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Lung – Bone – Brain Cancer from Semarang

Dear Dr. Chris,

My Name is Na. My father, 54 years old had lung cancer in the stadium 4. Carsinoma Scuamous Cell already spread in all over my father’s lung. The worse thing is that the cancer already metastased into the brain and his kidney. what already informed by neural specialist was the cancer in his brain was very near to the rod’s brain, so small infection will be very serious.

My fathers condition is very weak, couldnt wake up. Last treatment from doctor was to make him in better condition and to give chemotherapy/radiation. Due to his condition its not possible and our family also think that it will take too much risk for him. One doctor advised to get Iressa/Tarceva but its still not quaranteed and very expensive and surely its have side effect.

We are already searching all over sources, we try to get alternative herbal medicine but none seems to make him better.

Now, we kindly ask your help to give your advise to make him at least getting better or life longer. Any advise from you is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much doctor. 

Reply: Where are you from? Can you come and see me with all the medical reports ..no need to bring the paitents.

Dear dr. Chris,

I am come from Indonesia. I would  go there to see you, but i must accompany my father in his critical time. The neural specialist said that he must going trough the 10 days phase of critical time which will end at next friday.

Is it possible to send the data through email? Any other option that we can do rather than flying there?
If the only option i must go there, then should i make the appointment? I just cant be far away from my dad long time, leaving him suffering only accompany by my mother that is also weak & crying all time. I am sorry that i must tell you this doc.

Thank you very much for your response doctor.

Reply: Indonesia —where?

Dear dr. Chris,

We live at Semarang, Central Java. Is there any branch in Indonesia that we can contact?


Bone Cancer from Colombia

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My mother’s MD has told us that she has a significantly aggressive bone cancer located within the left knee cap. Per the doctor, the cancer entity is very small but extremely aggressive. This was confirmed with a biopsy. They found that it had spread to one of her lungs, and that the cancer in her lung was small. They wish to do two tests to determine how dangerous it is. The doctor said the chance of survival is low because of her age (63). They are going to remove the affected bone next week. Then they wish to begin the chemo process.

I would like to know if I bring her to your clinic is there a chance of her surviving? The doctor stated that he must use the most poisonous type of chemo, and he is unsure if she can withstand the treatments.

Reply: Where are you from?

My mother is living in Cali, Colombia, South America and I am living in Tampa, Florida. I greatly appreciated your truly rapid response. Thank you.

Reply: I am sorry I cannot help. I am from Malaysia … half a world from you. Chris.

Dear Dr. Teo,

I thoroughly understand that the distances are disruptive, however I wish to fly to your location with my mother. I and her will remain at your location until the treatment is completed.

What I am asking is if you believe, based on your medical expertise and experience with other cancer patients, is this cancer case beyond hope or is there hope through your treatment system?

Reply:  Thanks for your email. I am sorry. Cancer is a very, very difficult problem and I want to be honest. It is hard to try and help patients far away … no use to come and see me either because it is not a one-shot treatment. It is an on-going treatment process that take years I hope you understand. Chris

From Sibu: NPC – Bone Cancer: Chemo and radiotherapy did not help

Dear Dr. Chris,

My Brother was diagnosed with NPC in December 2012 and completed 3 chemo cycles in 18 of Feb this year and he suffered a little pain on the abdomen and back. Doctor recommends him to have 33 cycles of radiotherapy (every week of 4 days radiotherapy and one day of chemo (1 hour dripping) and radiotherapy).

After the 10 cycles of radiotherapy he feels more pain on the abdomen and back, no appetite and can’t sleep at night. His weight is dropping from 78kg to 72kg within 2 weeks.The whole body with no energy at all. Doc advice to have bone scan and confirmed the cancer cells has spread mainly to the bone as on a stage 4 of NPC.

Doc recommended another 5 cycles of radiotherapy on the chest area. We can see that he have no more energy to complete the radio and chemotherapy. We do not want him to go through this suffering anymore.

This few days he can’t take any solid food and just can take the juice and plain water, the pain was go through from his waist until the whole leg and foot. He becomes anxious and depressed.

Dr. Christ can you help and guide us what to do. We are from Sibu Sarawak. Your kind of attention is very much appreciated. Thank you ! God Bless You !


