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Research on effectiveness of herbs and alternative therapies for cancer

Our herbs are not magic bullets

Hi Chris,

It’s L. I wrote to you couple months ago regarding my mum’s breast cancer … Mum have been taking your herbs faithfully but she has suddenly taken the turn for the worse. Her kidney has started to fail again, she has a bit of a swollen kidney and she will be going through a stent operation on Monday. Doctors said that the tumour around her uterus is growing. Obviously the onco suggested her to go back to radiation therapy, like what he did the first time which my mum rejected. But now that she thinks the herbs aren’t working she is thinking twice about the radiation.

What should we do now Chris? She is taking Bon, Breast M, Cervx herbs at the moment fyi. Thanks for your time and Looking forward to your reply.
Reply: No, my herbs are not magic bullets —- I suggest that you ask the doctors to help you.




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