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From Singapore: Colon Cancer Spread to Her Lung

Hi Dr Chris,

I am from Singapore. I would like to consult you. Do you have a clinic in Johore? How do I go about making an appointment?

Below is my brief medical history:

2008: Right hemicolectomy done for stage 3 colon cancer

2009: Received a bout of chemotherapy

2012: Wedge resection right lung done for metastasis colon cancer

2014: Resection of lower lobe right lung

9/2015: CT scan showed 5mm nodule lower lobe left lung. Next CT scan is scheduled for January 2016

Thanks for taking time to read my email.

God Bless!

Reply: I am sorry, you need to come and see me in Penang.




Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Medicine Cannot Cure

Dear Dr Chris,

My name is R and I am from Singapore.

My father was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma stage 2/3 in 2012 after a lump was found on his back.   An operation was performed to cut away the lump. After the operation, my father underwent radiation therapy with no chemo. In early 2014, the cancer has recurred and metastasize to several locations in his body. With each chemo treatment for the stage 4 cancer, my father has grown weaker and his blood count deteriorate. Recently, my father has jaundice and complained of stomach aches and after scans, doctor has suspected that there are lumps which are pressing against the liver bile duct. Last month, my father underwent a procedure to place a stent in his bile duct to ease the flow of bile. Despite a brief period of improvement, a latest blood test revealed that the bile level is increasing. We have rejected doctor’s recommendation to chemo as my father is very weak at the moment.

At this juncture, we have decided to opt for herbal treatment. I have read about your good self and your very informative website. You have offered hope and a listening year to countless others and I do sincerely appreciate your tireless efforts to help those in need. I would like to take you away from your busy schedule to obtain insights and advice from your good self on how to ease my father’s suffering. I am very keen to visit you to seek your advice and opinion. Unfortunately, my father is quite weak at the moment to make the travel. However, my sister and I would be very appreciative if we could come to visit you with all the scans and medical report. Thank you good Sir. Yours in need.

Reply: You are welcome to come and see me with all the reports and scans — BUT let me tell you honestly — it is too late and too advanced. Even if you come and see me, what can I do — there is NO magic bullet. Doctors have failed and you expect herbs to be the hero? Not logical at all. I don’t want to disappoint you but I have to be honest. So don’t be misled.




Nose Cancer: No money to go for private medical care

Dear Dr. Teo,

My relative is having a nose cancer. She said that her cancer is stage 3 to 4.

She can’t afford for private hospital treatment, so she gone to Government Hospital. But the Government Hospital keep delay her for the diagnose, then she had no choice to have her diagnose at Private  Hospital. After getting the reports, she is currently waiting for Government Hospital appointment on 1/10/2015.

I think she can’t wait anymore as her lymph node is swollen and having difficulty in swallowing food.

I intend to bring to Cancer Care for treatment but I need to know the treatment cost first.

She is from Johor Bahru. 

Reply: Please do not come to us …. it is better that she goes for medical treatment. It is a serious case and don’t expect the herbs to cure it …no way.




Breast Cancer: When surgery, chemo and tamoxifen did not cure

Hi Dr. Chris,

my name is Y and I am from ….. The reason I am writing this letter to you is because my wife K, 45 years old is suffering from cancer since 2004. The cancer first detected was from the breast and she already have her breast surgically removed and after that went for chemotherapy. She also took tamoxifen.

But the cancer still spread and all in to date she already have 4 bouts of chemotherapy. All her chemo did not work. For the last chemotherapy, she did not complete her cycle because the chemo is not working anymore as her pain worsens.

Right now she is warded in GH for the past 3 weeks just for pain management only. The last CT scan one month ago the cancer have spread to her back bones. She is now immobilised and even had difficulty sitting up.

Dr, I am at a lost right now on what I can do to help my wife. I would certainly like to make an appointment to bring my wife to consult you on anything that can be done personally but her  condition doesn’t permit us to do so. Dr, I know that you are very busy with your schedules and patient I sincerely wish you could help us on this or advice us on how to ease her pain.

Thank you Dr for your time to read this mail. Right now I am just praying miracle will happen. God bless you. Yours sincerely. 

Reply: Everybody who comes to see me wants a miracle … but I am not god and I don’t offer any miracle. Things like this happen all the time … but if I can help in anyway, you can come and see me at 11 am ….. Monday to Friday … go to www.cancercaremalaysia.com to get more detail.


Pancreatic Cancer from Makassar

Dr. Chris Teo

I’m V from Makassar, Indonesia. On 18 April 2015, my father (59 yo) feel pain in his stomach and we take him going to hospital in Makassar. After that the doctor said There’s keloid in his colon, and doctor did small surgery and laser for cleaning. But 1 week after the small surgery, my father still feel pain on his stomach. Because we think maybe doctor in Indonesia doing something wrong, we take our father going to Mallaca, Malaysia for check up.