Good morning Dr Teo,

We will arrange to fly over to Penang on 4/4/2013 Thursday morning at 9.35am arrive at 11.35am. According to your consultation time is on Friday and Sunday only. So do we need to wait until Friday to meet you?

Kindly let us know that which Apartment or Home stay recommended from your website which is near to your Centre. As we plan to stay for about 2 weeks in order for my brother to have your treatment.

Your kind of help is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Reply: This is NOT the correct thing to do. There is NO need to stay for 2 weeks. There is nothing much I can do.

1. You come here and I see all the medical reports.

2. I prescribe the herbs and you go home.

At most the visit is only for 1 or 2 hours then you go home. If the patient is sick or difficult to walk.no need to bring the patient. Only the person who takes care of him come and see me.

So you only need to stay here for one night at most. Even if you stay for 2 weeks, there is nothing I can do to help you because the herbs take time to heal. Chris.

Comment: Please note that we are not a hospital.

Stomach-Lung-Liver-Bone Cancer from Singapore. Chemo – no thanks!

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am EO from Singapore.  I’ve your contact from my area pastor Danny.

My family and I would appreciate if you could help my father, 77 years old, a recent convert. He was admitted to hospital on 8 Aug for a stomach ulcer.  After a scope, x ray, scans, blood tests and biopsy my father is diagnosed to have lung and stomach cancer, spreading to liver (spots) and bones.  He is going for a scan on the head and bones on Wed.   Dr has given him three months and an option of chemo. However, we have decided not to take chemo or radiotherapy but quality care for him.

Dr. Chris, we would be grateful if you could offer your help.Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. God bless!


Stage 4 Lymphoma

Dear Doctor Chris,

I’m W, referred by Pastor Danny. I’m from Malaysia, Kedah. My dad was diagnosed on 2/8/12.

(a) base on tongue, left: Chronic inflammation with pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia.

(b) left neck lymph nodes from level III and V: Features consistent with T cell lymphoma (Angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphoma)

Pet scan 13/08/12: Was told by doctor is stage 2

Bone marrow 11/08/12:  Report is not out, was told by doctor is effected

I need to call you for some query, can I call you tonight ?

Reply: You need to come and see me. No, I cannot talk over the phone. I need to see all the medical reports.


Dear Doctor Chris,

We decided to start chemo treatment next week to reduce the size of the lump first as buying time, after that go for alternative treatment or herb treatment. My dad can’t swallow much, mouth ulcer, the neck lump getting bigger every day, weaker every day.

The biopsy test last week,unluckily make the wound infected. The chemo treatment was delayed because of that.

I’m lost, my dad currently at stage 4 after the bone is affected. Seek for your kind advice. Appreciated. God bless!


Bone Cancer from Indonesia

Dear sir / madam,

Currently, my father is diagnosed that he has a bone cancer but we still do not know which location is the cancer. We did not know the location due to the fact that my father did not want to have a biopsy but based on the MRI, it was stated that he got cancer on the back bone and right now he was unable to walk. Previously, when he did a check-up in Penang and Singapore, he was also diagnosed with a lung cancer. is there some medication that you could be provided?

Currently, my father is in Indonesia. I am more than willing to take my father to CA care in order for you to diagnose him further. I really hope you have some things that my father could take.

Regards, Fer.

Lung-Liver-Bone Cancer from Melbourne

Dear Dr Chris,

I came to know your institution through our friends.

My husband has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and spread to liver and bone 10 days ago.

He had his first chemotherapy a few days ago on 10th July. The next one will be on the 17th July.

We live in Melbourne, Australia and I am interested to visit you in Penang. My husband will not come with me.

Please allow me to query so that my trip will be rightly scheduled and fully utilised:

1. What days and time can I meet with you?

2. Do I have to stay in Penang for long?

3. What do I have to carry with me?

4. Would it be good to start taking your medication now or wait until the series of chemos are completed? And why?

5. Any other suggestions please?

My husband details:

Age: 55 years

Usually healthy but in the last few months he has lost 7 kg and loosing eating appetite. He was taken for X-ray and subsequently CT scan and biopsy. The cancer was confirmed from the biopsy.

