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Breast Cancer from India — Chemo and Radiation did not cure

Dear Dr,

Your reference has been given by Mr M. My wife was detected with breast cancer 2 years ago. Please find attached some reports. Below is the summary of the treatment.

12 April 13 Mammography – Showed lesion left breast 12 O* Clock axis(BIRADS IV)

16 April 13 MRI Breast – Showed Multifocal malignancy in the left breast (BIRADS-6). Lesion noted in the right breast at 12 and 1 clock axis showed low suspicion of malignancy

22 April 13 – Breast Conservation surgery performed

22 April 13 –Biopsy Finding – Invasive ductal carcinoma, multifocal Nottingham grade I, left breast. Regional lymph nodes shopw reactive changes.(0/17), pT1pN0pM0. Benign proliferative breast disease, surrounding breast tissye ER/PR – POSITIVE, Her 2 neu  1+

17 May 13 to 13 Sep 13- 6 Cycles of FEC chemotherapy given with a gap of every 3 weeks.

17 Oct to 22 Nov – Given 25 fractions of  External beam radiotherapy by IGRT with gating to the left breast.

2 Dec 13 to 10 Dc 13 – 7 cycles of Electron boost to the lumpectomy cavity

Since Jan 14  on Tamoxifin. Was Amenorrhea for 8 months, Heavy MC for 14 days continuous. Then no further bleeding. The MC is irregular thereafter.

Ultrasound (TVS) showed Simple cysts in bilateral ovaries. Endometrial thickness is 9.2mm

The doctors have suggested Ovarian ablation but patient is not very keen on getting it done.

Please suggest/advise herbal medicine that may be good for her. We can communicate by email or if you prefer we can visit you also.

Thanks and with best regards

Reply: I am sorry … we don’t do on-line treatment or consultation….. if you think we can help you…come and see us with all the scans / reports ..we take it from there.



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