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Prostate Cancer: Spread to the Bones, from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Teo,

My name is Lin. My dad has Prostate Cancer and has spread to bones. He’s always in constant pain. He has gone through Hormone Therapy and Chemotherapy, also Surgery just recently about a month ago. Although the Doctor in Indonesia is trying to give him more Hormone Therapy, I believe they have exhausted all their treatments.

From the start, I am believer of Alternative Treatment and I believe the best doctor lies within ourselves and in nature that God has provided us.


However, my dad has been battling his cancer for the last 4 years without telling me and all this time I live in Australia while my dad is in Indonesia. I only know of his case about a month ago. Soon after his surgery, he became so weak that my aunty in Indonesia decided to let me know, just in case he can’t survive. I start my research to find the safest alternative treatment nearby Indonesia I believe your treatment may be the answer.

My dad’s Hb level has been declining rapidly over these last months that he needs 4 bags of blood transfusion every month. His latest PSA level is 655. The doctor in Indonesia is also giving him morphine to help him with his joint and muscle pains My first concern is to help him out of his pain without morphine first.

I hope to hear from you soon

God Bless.


From India: Mastectomy, chemo, radiotherapy – extensive bony metastases

20th May 2006: First operated tumor of breast.

21st July 2006: Removed right breast. Four times chemo given at interval of 21 days. Given 25 times radiotherapy. Then again 4 times chemo given. This procedure ended on 10 January 2007.

29th Sep 2007:  had heart attack. Then medicines for heart taken daily. It had side effects of cough. Then from January 2008 regular Pranayam (yoga) started for 2 hrs per day. Ayurvedic medicines taken regularly. Slowly allopathy medicines were stopped and only dependent on Ayurvedic medicines.

June 2008 back pain started. She has history of back pain since many years as she is house wife and does lot of work for family. Doctors suggested pain killer. Gradually joint pain started, back pain started. At the end of Sep 2008 she had severe pain in leg. Local doctors detected it as sciatica. In January 2009 other leg was also affected.

Then many x-ray, sonography, blood test were done. She had fibroid body in uterus which was of 29 mm x 28 mm in size during 2006, which reduced to 10 mm x 8 mm in present report, due to Ayurvedic medicine and yoga. She was referred to cancer hospital. So went to Ahmedabad (Civil hospital). On 28th January 2009 blood test, ECG, X- ray taken and reports were normal.

30th January 2009:  MRI taken, referred for bone scanning.

2nd February 2009: Bone scanning done and reports were shocking, she had metastasis in left parietal bone, sternum, multiple vertebrae and ribs, multiple spots in pelvis, long bones of lower limbs and upper limbs, the rest of skeleton shows radiotracers concentration within physiological limits and both kidneys are well visualized.

COMMENTS: The scan findings are suggestive of skeleton metastases to the above mentioned sites. Radiotherapy given on 3rd February, which was then stopped as she was to be given chemotherapy.


From Sydney: Lung Cancer that Spreads to Bone and Liver

Dear Chris,

How are you?

One of your patients recommended me to contact you.

It is for my mom, age 59 yeasr old. She was diagnosed with lung cancer last week. She has been coughing since May and started coughing blood in July. Her GP kept saying that it was asthma, and even her Chinese herbs doctor said it was the poison, not blood, that was coming out her mouth when coughing. The blood coughing did not happen every day, it was on and off. When she coughed blood again in mid October, I insisted her to ask for reference to specialist from her GP. Finally, he referred her to a respiratory specialist, and through series of chest x-ray, CT scan, bronchoscopy & biopsy, blood test and PET scan, doctors confirmed that it was lung cancer.

The cancer cell starts from her right lung, then spread to mid lung, bone and liver. The doctor is currently doing a lab test on the biopsy he took earlier to see if she is eligible to undergo a tablet treatment instead of chemotherapy as doctors here find that there is a gene mutation in people who are Asian, non smoker and still young, which my mom is in these categories. If the biopsy confirms that there is a gene mutation, then doctors will start tablet asap.