Thank you for your attention and I waiting for your reply.



Bone Cancer from Hungary

Dear Chris,
I saw some cases on your website of bone mets cured by herbs. My mother is 65 and has metastatic bone cancer of unknown origin. She has severe pains in her back, arms legs. What do you recommend, which herbs: pin tea, bone tea.. shall she take to cure the bones. How could we obtain, buy these herb tablets, teas? Unfortunatelly we can not visit you, as we live in Hungary, Europe. Please give us some hope and advice!  Looking forward to hearing from You, many thanks in advance!

Answer: sorry we cannot help people via the net from far away countries.

PSA down from 6962 to 3103 after one a half months on herbs

Dear Prof.Chris,

I am H represents my father, the patient of CACARE.
On 29 March 2012 my father did PSA test & the result was 3103.

On 22 February 2012 his PSA was 6962.

He started taking your herb on 15 February …so it is about 1.5 month & the PSA is down…thank you Dr. Chris.

But I have problem…. My father can’t walk now. The Indonesian doctors said that his spine marrow / backbone marrow/ sumsum tulang belakang has been damaged by cancer cell, so his legs can’t be moved. Help me Dr. Chris.Do you have any herb to repair his backbone marrow / sumsum tulang belakang? Or to help his legs can be controlled again? Thank you very much.

Reply: I suggest that you come and see me about his problem.

From Iran: Sarcoma that spread even after chemo, surgery and surgery

Hello Chris

I am from IRAN and am one of those so called terminally ill cancer patients which the doctors tell : “Go Home” and seek help from you.

Almost 2 years ago when I was 23, I had a swelling in the lower part of my right leg usually without any pain but after several month it began to hurt and through MRI and biopsy I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, at that time the CTs and x-rays and bone scan did not show any metastasis to other parts of the body, So the doctor amputated my leg 10 cm below my knee in order for the cancer not to spread.

After two month of the surgery, I went on chemotherapy six session (each time 3 day), the whole chemo took about 5 month and the drugs used were Mensa, ifosfamide and Adriamycin. I had several problems during the chemo period but the most important was that my WBC went such low (under 2000 and even 1000) that I should be hospitalized about 5 days for that, each time. With all the difficulties I had finished the chemo, and the CT should there was no sign of tumor anywhere (about 7 month after initial diagnosis). It was OK until about 9 month ago ( and almost 10 month after the last chemo session ) that the chest  x-ray (which I normally did every 3 month for check up), showed that the cancer had metastasized in both my lungs.

The doctors told the most effective way is surgery not chemo, so I underwent two separate surgeries (one 2 month after the other) each one on one side of the lung but only 4 month after the second surgery the  x-ray  showed the recurrence in both my lungs! Now the doctors are almost hopeless and one of them tells I can examine the new chemo drugs but I really don’t want since I believe chemo is harsh and useless!

From about 2 month ago a lump also has grown on the upper part of my leg (probably another metastasis), apart from that I fall short of breath while walking and even continuous talking and have coughing but not much. Apart from these I have no problem eating or sleeping.

It is not a month that I became familiar with alternative medicine approaches like CA Care therapy

I should add I really believe in the role of diet and body-mind connection and I am working on my spiritual attitude along with my diet. I have totally quit eating meat and diary and cooked food and have been eating only raw vegetables and fruits for in recent 2 weeks until now. My disease is horrible but I believe that God helps me.

I have heard and read about your institute and read your cancer war book but since I am far from your country and its hard for me to travel. I wrote this email maybe you help me.

I know you are very busy but please help me with any possible food and diet recipe or any other thing that maybe useful (for example your tea and how they are made). Since almost all my medical reports including pathology and previous scan reports are in Farsi (Persian) I only send you the last chest x-ray and blood test. God Bless you and thank you very much


Liver-Lung-Bone Cancer from Jakarta – come and see me, writing e-mail will not do!

