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Breast Cancer: She lived for 7 years without suffering

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

My name is L and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and was taking Breast M and Capsules as prescribed by you. She continued with your prescriptions without having major complications i.e., no pain and suffering until she passed away in 2011 due to high fever. We are extremely happy because she did not suffer much and managed to live for another 7 years.

Recently my mother-in-law has done ultra sound and x-ray as she was not feeling well. The results showed her pancreas having cysts and lung having numerous nodules. According to the doctors, cancer is almost positive unless biopsy is done to confirm. She had done surgery to remove part of her pancreas about 10 years ago due to the growth (non-cancerous). She appears to be healthy now with some minor coughing but complained of some phlegm. As she is of advance age i.e. 85, we wish to seek your advice on the best possible treatment for her. Family members are not agreeable to chemotherapy and radiation.
I attached below the medical reports, blood test and results of ultra sound and x-ray for your reference. I am hoping to receive your feedback soon as we are from Kuala Terengganu and are prepared to take her to Penang to consult you if possible.

Thank you.

Reply: Come and see me Monday to Friday at about 11 a.m. No need to bring her.— 85 years old!




Our herbs are not magic bullets

Hi Chris,

It’s L. I wrote to you couple months ago regarding my mum’s breast cancer … Mum have been taking your herbs faithfully but she has suddenly taken the turn for the worse. Her kidney has started to fail again, she has a bit of a swollen kidney and she will be going through a stent operation on Monday. Doctors said that the tumour around her uterus is growing. Obviously the onco suggested her to go back to radiation therapy, like what he did the first time which my mum rejected. But now that she thinks the herbs aren’t working she is thinking twice about the radiation.

What should we do now Chris? She is taking Bon, Breast M, Cervx herbs at the moment fyi. Thanks for your time and Looking forward to your reply.
Reply: No, my herbs are not magic bullets —- I suggest that you ask the doctors to help you.




Breast Lump: From Singapore, don’t panic!

Dear Dr Kris,

I came to know about your CA Care from my brother who recommend me to see you first before deciding to go for operation.

I was in a midst of whether to see you first or operate first. But, I know I need to get it remove first.

I last done my mammograph test on 2010 and had underwent a mamograph test when I felt a lump on my breast. My GP refer me to scan and found a 2cm x 3cm irregular shape lump in my right breast and there’s some patch on my right side dark which not obvious and don’t look good. I went to see my GP again and refered to Singapore General Hospital Doctor. He did a biopsy test and took out 5 samples from my right breast and found some cancer look cells. He sent the samples for lab test to confirm whether is it a cancer cells.

On this coming 06.10.15 3pm, I will be going to see him and see the result. Previously he had also advise me that if the result of the cells if benign, we still have to get it remove lumpectomy (Portion remove) and in case if it is bad maglinant, he had to completely remove it – muspectopy. I am really panicked and don’t know what to do, Can you advise me whether to see you after the operation or before the operation ?

In view of the above, I hope you can save me and help me. Please advise me and hope that you will reply at the soonest. Thank you. 

Reply: Don’t panic. Before you do anything more… take time to read these 2 booklets … I have answered everything that you need to know:

http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=68,  http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=70

After reading the first booklet — go for the operation…MASTECTOMY if you are prepared to lose you breast..but if you are not happy, come and see me in Penang.




Breast Cancer: When surgery, chemo and tamoxifen did not cure

Hi Dr. Chris,

my name is Y and I am from ….. The reason I am writing this letter to you is because my wife K, 45 years old is suffering from cancer since 2004. The cancer first detected was from the breast and she already have her breast surgically removed and after that went for chemotherapy. She also took tamoxifen.

But the cancer still spread and all in to date she already have 4 bouts of chemotherapy. All her chemo did not work. For the last chemotherapy, she did not complete her cycle because the chemo is not working anymore as her pain worsens.

Right now she is warded in GH for the past 3 weeks just for pain management only. The last CT scan one month ago the cancer have spread to her back bones. She is now immobilised and even had difficulty sitting up.

Dr, I am at a lost right now on what I can do to help my wife. I would certainly like to make an appointment to bring my wife to consult you on anything that can be done personally but her  condition doesn’t permit us to do so. Dr, I know that you are very busy with your schedules and patient I sincerely wish you could help us on this or advice us on how to ease her pain.