In the meantime, while we are still waiting for the lab result, I would like to have alternative medication for her. I know that your medication is herbs based, so it is possible to send it to Sydney, Australia? Or alternatively, is there any way I can find your herbs here in Sydney?

I would appreciate if you could kindly advise me what to do. Would you like to see her? I do have the chest x-ray and CT scan result with me but that are in film and big size, I cannot scan and e-mail them to you. She also had a PET scan and the result is in a CD. I can make a copy and send it to you, if you’d like.

Look forward to hearing good news from you.


Bone Cancer – Osteosarcoma: Refuse chemo

Hi Chris,

This is Danny. I have a 16 yr old daughter who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last May. Since then she went thru chemo n surgery. Treatment completed in Feb this year. Recently we went back to PPUM in KL for follow up, the radiological report shows that she had the recurrence of sarcoma. Dr says chemo is the only way but no guarantee, we refused and they say nothing can be done, is just a matter of time.

Therefore we seek for your help. as we live in seremban,it is quite a distance to travel to penang, whre else can we go for consultation. at this time my daughter is quite weak due topericardial effusion. Please see the attached report.

Kindly reply me as soon as you can. Thank you very, very much.


Bone Cancer From Seremban

Hi Chris,

Let me introduce myself. I am John from Seremban. I believe it must be God’s will that I came across your website.

Here is my story. I have a 16-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with bone cancer last May. Since then she went thru the agony of chemotherapy plus surgery at Hospital Universiti until February.

This year, sadly not long ago, she had her bone scan and X-ray. The report suggests that there might be the possibility of bony metastases to her left scapula. Frankly speaking we as parent do not want her to go thru another cycle of chemo which proved to very devastating. Therefore, we look for alternative treatment and hoping that you can assist us in this regard.
Waiting for your reply


Bone Cancer from India

Dear Doctor,
My brother was diagnosed with pleomorphic sarcoma in the pelvis (stage -4 ). He is 33 years. He first noticed the first pain while running in a cricket game. Neglected the pains for 2 weeks. It became worse. Not able to walk. Saw an Orthopedic and Oncologists and undergone chemotherapy for 3 days. Everyday he is taking pain killers.

He went through chemotherapy and still suffering with very severe pain. We would like to try your herbal treatment. But he is not in the state of traveling. Is there a way he can be treated without meeting you? Please help us. 

Hello Doctor, I am his wife from India. The doctor here advised chemotherapy and radiotherapy just for a trial not for the cure or lifesaving. He told that his life time is maximum 1 year, because it had spread even to the skull.  Please do something, your treatment is the last hope for me.
Hello Doctor,
I am the wife. Chemotherapy sessions are over. The present condition is very bad. He walks a little bit, get tired fast, can take only liquid food, motion is regular, disturbed sleep, difficult to pass urine without a catheter, suffering from fistula in anus, foul smelling pus discharge along with the motion, blood reports are like this
Hb     – 9.8
WBC  – 32,000
ESR   – 90
Urine – pus cells are seen
We like to start your medicines. Shall we start the same medicines or any changes you want to make? Any medicine for fistula in anus you want to suggest. Please do the needful. Waiting for your kind reply.

Comment: It is indeed difficult to us to do much – there is the distance and the slow communication between us making our response rather slow. Please ponder the following:
1.        What is the cause of this cancer? No one has the answer.
2.        If the cause is not know, how can anyone “intelligently” cure it?
3.        Ask the onocologist and he recommends chemotherapy, ask the radiologist he says radiotherapy. But all of them say the treatment will not cure.
4.        Would it not be more humane to do nothing than do something?
5.        In this case the treatments caused more harm than good?

What Do I Do With This Kind of Email?

We just found out my mother in law has metastatic bone cancer, origin unknown. What are these herbs? Would like to have info…here’s to hoping it will work for her!
Thank you!

Response: Once in a while I do receive this kind of email.

Lung and Bone Cancer from Wales, UK

I came across your website and wanted to get in touch with you.

