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Anal Tumour from Hong Kong: Chemo Helped Initially But Started To Grow Again

I am a radiographer working at Nuclear Medicine Dept in Hong Kong. I had PR bleeding around end of April 2009, staff clinic said that it was hemorrhoids. Colonoscopy done 28 August 09 confirmed anal cancer (SqCC). PET scan September 09 showed involvement of post- wall of vagina, perirectal, anorectal, Lt and Rt inguinal LN, clinical T4N3M0.
I refused chemo and radiotherapy, opt to try TCM, qigong, foot message (3 hrs each day),change diet to vegetarian, exercise and stop working. Repeat PET scan 1 October, tumour with interval growth and involving both lobes of liver. I felt so painful that I could not sleep and eat well. On 6 October I decided to received colostomy, so that I feel better if I start the chemo on 7/10.
PET scan was done on 28/6/10 before chemo. The result was deterioration of metastatic cancer. Multiple hypermetabolic bilobed liver, multiple intraabdominal/pelvic and left SCF lymph node secondaries. Hypermetabolic anal/lower rectal tumor mass.
Chemo started on 6/7/10 using Fluorouracil 1300mg and Carboplatin 420mg for 3 nights 4 days at the hospital and 6 treatment cycle every 3 weeks. I start eating a little bit of fish and meat. After the first treatment I felt no more pain and can eat well. I felt the tumor lump almost disappeared at the anus area.
After the #3 treatment another PET scan was done on 9/9/10, big improvement on the anal tumour, lymph nodes and liver region. I have finished my #6 chemo on 15/11 and shall see the doctor on 2/12. I start not eating meat again. A lump at area of anus starts growing on #5 chemo and it is getting bigger at almost size of peanut but with no pain. The doctor said that I may need a radiotherapy if the lump is still exist after #6 chemo.
I am seeking for your advice. I am planning to take a trip to China on 6/12 for 6 days on a cruise for relaxation.
Thanks for your help!

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