  he had to quit working last week and is now on disability. They want him to see an orthopedic specialist. He is 54 years old.

After reading your website I am intrigued at a possibility of a better way of handling this.  I would appreciate your thoughts if you have time to share them with me.   I would be very appreciative.

Sincerely and respectfully.

Reply: I am too far away to be able to help you. If I am sick, and live in Florida…I would go to this place: http://hippocratesinst.org/Hippocrates Health Institute offers natural health care and education.

It is amazing to me that we get this immediate Response from you. It takes much longer to hear from Most of his doctors and they live within A few miles from us. Thank you for your reply.  I have looked At the website you recommended and I will do the research tomorrow.   Are you personally aware of anyone having gone to them?   Have a pleasant day. Respectfully,

Reply: Go to this website: http://michaelleelanning.com/books.html This is the book that I read some time ago. 

“At War With Cancer: One Couple’s Strategic Battles for Survival Using Both Traditional and Alternative Treatments” 

When diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer, LTC (Ret) Michael Lee Lanning faced a new and fearsome enemy that the doctors said would kill him in 6-18 months. Instead of accepting this as his fate, Lanning, with the help of his wife Linda, pursued strategies–both conventional and alternative–to battle his disease and fight for his life. This book tracks the Lannings’ war with cancer from diagnosis to survival, from exploring traditional treatments at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center to transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle learned at Hippocrates Health Institute, from enduring the depths of despair to embracing the heights of hope. Their experiences and insights shared here is the information they sought for themselves when Lanning was first diagnose.



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