My father, 77 yrs old, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last October a few months after he had hip surgery. They said they could give chemo but it wouldn’t be much use … He had pain in his hand and after several misdiagnosis of arthritis, it turned out to be secondary cancer. He received radiotherapy for the hand and he reacted very badly. His hand swelled up and he was in extreme pain. This settled after a while and he was able to go back to work as a furniture maker/restorer.
When we went back for a checkup they told us it may have actually got worse in the hand!! His primary lung tumor had shrunk slightly though which was good and not the result of any treatments, just good diet and supplements.

A few months later his leg on the operation side was hurting and his left shoulder was hurting. We were told it was arthritis. Months later my dad was in worse pain than ever, finding it hard to walk or get to sleep. They told us two months ago that it was secondary cancer. He has it in his left wrist and hand, left shoulder and right femur.

We are booked in for radiotherapy tomorrow. After the last time, he is very nervous but what we agreed on is that even if it does kill everything off, good and bad cells, at least we may have a chance to rebuild form there rather than just losing the fight.

Many thanks.

Reply: Where are you from?
We live in North Wales, UK.

Reply: Thanks — North Wales is too far away from us in Malaysia. Also the herbs will not taste good — awful smell and taste. I don’t think non-Asian can tolerate them. I have some UK patients — no, they can’t tolerate them.

Bone Cancer From USA

Hello Dr. Teo,

My father was recently diagnosed with bone cancer and the timeline is between 6 to 12 months. My father is currently suffering pain throughout his body, legs, back, and some other areas. Currently he is unable to walk and is taking morphine daily as pain medication. Recently also tried Linzhi but does not seem to ease his pain. My father is 73 years old and has always been in good health until now.

We would like to seek advice from you and on how to go about getting treatment thru your center. Is it possible to order medication thru your center online? Is your center only in Malaysia? Please advise. I just want my father to suffer less pain. We are in the United States. Thank you very much for any advice or any referral you may know in San Francisco, United States of America,

Concerned son

Lung Cancer: Chemo, chemo – cancer spread to bone and brain

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Fab, from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am sending you e-mail to consult on my dad’s condition. I would like to first give you his medical history up to now as mention below.

Medical History

During a regular check up in April 2007, his chest x-ray revealed a mass in the left upper lobe of the lung, but he was completely asymptomatic. At that time, he has biopsy and was told to be negative for any malignancy. He had also subsequent follow up in August 2007 and January 2008, yet the mass lesion in the left upper lobe of the lung remain the same.

However, in June 2008 he got hospitalized due to pain in the abdomen and also back pain. On 29 June 2008, he had MRI of the spine and was told that he had compression fracture of T11 with possible spinal cord compression. Chest x-ray showed the mass in the left upper lobe was much bigger and he also had pleural effusion. He had re-biopsy and it showed ADENOCARCINOMA. He received accelerate radiation 400 cGy for 5 times to the spine for the spinal cord compression and his back pain got better after he completed the radiation on 8 July 2008.

He used to smoke 1.5 to 2 packets of cigarettes per day for over 45 years. He stopped smoking 5 years ago.

After seeing his condition is not getting too well as he also develop new pain in his pelvis which radiates to both legs and he is weak and unable to move around himself, we decided to admit him to Johns Hopkins Singapore IMC on 12 July 2008. Then he underwent decompression laminectomy on 16 July 2008 and tolerated the procedure well. He also had left sided effusion and was drained on 13 July 2008 with re expansion of the lung. Histology of the pleural effusion showed degenerative malignant cell, likely subtype is adenocarcinoma. He underwent talc pleurodesis on 27 July 2008.

He was started on chemotherapy with Avastin, Paclitaxel and Carboplatin on 14 August 2008. After 2 cycles of chemo a CT scan on 23 September 2008 showed mass in the left lung is smaller, likewise with the pleural masses and effusion with the lytic lesion in the thoracic spine, and left ilium appearing more obvious. He completed 6 cycles of Avastin, Carbo and Taxol in 27 November 2008 and repeat CT scan on 16 December 2008 showed partial responses was maintain on Avastin with last chemo on 7 January 2009.