How shocked we’re, cause doctor at Mallaca said my father diagnose Cancer Pancreatic Stadium 4.

In pancreatic the tumor size is 7 cm and has spread at his liver. And doctor said maybe my father can survive only 5 months. Doctor told for chemotherapy, but we didn’t want. So we back to Indonesia and do herbal treatment
Like drink Soursop Leaf, and drink snow lotus. and be vegetarian.

We really need your help Doctor
We’ve doing anything
But nothing progress.
Big hopes You will help us to cure our father.
Thank You, Regards,


Ovarian Cancer from Indonesia


I’m A T Niece of MS.

We have heard about the clinic about cancer care. My Aunt had an Ovarian Cancer stage 3c, that has spread to some of her organs such as womb, aumentum, ooutside of her colon not yet spread into the colon (stuck with the ovarian).

She undergo 1st operation on the 20th of April to take out the Aementum, ovarian and some of her colon. Taking out some of her colon has caused her to have illiastomy which later on, she needs to undergo 2nd operation on the 20th of July and has been joined back.

After her 1st Operation she started her chemo for 3 cycle and did her 1st PET SCAN (MEI) . But even before she finishes her 3 cycle, her ca125 has been going up again. So they decided to do 2nd PET SCAN (JULY) and the results not so good.

They will need a second line of chemo stronger and might make her feel worst.

We heard about the clinic cacare. We are planning to go to penang on the 12th of Aug. Pls advise if there is a slot of appointments that can be arranged on the 12 or 13th. How long do we need to stay for consultation?

Thank you very much

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia from Indonesia

Dear dr.chris

I’m A from Indonesia. I really hope that by sending this message, I can find the best solution dealing with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

My dad (52 y.o) was diagnosed for having aplastic anemia on march 2015 after the doctor did Bone marrow punction (BMP). He got some blood and trombocyte transfusion on that day and he had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. After that, doctor gave him medicine and the condition was getting better. But on June, his trombocyte became only 16 and again he needed to stay at the hospital. Doctor did the BMP again (actually we were really afraid of the effect of doing BMP more than once).

From the result, doctor said that my dad positively had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He said that there were two options to treat my dad. The first one was bone marrow transplantation that can only be done in singapore, but it actually needs a lot of money. The second one was chemotherapy, but doctor could not give guarantee for the result, and my dad also  totally  rejects for having this chemotherapy.

We, all the family, really hope for the solution you gave. For additional information, right now my dad is hospitalized. At first his leucocyte increases into 53.900.and the trombocyte only 10.000, so I tried to give him medicine made from herbs called typhonium plus and sarang semut. Actually for me, the result is pretty confusing.

After he got aphaeresis transfusion, the trombocyte increases into 31.000, leucocyte decreased into 37.000,and the HB also decreased into 6. Thus, doctor gave him blood transfusion to increase the HB. But the result was confusing since the leucocyte level decreased into 17.000, but the trombocyte turns into 5.000.

We, all the family, really hope for the solution you gave. Is there any alternative medicine (like herbs) that is pretty effective to deal with this leukemia you provided? If there is so, how can I get this medicine? Since my dad is not in a good condition to go abroad, how can we do the consultation?

I attached some medical reports that might be used for you as reference.

I really wait to hear from you soon. Thank you.



Lung Cancer after chemo and radiation

Dear Dr. Teo,

My sister is diagnosed with lung cancer stage 3B. This is the result of her CT Scan, and she had a PET scan too.

My sister  has had 7times chemotherapy and 30times radiation therapy and right now she is having a further chemotherapy drugs taken orally. Could you please advise me that the  other possibilities of treatments, apart from both radiotherapy and Chemotherapy? How many treatments and duration are needed and also the cost of the entire treatments please? Do you need to see the patient personally or it can be represented by another family member? Many thanks of your attention. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Liver Cancer from India


Although , I have read from your website that consultation via email is very rare , but I would be really really appreciate if can help me with my Mother’s health condition . Looking at her, I don’t think she can even travel to Malaysia . She is all the time rests in BED .

I am hereby attaching my mother’s report . Below are the details about her treatment in the sequential order the way it had happened .

  1. My mother was complaining about the abdominal pain initially that time it she was given painkiller and glucose
  1. After 3 days when it happened again , she undergone couple of test in HALDWANI . These reports are in HaldwaniReport.pdf 
  1. The doctor from haldwani asked us to refer her to delhi hospital “GANGARAM”  where in the biopsy report she was diagnosed with cancer . These reports are in GangaRamHospitalReport.pdf . 
  1. After that we went to Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital , where we were told that she has to undergo stent procedure for curing jaundice followed by LIVER operation ( where they told us that they have to cut 50 to 60% of the liver ) after that she has to take chemotherapy . Since we were looking for some more second opinion she was discharged from hospital . Reports are inRajivGandhiHospitalReport.pdf 
  1. We went to Batra hopital for more tests and the doc advised us not to go for liver operation as it will be too difficult for her to with stand surgery followed by chemo . Hence they have advised us to just put stent to cure jaundice and then let her live like that.  Reports are inBatraReport.pdf .