Thank you Dr for your time to read this mail. Right now I am just praying miracle will happen. God bless you. Yours sincerely. 

Reply: Everybody who comes to see me wants a miracle … but I am not god and I don’t offer any miracle. Things like this happen all the time … but if I can help in anyway, you can come and see me at 11 am ….. Monday to Friday … go to www.cancercaremalaysia.com to get more detail.


Breast Cancer from Kenya

My name is C, 44 years with 1 son 22 yrs, from Kenya. I have remained very positive and am very grateful for each day.
In November 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer Grade 2 on my right breast. Lobular carcinoma invasive. ER and PR Positive. HER-2/neu – 1+ Negative. e-cadherin positive. My breast has started to dimple.

I have not started any chemo, radio or hormonal treatment from the hospital. Am looking at alternative treatments.

Also note I have uterine fibroids-enlarged uterus with mixed densities consistent with fibroids, ovarian cyst and umbilical hernia.

Please advice way forward. Waiting for your email or call.

Reply: Thank you for your email. I am sorry I cannot help people from faraway places.



Breast Cancer from Perth

Dear Dr Teo,

I am 52 years old and I live in Perth.   I was diagnosed with 2nd stage right breast cancer last Sept. 1.5cm tumour removed and axillary lymph nodes removed under armpit .  I am currently on 1mg of Arimidex which I need to take for 5 yrs.  All through these months of treatments I must say I have been very lucky as I do not suffer drastic side effects common to most  and I believe is because I am very discipline with my exercise and diet regime. Throughout my appetite was good, no nausea, constipation or blister, etc.. I exercise daily going for morning and afternoon walks and I only take vegetables, beans, fish and nuts.  I avoid dairy and meat products.  I take green smoothies daily (dark green veg and fruits combine) and food with high antioxidant.

I only came to know of your website this month.   I plan to come back to Malaysia in August and hope to be able to take some natural herbs for detox since I have been through chemo and radiotherapy.  Would you have some natural herbs remedy that can help me to detox.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Kind regards.




Breast Cancer from India — Chemo and Radiation did not cure

Dear Dr,

Your reference has been given by Mr M. My wife was detected with breast cancer 2 years ago. Please find attached some reports. Below is the summary of the treatment.

12 April 13 Mammography – Showed lesion left breast 12 O* Clock axis(BIRADS IV)

16 April 13 MRI Breast – Showed Multifocal malignancy in the left breast (BIRADS-6). Lesion noted in the right breast at 12 and 1 clock axis showed low suspicion of malignancy

22 April 13 – Breast Conservation surgery performed

22 April 13 –Biopsy Finding – Invasive ductal carcinoma, multifocal Nottingham grade I, left breast. Regional lymph nodes shopw reactive changes.(0/17), pT1pN0pM0. Benign proliferative breast disease, surrounding breast tissye ER/PR – POSITIVE, Her 2 neu  1+

17 May 13 to 13 Sep 13- 6 Cycles of FEC chemotherapy given with a gap of every 3 weeks.

17 Oct to 22 Nov – Given 25 fractions of  External beam radiotherapy by IGRT with gating to the left breast.

2 Dec 13 to 10 Dc 13 – 7 cycles of Electron boost to the lumpectomy cavity

Since Jan 14  on Tamoxifin. Was Amenorrhea for 8 months, Heavy MC for 14 days continuous. Then no further bleeding. The MC is irregular thereafter.

Ultrasound (TVS) showed Simple cysts in bilateral ovaries. Endometrial thickness is 9.2mm

The doctors have suggested Ovarian ablation but patient is not very keen on getting it done.

Please suggest/advise herbal medicine that may be good for her. We can communicate by email or if you prefer we can visit you also.

Thanks and with best regards

Reply: I am sorry … we don’t do on-line treatment or consultation….. if you think we can help you…come and see us with all the scans / reports ..we take it from there.



Urgent: Seek for 2nd Opinion – Breast Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris,

We are Chinese couple from Klang.

My wife is diagnosed with Progressive Cyst via Modern Medical (Ultrasound) and is considered as Stage 1-2 Breast Cancer via Alternative Medical. She had changed her lifestyle (praying to God and exercise under the hot Sun) and diet (Vegan) in the past 3 months with mixture of progress (improvement on initial stage but slight worsening lately).

