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Cancer – Hospitalised in Yogya

Dear dr. Chris K. H. Teo,

My name SA from Indonesia. Thank you for your time to read my email.

I got your contact from my aunty, that you are concern on help cancer patient.

I am writing this email to consult my autie’s condition, Mrs. T (female, 63 y.o.). She has been diagnosed with adenocarcioma cancer around C loop duodenal area since a month ago. Doctor had performed gastrojejunostomy for her, unfortunately the mass itself could not be removed due to its location. now her condition is declining, loss appetite, icteric, ascites, and hypoalbuminemia. She is compos mentis but weak, no passing stools at the moment for about 10 days, eat small but frequent 3-5 spoons only (if too much she will vomit), back pain, couldn’t sit on bed more than 30 minutes. Now she still stay at hospital (4th weeks) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She is under supervised by local internist and surgeon.

Chris, would you mind to help me checking my aunty’s medical resume as attached. We would like to seek for your help if there is therapy you can do for her. Our family agree to take her to meet you if there is high possibility for her to recover better. Kindly let me know if you need other medical information, i will provide as long as i can.

Thank you so much, dr. Chris. I am looking forward for good news from you.

Reply: Please do not bring her to see me here. Let her stay in the hospital and let the doctors take care of her.


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