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I am sorry I don’t have any experience with Alzheimer

Dear Dr. Teo

Your name was given to me by a Pastor in KL who has in his congregation a member who is being treated by you. This person has an equipment from you.

My wife has a short term memory problem and has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer. Can you please tell me if your equipment is capable of helping her?

Is it possible if you could send me some literature, photos, and other details of your equipment.

Looking forward to you reply


Reply:  I am sorry I don’t have any experience with Alzheimer — I only help cancer patients.

Breast Cancer from India — Chemo and Radiation did not cure

Dear Dr,

Your reference has been given by Mr M. My wife was detected with breast cancer 2 years ago. Please find attached some reports. Below is the summary of the treatment.

12 April 13 Mammography – Showed lesion left breast 12 O* Clock axis(BIRADS IV)

16 April 13 MRI Breast – Showed Multifocal malignancy in the left breast (BIRADS-6). Lesion noted in the right breast at 12 and 1 clock axis showed low suspicion of malignancy

22 April 13 – Breast Conservation surgery performed

22 April 13 –Biopsy Finding – Invasive ductal carcinoma, multifocal Nottingham grade I, left breast. Regional lymph nodes shopw reactive changes.(0/17), pT1pN0pM0. Benign proliferative breast disease, surrounding breast tissye ER/PR – POSITIVE, Her 2 neu  1+

17 May 13 to 13 Sep 13- 6 Cycles of FEC chemotherapy given with a gap of every 3 weeks.

17 Oct to 22 Nov – Given 25 fractions of  External beam radiotherapy by IGRT with gating to the left breast.

2 Dec 13 to 10 Dc 13 – 7 cycles of Electron boost to the lumpectomy cavity

Since Jan 14  on Tamoxifin. Was Amenorrhea for 8 months, Heavy MC for 14 days continuous. Then no further bleeding. The MC is irregular thereafter.

Ultrasound (TVS) showed Simple cysts in bilateral ovaries. Endometrial thickness is 9.2mm

The doctors have suggested Ovarian ablation but patient is not very keen on getting it done.

Please suggest/advise herbal medicine that may be good for her. We can communicate by email or if you prefer we can visit you also.

Thanks and with best regards

Reply: I am sorry … we don’t do on-line treatment or consultation….. if you think we can help you…come and see us with all the scans / reports ..we take it from there.



Lymhoma – Fluid in the lung

Dear Dr Chris,

This is Pastor S. I used to live in Penang and my office was by BL market. Now I am based in Jakarta as a missionary. Few years ago I and referred a friend’s mom from Sydney and you had suggested some herbal supplements which she had taken and doing well now.

My mother (75 years) has been diagnosed with B-Cell Lymphoma (as attached Doctors report. She is currently at Universiti Malaya medical Center for Palliative Care – needing oxygen support for breath but doctors not sure why the need for oxygen support. There is some fluid in her left lung but the doctor says that it is too small to drain out. No visual swollen lymph nodes around the neck or armpits or groins. Found around the stomach – through CT scan. No panel CT Scan done.

Chemotherapy was brought up as a treatment but was not considered because of her age and her ‘leaky valve heart’, also as a family we don’t it.

My mother is not able to travel. Can you still working with me to help my mother? I have seen your videos esp. one lady , Ms Devi,  with Lymphoma.

Can you please suggest how we can go forward? Currently I am giving her 2000mg (2x 1000mg) of Vitamin D2 and 2 drops of Turmeric extract. For meals, kampong chicken porridge with extra garlic and ginger and spinach. Also she is taking prescribed steroids and her heart medication.

Thank you. Blessings.

Reply: Pastor, I suggest that your keep you mom in the hospital. She needs all the help with her lungs.



Brain Cancer

Dear Dr. Teo,

My brother is diagnosed with brain tumor glioma stage 3 and inoperable due to the location.

Currently, the doctor insist to do radiotherapy and chemo but we have not done yet. Let us know if you need any medical reports to send over you through email prior our visit to your center to seek your kind assistance in our hard time? Many thanks for your attention and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Reply: No need to send — just come and see me with all the reports and scan.

Thank you for your fast response Dr Teo. Due to my brother’s condition, he is not able to travel this time round.

However, I will be coming instead to represent him. Currently, we are making our travel arrangement either by this weekend or earlier next week. Do we need to setup any appointment with you and kindly advise the center operation hours. Many thanks for your attention and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Reply: No need to bring patient…yes, come when I am around — Monday to Friday at 11 am.



Lymphoma – Chemo Failed

Hi Dr. Chris,

Good day to you! My 14 yrs old daughter having this lymphoma cancer since last year March 2014 and after 12 cycle of chemo treatment now check again the other side of lymph nodes enlarge again and tomorrow will have to do biopsy.

I came to know you through friend recommendation and wonder what is your advise. We can come to see you and bring along the report and wonder anytime next week we can visit your office.

Do let me know if I shall send you any report before come over.

Many thanks.

Reply: Where are you from? You can come about 11 am Monday to Friday, No need to send me the reports. Come with the reports.



Cancer – Hospitalised in Yogya

Dear dr. Chris K. H. Teo,

My name SA from Indonesia. Thank you for your time to read my email.

I got your contact from my aunty, that you are concern on help cancer patient.

I am writing this email to consult my autie’s condition, Mrs. T (female, 63 y.o.). She has been diagnosed with adenocarcioma cancer around C loop duodenal area since a month ago. Doctor had performed gastrojejunostomy for her, unfortunately the mass itself could not be removed due to its location. now her condition is declining, loss appetite, icteric, ascites, and hypoalbuminemia. She is compos mentis but weak, no passing stools at the moment for about 10 days, eat small but frequent 3-5 spoons only (if too much she will vomit), back pain, couldn’t sit on bed more than 30 minutes. Now she still stay at hospital (4th weeks) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. She is under supervised by local internist and surgeon.

Chris, would you mind to help me checking my aunty’s medical resume as attached. We would like to seek for your help if there is therapy you can do for her. Our family agree to take her to meet you if there is high possibility for her to recover better. Kindly let me know if you need other medical information, i will provide as long as i can.

Thank you so much, dr. Chris. I am looking forward for good news from you.

Reply: Please do not bring her to see me here. Let her stay in the hospital and let the doctors take care of her.


Pancreas Cancer — Terminal Liver Cancer: 2 months to live

Hi Dr. Chris Teo,

Good day to you! I’ve got the link of your website from a good friend of mine in the beginning of the year. At that time, my uncle was diagnosed with pancreas cancer stage 2. My uncle and his family members decided to take the advice from the attending doctor to do chemotherapy. He had since gone through a series of chemotherapy and further extended to radiotherapy.

Last month, my uncle was admitted to hospital due to severe sore throat, which believed to be the side effect of radiotherapy and continued to be warded until today. His health condition did not get better but deteriorated since hospitalization. 3 weeks after hospitalization, the attending doctor suddenly broke the news to my aunt and cousins that my uncle was diagnosed with liver cancer stage 4 and announced that he is left with 2 months of life. It was devastating as we all thought my uncle was actually recuperating. He is now very weak and bedridden.

I had passed your contact to my cousin early of the year and until today she didn’t make that move to contact you. It seems to me that they are losing faith and giving up hopes. I’m writing this letter to seek for your professional advice as in what can I do to help my uncle or his family members?

Looking forward to hear from you soon. Your kind advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards.

Reply: Nothing anybody can do in this case. Let the doctor takes care of him. No one can cure any cancer.

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