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Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Hello and a very good day to you. I got your contacts via my aunt who suffered from cancer 10 years ago. She had been through radiation therapy but stopped after have your consultation and taking your medication. Right now she is still living well and the cancer did not come back.

Back to the subject, I would like to book an appointment slot on Oct 17 1030hrs on behalf of my father, who has stage 3 colon cancer. He just went through operation … to remove the cancer part under advise of Doctor on 22nd Aug. We are afraid that the cancer will come back. So we will like to have your consultation and take the prescribed medication from you.

My parents will be in Penang from Oct 14 to Oct 22 to attend my ROM. Due to the busy schedule, we are only free on Oct 17, 18 and 21, as per your appointment slot, morning 1030hrs to 1130hrs. We understand that you will be busy as well, providing consultation to other patients as well, therefore we would like to find a slot for my dad consultation. Hopefully we can work it out and make it happens.

Please find the requested first time visit form which I filled up on behalf of my dad. We can filled that properly during the consultation. I also attach along his medical report in this mail in case that you needed them.

Please kindly revert back on the possibility of the appointment slot at your earliest convenience.

Appreciate your help and thank you in advance. Have a good day. Thanks and regards,

Reply: I am sorry..I don’t accept booking way ahead of time .. I don’t know where I will be next month …. and I don’t want to be tied up with appointment. Write me again 1 or 2 weeks before the due date….and see if I am available or not. My suggestion to you ….there is no need to take my herbs..go and see the doctors and let them take care of your father.


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