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NPC-Liver: Chemo and Radiation Did Not Cure

Dear Professor Chris,

I’m writing to you regarding my father who is unable to articulate in English to enquire about your healing herbs that could possibly lighten his pain or increase his life expectancy.

My father is 53 and was diagnosed with stage 4 NPC May 2015. He was asked to go through 6 sessions of Chemotherapy and 33 sessions of Radiotherapy which he complied and was making recovery.

December 2015 he went for a scan and there the results was Liver Metastasis although his nose and lymph nodes were cleared.

We turned to Chinese medication for treatment in hopes for containing and maintaining his body and a longer life expectancy as he could not go for another round of chemo and radio session. Late February he went for a test again and the mass in his liver had grown. I’ve attached a photo of his latest CT scan.

I seek your advice and if CA therapy can help him. I really do not want him to give up any chances that could improve his life expectancy. Of late, he’s having pains within his stomach area (no visible swollen area noticed), the pain area moves around so I am not sure which portion is painful to him.

Thank you very much, for taking time to read and reply. I appreciate it.  Best Regards.


Reply: If your father cannot come — it is okay. Ask the one who takes care of him to come ..also you need to answer the following…

Part 1: Medical history 

Cancer: Type, stage and extent of spread (metastasis).

How it started, what doctors you have seen and the treatments given.   You MUST provide us with copies of all medical reports.

Part B : Your Current Medications

Are you currently on any herbs? If yes, are they effective? Give details. We request you to stop all other herbs if you wish to start with our herbs. You may continue to take your doctor’s medication, nutrients and vitamin supplements but list down what you are taking.

Part C: Your Current Health

The more details you provide, the better we can understand your problems.
1. Are you in pain? Where, how often/serious?

  1. Can you sleep? Elaborate.
  2. Feeling tired?
  3. How often is your bowel movement? Difficult, constipated, with blood?
  4. How is your appetite?
  5. Any swelling? Where?
  6. Do you have: Gastric problems? Diabetes? High blood pressure?
  7. Urination – frequency? painful? with blood?
  8. Cough? What phlegm colour (white/yellow). Itchy throat?
  9. Difficulty in breathing? Elaborate.
  10. List and explain any other complaints..



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