Now both experts (Western & Alternative) just advised us not to delay anymore but to perform Lumpectomy. We are struggling here due to the fact of Strong Family Background (several cancer deaths within family tree) as well as the articles on the web mentioning the disadvantages and potentials risks of performing Surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, MRI, or PET.

Do you think we should give another chance via Natural Approach (i.e. Chris Teo) before proceed with Conventional Approach?

Hope to hear from you soon. Warm Regards.

Reply:  Come and see me with all the medical reports and scan.

Thanks for your quick response, Dr Chris. I see your web mentioned no entertainment without proper report of Biopsy or Mammogram or PET or MRI. Would you still like to see her with just Full Blood Report and Two Ultrasound Reports? 

Reply: Okay..that is fine … come at about 11 am — any day from tomorrow to Friday (Since you said it is URGENT!)

Dear Chris,

Are you available next Friday  (Hari Raya)?  Otherwise I shall make proper arrangement for my wife and kids in order to make a trip to Penang during normal weekdays.

(Note: Hari Raya is 3 weeks away! It is a holiday for all in this country)

Reply: I think it is better that you read what I wrote in my website first before you come … if there is a lump…get it out …no use to see me with the lump ..I am going to tell you to get it out anyway. But if you think you don’t want to get it out — then go and see someone else. But if you think you want to talk to me first before taking it it — then come.  

Read these 2 articles first.

Breast Lump: Get It Out

Your Breasts: What to do if there is a lump? What to do if it is cancerous?

Available in either pdf or epub formats for only US$2.99 (approx. RM 10)  PDF

format:http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=68 EPUB format:http://bookoncancer.com/productDetail.php?P_Id=69  What Do You Do If You Find A Lump In Your Breast?

Hi Chris,

We had read your articles and got your point.

I guess we shall proceed with Lumpectomy without Biopsy or other treatments, do you agree?

May I hear your suggestion for any good and affordable Breast Surgeons in Selangor or KL areas?

Reply: I am sorry I cannot say much about KL …but I think Prof Yip from SJMC is a good surgeon to go to.

Hi Chris,

We were asked by Doctor to do Lumpectomy (Excision) and Mammogram this Saturday.

Can you share your view before we proceed to booking today?

Reply: I  have already written enough in my book …secondly, I am sorry I cannot give my view by just sitting n front of the computer…it is wrong and not ethical. If you need help you can come and see me with all the reports or you can go and see another doctor. Sitting in front of the computer will not do.


Breast Cancer: Chemo and radiation — cancer spread to lung and bone

Hi Dr. Teo,

I am writing here to make an appointment with you for my mother who is having last stage breast cancer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago and undergone chemo and radiotherapy.

Now, after 3 years, on January this year, her cancer has relapsed and spread to her lung, lymph node and bone. She then undergone the second time of chemotherapy on the 21st of April but with the serious side effect of the chemo drugs, she stop just after the first chemo shot.

These days, mother is very weak. She is in much pain and breathless and couldn’t sleep at night. we are not expecting for a cure for her but if the herbs can reduce her pain and sleeplessness and appetite, we will be more than happy for her.

Dr. Chris, we hope can see you as soon as possible as my mother’s condition getting worse day by day. Fyi, we ‘re from Bukit Mertajam. Hope to hear from you soon.

Note: This email is written with the help of my cousin as we are not good in English. With regards, 

Reply:  Come and see me on Monday at about 11 am. Bring all medical reports.

Breast Cancer from Perth

Dear Dr Teo,

I am 52 years old and I live in Perth.  I was diagnosed with 2nd stage right breast cancer last Sept. 1.5cm tumour removed and axillary lymph nodes removed under armpit .  I am currently on 1mg of Arimidex which I need to take for 5 yrs.  All through these months of treatments I must say I have been very lucky as I do not suffer drastic side effects common to most  and I believe is because I am very discipline with my exercise and diet regime. Throughout my appetite was good, no nausea, constipation or blister, etc.. I exercise daily going for morning and afternoon walks and I only take vegetables, beans, fish and nuts.  I avoid dairy and meat products.  I take green smoothies daily (dark green veg and fruits combine) and food with high antioxidant.

I only came to know of your website this month.   I plan to come back to Malaysia in August and hope to be able to take some natural herbs for detox since I have been through chemo and radiotherapy.  Would you have some natural herbs remedy that can help me to detox.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you. Kind regards.

Reply: Go to my website and read all those articles that I wrote … August is still far away …write me again in August when you are ready to come home. Take care.