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is PK and I would like to ask you some questions regarding to my wife illness. My wife (named L, aged 50 years) has liver cancer and already spread to the back bone and a bit to the lung based on abdomen & thorax CT scans done in Nov. 2011 and biopsy also done in Dec 2011. Knowing the disease we are looking for medical treatment or herbal healing and fortunately my friend Mr. Tukiman recommended us to go to you or your representative in Jakarta, Mr. Teddy

After meeting him he gave my wife the herbal tea and she started taking the herbal as prescribed on the 23 December 2011; she took the herbal consistency and also very careful  the food she ate (totally vegetarian and no fried food or sugar as well) she also sleep at 9 pm and avoid stress, but until this day 27 January she is still complaining about the pain on her left legs (under legs) and also her upper thigh which make her difficult to walk.

And my questions are:
– How long would this herbal medicine took effect
– How do we monitor her disease,because up till now we did not go to  any doctor here.
– Is it necessary that we come to you for further observation or do you have any suggestion that we should do next.

Your early reply will be much appreciated thank you.

Reply: Trying to help people in front of a computer will not do. If you really want me to help your wife, come and see me with all her medical reports.

Bone Cancer from the US

I was told on the 30th of Sept. 2011 that I have cancer of the bone that is why I am having back pain. My daughter sent me your website. It was very interesting to me since my doctor told me that I may have to get radiation or some more chemo. I had chemo back in 2006 and I can’t see myself doing it again. Could you please send me some information regarding the herbs and if you have a list of doctor’s name and phone numbers. Thank you.

Reply:   Where are you from?

I am so sorry. I live in Lansing, Michigan about 80 miles out of Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Reply: I am sorry, I am not able to help people so far away. I am from Malaysia, half a year away from you.

Always in Pain from Indonesia

Dear sir,

I need to consult my father’s condition whom 2 weeks ago diagnosed metastasis III by neurologist, oncologist and orthopedist. My father’s age is 65 years. There was no cancer diagnosis before but 2 weeks ago.

For two months (when this letter written), my father feel very painful on his left leg up to his waist. He cannot use his foot to walk owing to this pain. He can only rest on the bed.

Ortopedist  advised medical surgery for taking away tumor which press his nerves so that he can walk as before. His oncologist advised him radiation therapy.

We need your advice what to do since my father does not want to take two two advices. Instead, he wanted traditional massage. Frankly, medical surgery cost which is so high and expensive is another consideration. We cannot afford that.

Every time my father feeling pain, the only we can do is giving “painkiller” which is prescribed by doctor. This painkiller does not help. He always feeling pain. Is physiotherapy allowed for this condition?

We do need your advice of medication(s)  for restoring his condition. Thank you for your advice. We are looking for hearing your advice

Reply: where are you from?

Bone Cancer from India: Always Crying

Please doctor help us to save my mother. She has bone cancer of last stage. She always crying with pain. Please give us your current phone number. We live in Italy and my mother in India. We are Indian Punjabi. Please help us to give your current address. We want to take herbal treatment. how possible it. please tell us.

Reply: I am sorry — we cannot help people so far away. I am not a magician or god — I cannot help. Please send her to the hospital and ask the doctors to help. I can only help patients who can come and see me and practise what I ask them to do ~ Chris.

Respected sir,

I got your mail. Actually sir we are trying for Malaysia’s visa but you know this process take time. She has a last stage of bone cancer so she needs treatment as soon as possible. She is in last stage of cancer still we hope she will be treated from your medicine. She had two chemotherapy still she has pain. We will send you each and every report of her from that you can analysis the condition of the patient.

We are totally helpless and hope on you. You written in your mail that you are not god but after saw your advertisement from the net we consider you as a god. Please understand us and tried to help us.

Respected doctor my mother has bone cancer of last stage , she live on chemotheraphy of 4th cycle .she crying with pain always. she can,t walk and sit .we are reading about you in computer.we want to take your herbs.please doc help us.we want to meet her with you .how possible it because she lives in india. We trying to take visa for malaysia.so please give us suggestion what we do to save my mother.


Breast-Bone Cancer

Dr CHRIS TEO, my mom is diagnosed with bone cancer (metastasis from her previous breast cancer – November 2005 & her ovarium cancer in may 2008). She has done 3 chemos in SINGAPORE. We want to order your herbal “KELADI TIKUS” or any herbal that is suitable for her. Is it possible u ship the herbs to Jakarta to our home?
Tq. M – Indonesia.

Reply: Sorry, we don’t sell herbs online. You need to come and see me with all the medial reports.

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