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Metastatic Ovarian Cancer Recurred ? From KL

Dear Prof

Good Evening. Got your email from your site. My wife had ovarian cancer in2011 and a hysterectomy was done and the usual 6  chemos done. It was quite difficult chemo

Since then the CA 125 have been going up and the last was 700 . The normal being below 30. Her gynae onco has suggested chemo since the last 1.5 years but after her first experience she did not want to undergo it again.

She has become weak and for the past two months having persistent cough. Also her gut has become quite weak, sometimes she goes to the toilet upto 7 times, more so when she has her meals has to run immediately to the restroom. Our GP advised to do an X-ray and the radiologist said that it looked like metastasis. Went back to GH they did not allow us to see her gynae onco but the outpatient MO diagnosed it TB due to the high ESR and referred her to TB hosp. TB hosp declared that it is not TB and asked to do a CT scan. As you are aware that to get a scan in the govt hosp would take a month or so.

She does not eat any meat eggs fish. Fully vegetarian, Does enjoy yogurt once a while eats nuts fruits etc.

Appreciate your advise. We stay in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you and God bless you.

Reply: If you read what I wrote about cases like your wife … you can guess that the cancer may have already spread to the organs in the lower abdomen — like colon, etc. It can also spread to the lung — that’s why the cough. I cannot tell exactly, that’s only my guess. No one can cure any cancer — the situation becomes worse if it has spread so widely. No matter what you do, there is no cure. You have to decide what you what to do.

Bile Duct Cancer from India

Dear Dr Chris Teo,

Please be informed that, my father aged 65 years has been diagnosed with bile duct (cholangiocarcinoma) cancer which is in advanced stage. As per the different doctors advice we have started the chemo therapy 10 days back and based on the 6 weeks treatment, the results will be verified (another 2 treatments left) to see if there is any reduction in the tumor, but we would like to discontinue the chemo therapy as my father is losing the quality of life due to the side effects.

My father is suffering with lot of abdominal pain and we kindly need your advice to see if there is any therapy that will heal the pain. After searching so much in the web, I came across CA Care and have read many success stories on the same cancer from different patients and I would like to discuss with you and understand on the herbal medication.

We are from India, but we are very much ready to come over to Penang with all the reports to consult and discuss with you and understand the different herbs which will be useful in healing the body and also my father can visit subsequently (At present my father do not have the passport and we are in the process of obtaining the same) but I will definitely come to your place for the consultation with all the reports.

More about patient:

Age 65 years, Diabetes 2 with Hypertension and  Recently Diagnosed(September 16 2015) with Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer and stomach related) with 4 stage.

We admitted patient in hospital with severe Abdominal pain, especially pain at tumour site. He has a tumour on 8th lobe of the Liver.

Doctors said he has only 6 months.

Current Symptoms he has severe abdominal Pain with restlessness. We depending now on opioid trans-dermal patches with tramadol paracetamol combination. He has only fluid intake like rice fluid and Milk and pomegranate and carrot juice and millets juice

Our intention of approach is to increase the quality of life by reducing symptoms with in small span of time

Chemotherapy 1st cycle completed with Gemcetabine and Oxaliplatin.

We can’t move the patient from Hyderabad.

Is there any drug interactions with your medicine. We need early results. We are unable to see his pain.

We may not able to come there and visit, but I have my best friend in Malaysia who can come and visit to explain the Case and handover report copies.

Reply: It is very very hard for me to take care of patients from far away places — many patients from India came to see me in person but only once …at the end of it all, it is just a wasted efforts. Coming to see me once is just meaningless without follow up visits.

But I cannot stop you from coming to see me — you don’t have to bring the patient. The travel is bad for him. But let me say out front, this it is going to be a useless effort and waste of money — unless of course, money is not a problem.  

I am real disappointed so far with patients who come from far away places. It is because of this that it would be better for you to find someone else in India who can help you. 

I am sorry for being so blunt but I just want to be honest with you.





Breast Lump: From Singapore, don’t panic!

Dear Dr Kris,

I came to know about your CA Care from my brother who recommend me to see you first before deciding to go for operation.

I was in a midst of whether to see you first or operate first. But, I know I need to get it remove first.

I last done my mammograph test on 2010 and had underwent a mamograph test when I felt a lump on my breast. My GP refer me to scan and found a 2cm x 3cm irregular shape lump in my right breast and there’s some patch on my right side dark which not obvious and don’t look good. I went to see my GP again and refered to Singapore General Hospital Doctor. He did a biopsy test and took out 5 samples from my right breast and found some cancer look cells. He sent the samples for lab test to confirm whether is it a cancer cells.

On this coming 06.10.15 3pm, I will be going to see him and see the result. Previously he had also advise me that if the result of the cells if benign, we still have to get it remove lumpectomy (Portion remove) and in case if it is bad maglinant, he had to completely remove it – muspectopy. I am really panicked and don’t know what to do, Can you advise me whether to see you after the operation or before the operation ?

In view of the above, I hope you can save me and help me. Please advise me and hope that you will reply at the soonest. Thank you. 

Reply: Don’t panic. Before you do anything more… take time to read these 2 booklets … I have answered everything that you need to know:

http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=68,  http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=70

After reading the first booklet — go for the operation…MASTECTOMY if you are prepared to lose you breast..but if you are not happy, come and see me in Penang.




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