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Failed Medical Treatment for Leukemia

Dear Dr Chris,

Good day.

I called your centre this morning, Mr K advised me to write an email to you.

I am writing this email to seek for an appointment with you on behalf of my nephew.

We are based in KL. Currently he is admitted to A Hospital for treatment.

My nephew – is 27 years old. Diagnosed with Leukemia around end 2014. He has gone through cycles of chemotherapy. He was responding ok to the chemotherapies. We found a matching bone marrow donor and he did his stem cell transplant August 2015. He was recovering and showing positive signs for 5 months.

Then the leukaemia cells was discovered again in end January 2016.

Subsequently, he was administered with 3 cycle of chemotherapy with the new drug – Vidaza. His condition deteriorated. And his liver and lungs were affected quite badly. He is having jaundice since end May. The alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test showed very high scoring at 500+ point at a time. It was up and down. Today’s reading is about 129.

I have attached the latest reading for your reference.

We have decided to stop chemotherapy. But 2 weeks back his white blood cell shot up to 68, hospital have to use mild chemo to bring it down again. The hospital says that he is unable to produce any healthy blood cells at the moment. Platelet and haemoglobin are always low. And his white blood keeps increasing.

The past 3 days, he was in a state of incoherence. He refused to sleep for 3 days. He was non communicative and non responsive. Acting like a child. He was drifted in and out. Finally after a night sleep, he appeared to be emotionally more stable. Hospital did a CT Scan for him and mentioned that there were tiny blood clots in his brain that gave tiny seizure that resulting him zoning in out.

I understand that you don’t do email consultation. Now he needs to have blood transfusion almost every 2 days and still quite weak, so we can’t bring him to see you.

Will it be possible for me to bring his report to see you? Hospital doesn’t release all the reports to us. Could you let me know what are the reports you require? Kindly let me know when it will be convenient to make an appointment with you. Thank you in advance. Have a magnificent day.  

Reply: I really don’t know what I can do — after all, the doctors have done everything and failed. I cannot cure any cancer. If someone takes my herbs at this point and dies — they will blame the herbs. I am sorry, I cannot help.

Dear Dr Chris,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

You mentioned in your website that most of the patients who look for you are usually quite severe.

I wish I would have known about you earlier.  We totally understand and take responsible for all the decision we made in his healing process.

We are hoping that with your holistic approach, we will have proper guidance in taking herbs and diet.

Our family believes in herbs, the problem is like many of the Chinese family we do not know what’s the right prescription and combination which is detrimental in any kind of medication.

I really like your scientific and systematic way of approaches to help people heal through herbs.

My nephew is a very positive and live quite healthily even prior to this.

Could you reconsider?

Reply: Yes, I understand. You can come and see me with all the medical reports / scans — Monday to Friday at 11 a.m.



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