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Bile Duct Cancer from India

Dear Mr. Chris K. H. Teo,

Ab this side from India. First of all I understand that you and your team are very reluctant to advise patients via e-mail as this has not been a good experience. But, my concern is that neither the patient is capable enough to visit you in Malaysia and nor it is financially viable for my family to visit you there.

I also believe that you people are doing this great job to help those people who has no hope left with them. We have tried the bestest doctor available and already spent the money available with us. If you are still willing to advise me I have mentioned below my case. Request you to revert with a positive response.

This is regarding my grand mother (age 72), she is suffering from mid bile duct cancer (an advanced stage case). It all started when she started having pain in her abdominal 2 weeks back (just to inform you that no sign of pain or anything before that). We had her treated and doctor suggested an ultrasound and MRI. In the MRI it says “mid-CBD cholangiocarcinoma.

Focal lesion in segment 4b of liver at gall blader fosssa region. Possibility of Metastasis/synchronous cholangiocarcinoma can not be ruled out”.

We went to see a bigger doctor and facility (Fortis Escorts – Delhi). Considering the MRI report this doctor also said that she is suffering from cholangiocarcinoma and it is a serious one. They did an ERCP and said it is a confirmed case of cholangiocarcinoma. As per the doctor my grandmother is not a good candidate for operation as she is not physically fit and age factor also. Further, the operation is very critical and they can not guarantee a full removal of cancer after the operation and it is also very expensive.

Further, Chemotherapy cannot be done as it has his own side effects. However, a metal stunt can be place to remove that blockage in the bile duct.

They did endoscopy ultrasound, ERCP and placed that stunt. Placing stunt was successful (as per the doctors). Although, I have reports and images of the ERCP.

After the above procedure she continuously have high blood pressure. Doctor discharged my grandmother 2 days after the procedure. We took her back home with us and now the situation is she is continuously having pain in her stomach and that too very strong. Doctor has not provided any medicine for the cancer as they say it is not curable through medicine (and operation/chemo are also not an option as per the doctors).

They have given pain killers for the pain and medicine for blood pressure. If you require I can send you any other information you need regarding her situation and the reports of procedure.  I urge you advise me any solution if possible, at the earliest.Just to inform you we started giving her Tea made from Graviola leaves from today itself.

Thanks and regards, Ab (her grandson). 

Reply:  I am sorry, I cannot help or advise. What can I do by sitting down in front of the computer? No use. I am sorry — can you go and find someone else in your country to help.

Thanks Chris for your immediate response. I understand that you do not had good experience in advising online. But if possible, at least suggest some medication or please guide whether giving Graviola will do any improvement or not. I have met various doctors but they all have similar views.I can send her reports to you on e-mail if you want.



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