A Day With Chris Teo

Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Cancer from Muar

Dear Dr. Chris,

Praise God for you who is blessed with His grace to give hope to cancer patients!

I am L & patient’s niece from Singapore.

Brief family background of patient:

Single, illiterate (can understand only Hokkien & spoken English) , 61 year old,

she has never travelled out of Muar on her own, helps to do housework for my elderly (70 plus) mum in Muar;

Only the 2 of them stay together.

My mum has knee & eyesight problems.

As such, patient is unable to go to Penang as my mum is not confident of staying alone.

Hence, I will make the trip to see you on her behalf.

Thanks a million for your consideration.

Note: As the files are too large, I need to send them by instalments.

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