  1. She is currently taking HOMEOPATHY medicine from  Dr Prasanta Banerji (www.pbhrfindia.org) .
  2. There are no allopathy medicine .


  1. She complains about pain most of the time and is the mail issue .
  2. Jaundice is still there
  3. Appetite is very less .

Please suggest something.

Reply: I am sorry, I cannot help patients from faraway places.



Pancreatic Cancer from Jakarta

Dear respected doctor Chris Teo,

How are you? I hope you are fine.

Doctor, my name is A and I am writing this e-mail as I am concerned with my mom’s health condition. She did a biopsy test last June and has just been diagnosed by a doctor in Mount Miriam Hospital Penang with a pancreatic cancer.

I did some research about it, and praise to God, I came across to your website. What an amazing thing you do, helping all your patients.

I wonder if you would be willing to help my family out and do your best to my mother’s condition? We are planning on visiting Penang (we are from Jakarta, Indonesia) on the 25th of August, and if you’re available, we would like to ask a little time of yours to meet us on the 26th of August. I have such a big hope that you would meet us?

But a relative of ours from Penang said that you have moved to another state, is that true? Just would like to make sure.

Please kindly find the attachment in this e-mail of First Visit Form and also the biopsy report.

Thank you, doctor. I would like to apologize shall this e-mail disturb your activity.

Looking forward to your reply.

Reply: No, we have not moved anywhere!





Cancer from Muar

Dear Dr. Chris,

Praise God for you who is blessed with His grace to give hope to cancer patients!

I am L & patient’s niece from Singapore.

Brief family background of patient:

Single, illiterate (can understand only Hokkien & spoken English) , 61 year old,

she has never travelled out of Muar on her own, helps to do housework for my elderly (70 plus) mum in Muar;

Only the 2 of them stay together.

My mum has knee & eyesight problems.

As such, patient is unable to go to Penang as my mum is not confident of staying alone.

Hence, I will make the trip to see you on her behalf.

Thanks a million for your consideration.

Note: As the files are too large, I need to send them by instalments.

Liver Cancer from Penang. No need to write email la!

Hi, I’d like to ask regarding to 4th stage liver cancer for my dad. He was diagnosed two mths ago and he’d like to seek for herbs medicine help. Basically the turmoil grow bigger and the doctor told us they couldn’t do any chemo for him. May I know how do we go about this ?

Reply: Where are you from?


Reply: From Penang — why don’t you just come and see me…no need to write email


Bile Duct Cancer from India

Dear Chris,

My father has two tumors in the liver ( one is large and other one is small). The liver biopsy is confirming as Cholangiocarcinoma ( bile duct cancer). My father age is 72 . Because of his age, we are not going for Chemotherapy and doctor gave  pain killers  to smoothen is pain.

We came to know about you in website ” Cacare” and I am contacting you to seek your consultation and about  which herbal treatment  will be suitable for my father .

Here with I have attached my father medical reports.

Please note my father is in Chennai ,India. I am working in KL and when needed I can come to Penang to consult with you.

Thanks, Best Regards



Breast Cancer from Kenya

My name is C, 44 years with 1 son 22 yrs, from Kenya. I have remained very positive and am very grateful for each day.
In November 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer Grade 2 on my right breast. Lobular carcinoma invasive. ER and PR Positive. HER-2/neu – 1+ Negative. e-cadherin positive. My breast has started to dimple.

I have not started any chemo, radio or hormonal treatment from the hospital. Am looking at alternative treatments.

Also note I have uterine fibroids-enlarged uterus with mixed densities consistent with fibroids, ovarian cyst and umbilical hernia.

Please advice way forward. Waiting for your email or call.

Reply: Thank you for your email. I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.



Breast Cancer from Perth

Dear Dr Teo,

I am 52 years old and I live in Perth.   I was diagnosed with 2nd stage right breast cancer last Sept. 1.5cm tumour removed and axillary lymph nodes removed under armpit .  I am currently on 1mg of Arimidex which I need to take for 5 yrs.  All through these months of treatments I must say I have been very lucky as I do not suffer drastic side effects common to most  and I believe is because I am very discipline with my exercise and diet regime. Throughout my appetite was good, no nausea, constipation or blister, etc.. I exercise daily going for morning and afternoon walks and I only take vegetables, beans, fish and nuts.  I avoid dairy and meat products.  I take green smoothies daily (dark green veg and fruits combine) and food with high antioxidant.

I only came to know of your website this month.   I plan to come back to Malaysia in August and hope to be able to take some natural herbs for detox since I have been through chemo and radiotherapy.  Would you have some natural herbs remedy that can help me to detox.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Kind regards.




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