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Liver Cancer from the Philippines

Hello Dr. Teo,

I am L from the Philippines . My mother was diagnosed by her attending physician of having a Liver CA.

We are very thankful to find your website while browsing my laptop with teary eyes hoping to find hopes for my mother. You really give us an inspiration and hope to continue fighting this horrible war that we are facing right now after my mother’s diagnosis of having SUSPICIOUS FOR PRIMARY HEPATOCELLULAR CARCINOMA after her scan.

Her ultrasound shows Heterogenously enhancing mixed density non-calcified mass Right lobe liver measuring 12.7 x 9.3 x 15.3 cm.

Her attending physician prescribed a chemo drugs named, SORAFENIB ( NEXAVAR ). We are still in doubt to start this chemo drugs because of the side effects which is very possible for my mother to suffer if we decide to start the medication.

My mother is 70 years old, Diabetic taking Metformin for 4 years but then her Creatinine is a bit high so her doctor shift to Tragenta . She is also taking Plavix and Imdur for her heart condition.

Doctor Teo, I am very willing to fly there in Penang but most probably without my mother because she is living in Philippines  but I will bring all her laboratory and scan results.

Yes I understand that its very difficult to treat patient without seeing her personally. To be honest Dr. Teo , my mother did not know her diagnosis because we ask her doctor to hide the reality because we are very sure that if we let her know, it will only give her a very depressing situation knowing my mother’s character very well.

Is going there in Penang very safe ? People there can speak English? This is my worries, because i will be travelling alone. Are you open on Saturday and Sunday Doctor Teo and from what time?

Doctor Teo, I am looking forward to your reply. Please help us to face and fight this battle of my mother. We believe that God uses you and the rest of the doctors as an instrument to help, heal, inspire, gives hope to the hopeless situation.

Thank you so much in advance for your reply. God bless.

Reply:  There is NO cure for primary liver cancer but I know that my herbs are good for the problem…cannot cure but good. You can come will all medical reports and scan … we teach you how to take care of your mom …and you go home and try.  

No problem. Penang is okay. Almost everybody speaks or understand English. 

We are open Monday to Friday at 11 am only.

Hello Dr.Teo,

Thank you so much for your reply. It really gives us hope and inspiration with earnest prayers to fight this battle of my Mom. For now, we have a strong decision not to start  Nexavar at all.

Doctor, can you please give me the easiest direction to locate your clinic?  Is there any possibility for me to have an appointment with you during Saturday or Sunday? These are the possible days that I can escape from my work. I am very sorry to ask this kind of question Doctor. I am trying to squeeze my time hoping to avoid any absents to maximize my earnings to support my Mom’s treatment.

I will be flying there as soon as possible Doctor for us to start your herbs. Please Doctor, we need your help badly for my mother’s health condition. I can’t concentrate most of the time doing my work.

…… Hoping to hear from your reply again Doctor Teo. Thank you so much once again for your precious time in reading and replying my message. God bless !!! 

Reply: Can you please read this http://www.cacare.com/contact  

You have all the info you need to come to our centre. It is just about 20 minutes away from the airport. You can also find cheap room rental in there too. Coming to Penang is not a big deal — far, far, safer and easier than Manila. 

Let me be very frank with you –there is NO cure for cancer. Even if you come and see me, don’t expect a cure. My main concern is how do you get more herbs after your visit to us? Sending by post? Please consider all these first even before you want to come. 

In fact, my frank advice is, Don’t come, I cannot cure your mom. 

I am sorry, we are only open from Monday to Friday at 11 am only …. other days, I may be away and not in Penang. And also our workers don’t work on weekends. 

As much as I feel sorry for those with cancer —  I want to be very frank and truthful. It is better that you find someone else in your country who can help you. 




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