He was again admitted in hospital on 28 January 2009 due to increasing fatigue and somnolance and imbalance on ambulation. Cranial MRI on 29 January 2009 showed multiple cerebellar and cerebral metastases and started on steroid and RT on 3 February 2009. CT Thorax and abdomen showed disease progression with new findings of ground glass opacity in the lateral segment of the middle lobe and multiple nodules in the left upper lobe suggestive of infective changes however metastases cannot be ruled out. New hypodense nodules in the left lobe of the liver, left adrenal and pancreas are suspicious of metastases. Multiple bony metastases. He was also started on ceftriaxone and prophy latic clexane. He start to feel better and able to recognize us and started to ambulate with assistance. He was also noted to be coughing while eating and was seen by a speech therapist. He underwent videoflouroscopy and showed silent aspiration. He was advise NGT feeding but the was pulling his NGT several times, therefore the doctor change it to PEG insertion on 10 February 2009.
He again felt week and withdrawn while on whole brain radiation. A repeat Cranial MRI on 9 February 2009 showed stable brain metastases with decrease in perilesional edema. Chest x-ray showed an opacity is projected over the left cardiac border with interstitial thickening and nodularity in the left and upper and middle zones. His antibiotic was changed to ceftazidime, clindamycin and azithromycin. He continues to feel week and staying mostly in bed, but we try to sit him up everyday for 2 hours each morning and afternoon and also give some excercise to make his muscle not stiff. A repeat chest x-ray showed persistent of the lung inflirtrates with the left pleural effusion and his antibiotic was change again to Tazocin.

We bring him back to Jakarta yesterday after the completed his radiation on 14 February 2009, and at this moment he is quite calm eventhough every 4 AM in the morning he starts to get cough a lot.


With the above medical background, I would like to have your advise on his condition and whether the Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber that you have found can be used to treat my dad. Is there any possibilities, knowing his present condition that Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber can benefit him.

It is really hard for the family to see him in this current condition, therefore when I read about your story, it struck me that I need to consult with you. In a sense that your medicine is somewhat natural product not a chemical one, and I think he got enough chemical running in his body and I know that chemo will never cure cancer, it can only stabilize the cancer.

Please kindly help us doctor, and hope that my dad can be the next person cured by Typhonium Flagelliforme/Rodent Tuber. I hope to hear at least better news from you.

Thank you so much for your kind assistance. Best regards


Lung – Bone Cancer from India

Dear Chris
I read the case study you have published about Angela. I seek your help.

My father, who is 75 years old, was diagnosed with lung cancer with metastasis to the pelvis in April 2009. He went through 6 cycles of chemo and 5 days of radiation. The PET scan done soon after revealed that the primary tumour had regressed moderately and the secondaries to the bone were progressive. Three months later the PET scan revealed that the bone metastasis had been progressive and the primary tumour had increased mildly. Dad is in lot of pain and is on analgesics to control the pain. Recently the pain has increased further. Our Doctor has suggested another 6 cycles of chemo and radiation to follow. They have also said that Dad does not have much time to live, maybe 6 months. This is what they had said when we began treatment as well that the average time would be 6 months to a year. He has no other problems and is in otherwise good health. But this pain really brings down his quality of life.

I was inspired by your paper. Can I seek this treatment in India? Please let me know if Dad can be helped. I would greatly appreciate a speedy reply.

Thank you.
NG, from India

My reply:

Dear Professor,
I see this kind of problem most of the time. No, chemo is not going to cure anything — it will make his life more miserable. You can go into my website: http://www.cacare.com if you have not done this yet. See the case studies presented and also the videos, etc.

It looks like he needs Capsule A, Lung Tea 1 and 2, Bone Tea plus a lot of Pain Tea.

To know more, please read about the CA Care Therapy — what it involves and also about the Healing Crisis. I recalled one wife wrote me a short note from India… her young husband was a cricket player diagnosed with bone cancer … he went for chemo… suffered so badly. We sent the herbs but he was unable to drink it because the severe side effects of the chemo…After he died the wife wrote: Please tell all your patients not to do chemo… but it was too late for my husband.

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