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Lymhoma – Fluid in the lung

Dear Dr Chris,

This is Pastor S. I used to live in Penang and my office was by BL market. Now I am based in Jakarta as a missionary. Few years ago I and referred a friend’s mom from Sydney and you had suggested some herbal supplements which she had taken and doing well now.

My mother (75 years) has been diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma (as attached Doctors report. She is currently at Universiti Malaya medical Center for Palliative Care – needing oxygen support for breath but doctors not sure why the need for oxygen support. There is some fluid in her left lung but the doctor says that it is too small to drain out. No visual swollen lymph nodes around the neck or armpits or groins. Found around the stomach – through CT scan. No panel CT Scan done.

Chemotherapy was brought up as a treatment but was not considered because of her age and her ‘leaky valve heart’, also as a family we don’t it.

My mother is not able to travel. Can you still working with me to help my mother? I have seen your videos esp. one lady , Ms Devi,  with Lymphoma.

Can you please suggest how we can go forward? Currently I am giving her 2000mg (2x 1000mg) of Vitamin D2 and 2 drops of Turmeric extract. For meals, kampong chicken porridge with extra garlic and ginger and spinach. Also she is taking prescribed steroids and her heart medication.

Thank you. Blessings.

Reply: Pastor, I suggest that your keep you mom in the hospital. She needs all the help with her lungs.



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