Breast with holes?

Dear Prof. Christ Teo,

I am Y from Indonesia. I have lady friend got breast cancer in left breast. She had ever done operation and chemotherapy. Now, her left breast that had been operated got purulent become very big hole about 25cm and right breast got purulent and many hole. Her left hand and two leg had been big swallow. Her body is thin. She still can eat and drink. Prof.Christ, can she still have opportunity to cure with herb medicine? What kind of herb medicine that is suitable for her to drink? Prof.Christ, Thank You.

Best Regards,

Reply: No… I don’t think I can help her. Ask her to go and see her doctor.



Breast Cancer: Medical treatment did not cure her yet! Let her find her way

Dear Dr. Teo,
My aunt 62 from Bukit Mertajam. She had breast cancer 3 years ago and had undergone mastectomy on her right breast and followed on with Chemotherapy and radiotherapy. On January this year, the cancer has metastasized to her lung, lymph node and bone.

She has just undergone the first chemo 2 weeks back but the side effect is just too strong for her to bear. She is having a very serious mouth ulcer thus having difficulty to eat. I know that there’s nothing can be done to cure her cancer at this stage but would be appreciated if you can prescribe some herbs that will help her ulcer and reduce her pain. It would be much appreciated if l can make an appointment with you tomorrow at 11am or at any time most convenient to you. >>> >> Hope to hear from you soon. hank you with regards,
Reply: OK…come with all the reports

Dear Dr. Teo,
Really thank you for your reply. Unfortunately,  it’s too late for my cousin(my aunt’s daughter) to go to Penang at this time. I’ve called up your centre … about the change of date. They will see you on Monday instead.

Dear Doc Teo,
I am writing here to tell you that my aunt’s daughter have changed their mind not coming to see you. I am very disappointed with their decision and the reason is all because my aunt’s attitude and knowledge about natural treatment (already brain washed by conventional treatment).  As a nutritionist myself,  I deeply feel sorry for her. Thank you for your time all the while reading my email. Thank you very much.

Mom’s breast cancer – chemo not an option for us

Hi Dr Chris,

My name is L. My mum has just been diagnosed with breast cancer but unfortunately we have been told she’s in the advanced stage and that the cancer has spread to other parts of her body the most recent case was a pelvic mass noticed in an ultrasound scan.

My mum had renal failure and doctor had to perform a surgery by putting stent through to the kidney as she had problem urinating. Now she can pee naturally and the next step is a CT Scan to find out where the tumour in her pelvis is.

My mum is 73 this year and we haven’t told her about her cancer yet. We also haven’t spoken to the oncologist but we know chemotherapy is NOT an option for us.

We just want to know if you are still in practice as we would like to see you when my mum is out of the hospital. And of course once we have told her the truth. Please, Dr I need your advice as in what’s the next step. I hope you can help provide some light as in if we shd do what the oncologist will be telling us or do we seek alternative therapy?

Thank you for taking the time to read this email (if it ever reaches you!).

Reply: Where are you from? You can come and see me in Penang with all the medical reports and scans.

Hi Dr Chris

Mum is currently in P Hospital and she should be discharged this Thursday as she’s still recovering from the surgery yesterday. We were referred to an oncologist and tomorrow he will be performing a biopsy and thereafter will have a chat with us. I live in KL with my family while my parents live in Batu Pahat. Once discharged I will get a copy of her medical report and scan and should I mail it to you or do you have to see her personally with the report?

Once again I thank you for your time. I just went to see mum and she looks happy and at peace and I don’t have the heart to tell her now she has cancer. My dad also reminded us not to tell her just yet….


Reply:  Why do biopsy if you don’t want chemo? Do biopsy only if you want chemo.

Hi again.

According to my mum the doctor in P Hospital “placed a fine needle through her left breast where the tumour is and drew out a sample” but she doesn’t know what procedure that was but I think it was a biopsy. The doctor insisted that wasn’t a biopsy as a biopsy requires a longer needle.

I understand why you advised against a biopsy but..isn’t biopsy the only way to make a definitive cancer diagnosis, as it provides the most accurate analysis of tissue?

What other choices do we have besides getting a biopsy as we do not know to which body part exactly the cancer has spread.

Thank you and I appreciate your reply and help even before we have met.

