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Colon Cancer from Sarawak

Dear Dr. Teo ,

My sister is diagnosed colorectal cancer, stage 3-4 , please see below – interpretation of her medical report.

  1. Rectosigmoid colon: infiltrating moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma with invasion to paracolic soft tissue with direct invasion into adjacent loop of small intestine and metastases to 4 out 33 lymph nodes. Proximal and distal margins if both colon and small intestine, are free of tumour
  2. Proximal doughnut: Free of tumour
  3. Distal doughnut: Free of tumour
  4. Lateral Pelvic wall: Extensive infiltration by adenocarcinoma.

My sister  had opened operation on 10th July and she was told to do further treatments.  Could you please advise me that the  other possibilities of treatments, apart from both radiotherapy and Chemotherapy? How many treatments and duration are needed and also the cost of the entire treatments please? Many thanks of your attention. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Reply: Where are you from? Go to my website: www.cacare.com or  www.CancerCareMalaysia.com  and you have all the info you need to know. Take care.

Dear Doctor Teo,

Many thanks for your replied email promptly and information.  I am so pleased that to know that your “powerful herb” by God’s grace can reduce the risk of developing cancer.

My Sister (Chinese “foo chow”) is from my …. East Malaysia. She saw oncologist on 20th July. I am in London, UK.  I would like to know over all expenses required for the Herbs and number of the days they need to stay there.

I have been purchasing some vitamins and supplements from UK (Solgar: selenium, vitamin c 1000, bone support, vitamin D3, Calcium magnesium plus zinc & Pomi-T) one bottle each for my sister.

  1. Can above supplements and vitamins take along side with your prescription herbs?
  2. If so, could you please recommend me any other supplements which are needed?
  3. Or it is better just to take your herbs to avoid contraction?

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places or through the net … I have already explained this in my website …

For those who ask for help online

Thank you very much for writing to us about your problem. We fully understand the need to find alternative methods when medical science has failed. CA Care exists because of this need. In the past we did try to help cancer patients via the net. But our experience showed that we failed miserably. It did not work out.

To be useful to cancer patients:

I need to see patients personally or at least a family member who knows exactly the problem. I need to talk to them and assess their problems face to face. By seeing the patients, I might be able know what was wrong with them. Then I need to see all the medical reports and scans – blood test results, USG, MRI, CT or PET scan.  It is only after this study and dialogue that I know exactly what to do and prescribe the herbs. There are over 100 types of herbal teas that we specially formulated for cancer patients and they are specific for each problem. So to get the best from our experience means we just cannot do things on line.

After patient takes the herbs, I would need them to come back again after a week or two for me to assess the effectiveness of the herbs. If there is a need to I may have to add or subtract certain herbs.

By meeting and talking to patients and know what they eat, how they live, etc. I would be able to know what has gone wrong and suggest changes.

Cancer is a complex problem that involves both physical and mental aspects. Taking herbs alone is no magic. We have to do more than that – change of lifestyle, mental attitude, diet etc.

The above is nothing new. Patients need to be physically present to get help from their medical doctors. Every patient knows that. The same applies to CA Care. This is even more necessary knowing that almost all patients who come or write to us are medically failed cases – they are generally at the end stage where their doctors cannot meaningfully help them anymore. So at CA Care, I need to be more serious and more committed than just reading emails and trying to play god. 

I hope you understand through this short explanation that it is extremely hard for me to help patients who live in foreign countries. I have tried this for some years and my experience showed me that at the end of it all, it is just a waste of effort and also a waste of money on your part. It is most frustrating indeed for me.

If you have read our articles in the websites: www.cacere.com or www.cacare.org or www.CancerCareMalaysia.compatients do experience miraculous healing. You will note that these patients (or a family member) come here and we do the therapy together. That is the reason why they succeed. I need to see patients every now and then to know what is going on.

I don’t want to be negative.  I understand that you need help but I must be sincere and honest to myself too. In my heart I know there are times and situations when I just cannot help. The problem is beyond me to solve. And I also know that I cannot solve everybody’s problem in this world. I have been working very hard every day to help cancer patients and I know in my heart that I can do that much and no more.

But please don’t give up. If you open up your heart and mind, you will know that there are also alternative healers in your own country. Why don’t you try them? Ask around and you may find one. I am sorry for being unable to help.


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