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Pancreatic Cancer from Jakarta

Dear respected doctor Chris Teo,

How are you? I hope you are fine.

Doctor, my name is A and I am writing this e-mail as I am concerned with my mom’s health condition. She did a biopsy test last June and has just been diagnosed by a doctor in Mount Miriam Hospital Penang with a pancreatic cancer.

I did some research about it, and praise to God, I came across to your website. What an amazing thing you do, helping all your patients.

I wonder if you would be willing to help my family out and do your best to my mother’s condition? We are planning on visiting Penang (we are from Jakarta, Indonesia) on the 25th of August, and if you’re available, we would like to ask a little time of yours to meet us on the 26th of August. I have such a big hope that you would meet us?

But a relative of ours from Penang said that you have moved to another state, is that true? Just would like to make sure.

Please kindly find the attachment in this e-mail of First Visit Form and also the biopsy report.

Thank you, doctor. I would like to apologize shall this e-mail disturb your activity.

Looking forward to your reply.

Reply: No, we have not moved anywhere!





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