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Cancer from India — few months to live

Dear Doctor Chris Teo ,

My sister has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma grade 3.

This has come as a big shock since she has been healthy all her life and never been ill of this kind.

We had brought her to Kolkata for treatment of her gastric problem when the doctors revealed after endoscopy the presence of tumor and after doing the CT SCAN whole abdomen that the tumor had metastasis to liver and the biopsy revealed that it was carcinoma.

We the family has been devastated by this news .more so when all doctors have said that this is in an advanced stage with virtually no chance of survival beyond a few months .

I have a friend here in Kolkata, whose mother was also suffering from Gall Bladder Cancer last year .He had been in touch with you and you had kindly agreed to cure his mother .I understand from him that she was taking your herbal medicines and teas and was absolutely fine for several months .Only after she left taking your medicines her declined and she succumbed finally.

Dear Dr Chris, we earnestly request you would like you to take of my sister under your treatment and with your herbal treatment cure her cancer.

I am willing to bring her to you to Penang once she is of better health and that she can undertake international travel.

However if you permit I will ask one of my close friends to meet you with all the reports and take your advice.

We, the family is in a distressed state and look towards you to cure the cancer.

I would await your reply and meanwhile attach all the presently available reports for your reference.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully. Patient’s brother

Reply: I am sorry I cannot cure any cancer. From what you wrote, we can learn many lessons.

  1. Your sister’s cancer is too far advanced — spreading to the liver. And was given a few months to live. I am not a magician, I cannot cure her. It is better that you go to someone else in India town for help.
  2. You are far away from Penang. I cannot take care of such patient. See your friend who came to see me. After his mother was well she died!. I have learned that it is no use trying to help patients from far away. Wasting time and effort.
  3. No … sending a friend to see me is no use. It will not work that way. If you are really wanting to give your best shot — you come! What does your friend know about your sister’s condition.




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