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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Relapsed Ovarian Cancer

Hello Dr Chris,

Let me introduce myself, I am G. My friend introduced me your webpage and I’m very impressed with your research in rodent tuber, I hope this can save my mother.

My mother, 59 years old, her cancer is back. I would like to bring her to see you. She was suffering from ovary cancer in June 2013, after 6 times chemo, the cancer is gone in Aug 2013.

But last month CA125 test showed 76 and repeated test last week was 120. She is now in Seremban. Can I make a appointment with you … I will bring along all the test report.

Best regards.

Reply: No I cannot save or cure her .. I can do my best to help BUT never cure. Even doctors cannot cure!

I understood, nothing is 100% guarantee.

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