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Pancreatic Cancer from Makassar

Dr. Chris Teo

I’m V from Makassar, Indonesia. On 18 April 2015, my father (59 yo) feel pain in his stomach and we take him going to hospital in Makassar. After that the doctor said There’s keloid in his colon, and doctor did small surgery and laser for cleaning. But 1 week after the small surgery, my father still feel pain on his stomach. Because we think maybe doctor in Indonesia doing something wrong, we take our father going to Mallaca, Malaysia for check up.

How shocked we’re, cause doctor at Mallaca said my father diagnose Cancer Pancreatic Stadium 4.

In pancreatic the tumor size is 7 cm and has spread at his liver. And doctor said maybe my father can survive only 5 months. Doctor told for chemotherapy, but we didn’t want. So we back to Indonesia and do herbal treatment
Like drink Soursop Leaf, and drink snow lotus. and be vegetarian.

We really need your help Doctor
We’ve doing anything
But nothing progress.
Big hopes You will help us to cure our father.
Thank You, Regards,


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