Reply: I have written all these in my books and also in my website … anyway…what they did is called needle biopsy …..IF YOU WANT TO DO CHEMO AND CONTINUE WITH MEDICAL TREATMENT…GO AHEAD WITH THE BIOPSY…IF YOU DON’T WANT CHEMO THEN BIOPSY IS MEANINGLESS. 

Thank you. I have bought your e-book and I will read up and put the biopsy on hold.

Reply: Good and at least you learn something!


Breast Cancer from UK


I came across your website as I was searching for an alternative treatment for cancer.  I had breast cancer and now it has spread to lungs. I did take 16 rounds of chemo (abraxane 16+avastin 6) and it cleared some cancer but two big tumors on my left lung are still there. Doctors suggested oral chemo of Xeloda, which I took for three days and it made me exceptionally sick and I stopped it. Now doctor is suggesting to try different type of chemo and he is hopeful that it will work.  I refused to take the chemo as it makes me very sick. I have mentioned to him that I want to look into alternative therapy and he is fine with that.

I have watched many of your testimonial videos on youtube, where people look hopeful. What does your treatment includes besides herbal medicine, is there any other therapy performed upon the patients.

We live in UK and don’t mind travelling to Malaysia but if you know any similar treatment center like yours in UK or anywhere in Europe please do let me know it will be Much appreciated.

I thank you in advance for your time and help. God bless! Kind Regards.

Reply:  I am sorry I cannot help patients from faraway places …. attached is a booklet about German clinics. May be you want to consider this.

Breast Cancer Went to Her Brain After Some Years. Three months to live.

Dear Dr. Chris,

My name is R, tonight I’ve read a lot of you and ca care from the internet like so many others. The first 30 minutes when I read about your method, I’m so hooked up with it. Especially the video “Tidak Sanggup Pantang Tak Perlu Jumpa Saya” I just knew that this is my answer. I too don’t believe that cancer can be cured but I strongly believe that we can have a better life without chemo. And after almost 10 hours of reading, I knew I have to seek your consul.

This is my short story: I have a mother in law how was diagnosed with breast cancer and already undergo a surgery 11 years ago, late last year, around November 2014, my mother in law was suddenly have a terrible nausea, she throw up every hour or so in a day. I insist that she goes to a hospital and get a check. The doctor, whose my mother in law friend, suggest that she undergo a CT scan and a thorax scan (he knew about my mother past cancer). And from that scan, I knew it was a metastasis from her previous breast cancer, although I sincerely hope it was not. Soon after that she undergo a brain surgery to lift up the lump on her brain, the lump resulting back to confirm that my hope is false. It is a metastasis.

After that brain surgery, my mother in law is scheduled to undergo a ‘targeted chemo’ with herceptin. The first 3 months after the surgery and while undergoing chemo, my mother was like before, energetic strong woman. Until about 10 days ago.

10 days ago, she had another CT scan and there was another lump on her right brain. Also her left body part start to get weaker and weaker, now she barely can walk and move her left hand. Her doctor said that the targeted chemo with herceptin is a failure, so she up’ed the dosage, with radio therapy and the old chemo, which she was so afraid to undergo it again.

And when we went to another doctor for 2nd opinion, the doctor said what I already know, there is no cure for cancer, just accept it and live with no regret and also she predicted that my mother in law might only have another 3 months to live.

3 days ago, she finished her 4 days radio therapy session, with slight or no effect of improvement. So some of our friend and family suggested us to seek medical treatment on Penang. I was researching about Penang hospital when I found your site.

After several discussion with my wife, I decided to take my mother in law to Mt. Miriam Cancer hospital even-though I would rather go straight to your place. But you said that we should seek hospital treatment first before coming to you. I planned to go there this week if possible.

From Google Maps, it appears that your place and Mt. Miriam Hospital is rather close. So my question is, can I go to your place alone while my mother in law undergo a series of initial check on the hospital? Or should I bring my mother in law too? I don’t know if she have the faith to believe you like I do. I knew she will have little problems with the diet since already live a healthy life but my wife said that she might can’t accept that there is no cure for cancer, she still strongly believe that she can and willing to fight it.

I’m sorry for this very long email and taking your time, but your writing and post on the internet is really lift up my spirit for a better life for my mother in law. Also sorry for my English if it’s messed up. I’ll wait for your reply eagerly.


Reply: No need to write long e-mail. Just come and see me if you think I can help you. But there is no cure for cancer. 

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