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Ovarian Cancer from Indonesia


I’m A T Niece of MS.

We have heard about the clinic about cancer care. My Aunt had an Ovarian Cancer stage 3c, that has spread to some of her organs such as womb, aumentum, ooutside of her colon not yet spread into the colon (stuck with the ovarian).

She undergo 1st operation on the 20th of April to take out the Aementum, ovarian and some of her colon. Taking out some of her colon has caused her to have illiastomy which later on, she needs to undergo 2nd operation on the 20th of July and has been joined back.

After her 1st Operation she started her chemo for 3 cycle and did her 1st PET SCAN (MEI) . But even before she finishes her 3 cycle, her ca125 has been going up again. So they decided to do 2nd PET SCAN (JULY) and the results not so good.

They will need a second line of chemo stronger and might make her feel worst.

We heard about the clinic cacare. We are planning to go to penang on the 12th of Aug. Pls advise if there is a slot of appointments that can be arranged on the 12 or 13th. How long do we need to stay for consultation?

Thank you very much

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