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Surgery, Chemo, Radiation Did Not Cure Her! Made her worse off?

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Good evening.

My name is T and I am writing to seek your advice on my mother’s condition.

She is 72 years old and was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with liver metastases on 30th August 2014 last year at KPJ, Ipoh.

The doctor advised for urgent surgery as the tumor was almost 100% blocking her colon.  The surgery was done on 3rd September 2014 about 3 days after the diagnosis.

About 4 weeks after the surgery, she undergone her first chemotherapy.  The chemotherapies were performed once every two weeks.  The CEA level go up and down during this process.  She was having numbness on her hand, feet and right face which I think may due to side effects of the chemo and her disease.  The numbness is still there today. At the same time, she is having lower back pain.

In February 2015 (during the Chinese New Year), her right eyelid  ‘drop/close’ suddenly and we sent her to hospital for investigation.  At that moment, she has already undergone  7 times of chemotherapy.  She was sent for plain CT Brain scan and report came back with the following comment :

“Heterogenous mass is seen at the right parasellar region with extension into sphenoid sinus and destruction of the adjacent bones.”

The doctor recommended a treatment consist of 10 radiotherapies treatment – one treatment a day for 10 days on the parasellar mass.  During the radiotherapy, the chemotherapy was temporary stop.

Chemotherapy was continued after this radiotherapy treatment.

Around one month after completion of this radiotherapy treatment (April 2015), her eyelid opened but she experienced double vision.  Unfortunately, in June 2015, her right eyelid ‘drop/close’ again and the lower back pain worsen.  We sent her back to hospital for investigation again.

The doctor performed ultrasound on her upper abdomen and X-ray Thoracic and lumbosacral spine.  The impression on the upper abdomen was reported as below :-

“ Diffuse liver metastases. Unable to detect any focal lesions by USS”

The impression on the X-ray was reported as below :

“ Osteoporosis with wedge compression fracture T10. No sign to suggest pathological fracture at the moment.  Lumbar spondylosis  incidently noted”

The doctor recommended another chemotherapy with new drug call “ Irinotecan”.  This chemo was done in 23rd June 2015.  She was discharged from hospital after the chemotherapy and is now resting at home with sickening side effects.

She has so far undergone 11 chemotherapy of 5FU, 2 chemotherapy of oral Xeloda 500 mg and 1 chemo of Irinotecan.  Her body is very weak now.

My mother is believer in herbs and we  hope that Dr. Teo can provide us with some advice.  Perhaps, shall I make appointment to see you so that I can bring her full medical report to seek your professional  advice.  The above is just a summary which I briefly recall.

For your information, I am her second son and is now working in Kuala Lumpur. My mother is now at hometown Ayer Tawar, Perak with my sister and brother looking after her.

Hope to get your favorable responses which I believe can offer some hope to our beloved mother and I appreciate for your time to go through this  email.

Best regards.

Reply: Come and see me Monday to Friday at about 11 a.m.

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