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Brain Cancer from the US: Question about herbs for pineocytoma

Hello Dr. Teo,

I recently read your article, dated several years ago, about arresting pineocytomas using herbs.  I very much enjoyed reading your article due to the fact that I too have one.  I have explored almost every possibility for treatment except for surgery, which would be my last resort.  My cytoma is currently 13mmx11mmx11mm, so not as large as the patient in the article, but is beginning to cause daily issues.

What I was hoping you might be able to share with me is what herbs did you recommend for the patient in your article?  I am open to herbals and actually prefer herbals to any other form of treatment, unless absolutely necessary.

I do hope this email reaches you.  It has been some time since you wrote the article and I was so impressed how much you give back to helping people.  Your expertise is truly one of a kind.   Thank you so much for any further information you may be able to share.  Take care.


Reply: Where are you from? 

Hi Dr. Teo,
I’m in the US.

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