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Lung Cancer from India

Hi Chris Teo,

I came to know from some social blogs that you have natural supplements to heal  the Cancer. I know that you are reluctant to treat or advice herbs over mail, as you know we live in Bangalore travelling for consultation alone is not feasible for me, if any fees incurred for the same i do can make arrangements, Please kindly do help me or advice what best can i do to get in touch with you.

My dad is diagnosed with Adreno Carcinoma last month with metastases to bones.

Tumor on his lung sizing 3.6 cm X 3.2 cm, but he has more upper back pain which persistent, currently he is given one cycle of Chemo.

My Father age is 64 , We live in India Bangalore, he was smoking for more than 40 years. Can you please advice  will he fit for these supplements , if yes can i give along with Chemo.

Awaiting your kind response at earliest. Thanks,

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places. Please find someone else in India who can help you.



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