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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia from Indonesia

Dear dr.chris

I’m A from Indonesia. I really hope that by sending this message, I can find the best solution dealing with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

My dad (52 y.o) was diagnosed for having aplastic anemia on march 2015 after the doctor did Bone marrow punction (BMP). He got some blood and trombocyte transfusion on that day and he had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. After that, doctor gave him medicine and the condition was getting better. But on June, his trombocyte became only 16 and again he needed to stay at the hospital. Doctor did the BMP again (actually we were really afraid of the effect of doing BMP more than once).

From the result, doctor said that my dad positively had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He said that there were two options to treat my dad. The first one was bone marrow transplantation that can only be done in singapore, but it actually needs a lot of money. The second one was chemotherapy, but doctor could not give guarantee for the result, and my dad also  totally  rejects for having this chemotherapy.

We, all the family, really hope for the solution you gave. For additional information, right now my dad is hospitalized. At first his leucocyte increases into 53.900.and the trombocyte only 10.000, so I tried to give him medicine made from herbs called typhonium plus and sarang semut. Actually for me, the result is pretty confusing.

After he got aphaeresis transfusion, the trombocyte increases into 31.000, leucocyte decreased into 37.000,and the HB also decreased into 6. Thus, doctor gave him blood transfusion to increase the HB. But the result was confusing since the leucocyte level decreased into 17.000, but the trombocyte turns into 5.000.

We, all the family, really hope for the solution you gave. Is there any alternative medicine (like herbs) that is pretty effective to deal with this leukemia you provided? If there is so, how can I get this medicine? Since my dad is not in a good condition to go abroad, how can we do the consultation?

I attached some medical reports that might be used for you as reference.

I really wait to hear from you soon. Thank you.



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