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Nodule in lung, gall bladder gone 10 years ago!

Dear DR Chris Teo,

Hi, Dr Chris, my name is BS. got to know you from a friend ( mr Kiantoro ) I live in Batam Indonesia.i was borned  at year 1968, my problems all these few years start from 2009.

  1. Very tired, on and off, 4 limb  very often tired

2.very painfull at my spine around heart area.


4 pain around my neck

5.gastric on and off. stomag has gas. feel pain sometime.

6.breathless on and off sometime got no energy to speak and think.

7.feel good for 2 days after message.

8.loss weight from 92 to 82  once and from 82 to 74 kilo after i vegetarian.

9.feel a needle picking at my chest not very often.

early 2015 i went to see Doctor endoscopy my stomag and intestines. only found gas. nothing serius.

so on 21 August 2015, i went CT Scan my Heart, and found a 7.4mm nodule  in the lower lobe of my right lung. which is where the pain came from all these years. doctor advice me to go futher CT Scan this month after waiting for 6 months, to see the whole lung and to see if the nodule has grown bigger. and to do biopsi.

DR Teo, what i need is” healthy.” i do not care if i have a tumor inside my body. i just don’t want pain and listless. i need energy to work as i have 4 Children to raise. so my question is do i need to CT Scan another time before i come to see you.? do i need to prove that i have cancer?

I have more information to inform you, that are:

  1. i am 183 cm height.

2 love to exercise. travelling. every morning i walk for one hour

  1. loved to eat foods, seafood. meats before. and eat a lots. now has gone vegetarian for one year.
  2. i would drink Tonics . chinese madicines and jamu. once i feel unwell.
  3. my gall blader was taken away by doctor 10 years ago.

6 my cholesterol was high before and trigliserida was very high 500+

7  i was taken docter madicine to bring down the Cholesterol and Trigliserida

Thank you for attention,, Best Regards.

Reply: Come and see me. Bring your CT scan. No need to do another one. 




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