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Breast Cancer: Just being stupid

Dear Chris,

By the grace of our Lord, our mighty GOD.

My wife has breast cancer and she refuse to be operated or chemo etc. Now,  She has in the second to third year after founding there’s a “benjolan/lump” in the left breast, and now after many kind therapy, her breast start bleeding.  Last Photo yesterday attach.


The problem is about the fund to go to your office in Penang and how much we have to spent money buy the herbal. What’s the fund that we have to prepare if we want to get your herbal?.

Awaiting your earliest reply, we thank you,

Reply: It is wrong not to operate … and this is what happen to your wife. Cannot take my herbs yet …you need to go for chemo and operation first …already too “parah”….. after that if you want to take our herbs, write me. Read this  article that I wrote: http://cancercaremalaysia.com/2012/02/21/some-women-gamble-with-their-breasts/




Breast Cancer from New York: Given up

Dear Doctor,

I visited your website and wish to consult you for my mother urgently.

Please find enclosed the latest PET reports of my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer stage IV 1 year back.She was put on hormone therapy with a drug by the name of “Anastrozole”. Now hormone therapy is not working anymore and the cancer has spread to her spine, lungs, ribs, pelvic bones as per latest PET. Doctors have given up. She has diabetes and high BP too. Doctors feel she might not even survive chemotherapy.

Please refer to her PET (scan image enclosed) and advice if there is any treatment which can prolong her life. She is in terrible pain.

Reply: No..there is no cure for such stage …Nobody can cure any cancer anyway.



Breast Cancer: It is your life, help yourself!

Dear Dr. Teo,

I’m writing to you because i found that your mission on ca care will help me a lot.

My mammogram report said heterogeneously dense breast with tubular beading like pattern in the central of left breast is probably benign feature. Benign microcalcification in central of right breast.

Here i attached the report as well as breast ultrasound. I took my mammo on Dec 26, while ultrasound on Dec 24.

Do you deem this finding to be alarming? Should I wait for another 6months or so to do another ultrasound as well as mammogram (to monitor if there is any development to the lump)? Or do you suggests otherwise? Looking forward to your reply.

Reply: What did the doctor who did the USG tell you to do? Wait and see? It is up to you ….if you feel that you want to do  something for yourself  — come and see me and you take the herbs for a few months and then go for USG again …but if you want to do nothing …then wait. Something is not normal.

Dear Dr. Chin,

Thank you for your email. The doctor said i have to undergo surgery to take the thing out and send to pathologist to check whether it is cancerous or not. What confusing me is some people said that surgery is invasive, better look for 2nd opinion. 

Reply: You have to decide what you want to do …come and see me if you like or read my book on Breast cancer




Breast Cancer from Singapore: Help yourself first so that we can help you!

Dear Dr.
I am  38 years old lady with breast cancer stage 4 (spread during Chemotherapy) and refuse to do further palliative chemotherapy. I saw your website, Cancer Care and plan to see you with my husband on next week. I already prepared the medical report.

We come from Singapore so we are a little bit worry won’t get the consultation slot since we understood that consultation on first come first served basis, kindly advise.

Thank you

Reply: No problem … let me know when you want to come ….you can come from Monday to Friday at 11 am …if you like, but let me know first. This is special appointment.

Thank you for your quick reply, really appreciate it. Is it ok if we come on Monday January 19th ?
Would be there any appointments after the 1st one? Since we need to book for return flight as well. Kindly advice.

Reply: Okay… need to see me only for 1 hour and then you can go home …please confirm when you are coming after getting the ticket and I shall block my time.

We already got the ticket. We confirm will be come on January 19th.



Breast Cancer from Kenya

Dear Chris,

I am glad you are working with breast cancer patients.

Need your help –

My name is Cath, 43 years with 1 son 21 yrs, from Kenya

In November 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer Grade 2 on my right breast. Lobular carcinoma invasive. ER and PR Positive. HER-2/neu – 1+ Negative. e-cadherin positive. My breast has started to dimple.

I have not started any chemo, radio or hormonal treatment from the hospital. Am looking at alternative treatments.

Also note I have uterine fibroids-enlarged uterus with mixed densities consistent with fibroids, ovarian cyst and umbilical hernia.

Please advice way forward. Waiting for your email.

Reply: I am sorry, I cannot help people from far way places.



Breast Cancer from Jakarta: Alternatives that never cure!

Dear Mr. Teo,

I am writing this email on behalf of my mother who is suffering from breast cancer since 2005. We would like to consult her problems with you via the Internet. We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am aware that based on recent experiences that you no longer accept consultation via email anymore, but I’m afraid this is the only method my mother and I can communicate with you at the moment.

My mother, now 57 years old, has cancer on her right breast, and later on, her right armpit was also infected. She has never undergone professional medical treatments, and only resorted to traditional, alternative treatments. She said that she was (and still is) afraid and not ready to undergo medical procedures that, in turn, would only worsen her conditions —or so she believes.

We have been trying numerous alternative treatments in Jakarta to no avail. Her conditions did not worsen, but did not get better either. At the moment she takes K-Muricata (Annona muricata or soursup, and typhonium flagelillforme) to cure her cancer. As she is suffering breast cancer, she loses a lot of blood which causes low hemoglobin (HB) level. As a result, she often gets headaches and feels so tiresome. Thus, explains her inability to travel. To increase her HB level, she takes Gold-G Sea Cucumber Jelly and mangosteen extract juice.

Shall you need more information on her conditions, please let me know.

Reply: I cannot help by just reading the email? What do you expect me to do?

Case Study: Breast – Lung Cancer

Hello Friends,

I love to receive AcuGraph case studies, and I LOVE the incredible work of Dr. Chris Teo, who treats cancer patients in Panang, Malaysia.

Dr. Teo, like so many of you, selflessly serves humanity by helping those who are perhaps beyond hope.

Take a look at this case of breast and lung cancer treatment he recently submitted!

I think you’ll agree the results are amazing.

Click here!   http://www.miridiatech.com/news/2014/10/case-study-breast-lung-cancer/


Breast Burst

Hi Prof,

My wife’s cousin has breast cancer. I was told it had ‘burst’.  I told her about you and she is willing to go to Penang for treatment. She has relatives there. I appreciate if you can treat her. Please advice. By the way please email me your hp no.

Thank you.

Reply: Aya….NO. I cannot treat such serious case. Go to the hospital and cut it out. NO herbs that can cure her…too serious already. And I cannot cure breast cancer. The best thing is remove the breast and doctor may do chemo first….this is the best advice I can give.

Stage 4 Breast Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Selamat malam Dr. Chris.

On May 2013 my wife, 44 years old, found benign on her left breast. She consumed traditional herb for treatment but the condition became worse. There is a big wound on the left breast & sometimes bleeding on the end of that wound. Her left arm is swollen due to lymph cancer on her armpit.

On 20 August 2014 we went to hospital & very shocked that she has been detected breast, lung, liver, lymph & bone cancer stage 4 by CT Scan.

PA left breast test result :

Reseptor Estrogen : Negatif

Reseptor progesteron : Negatif

Cerb-B2 / HER2 : Prositif grade 3

Ki67 : Positif 75%

Histologik sesuai dengan karsinoma invasif. NST Breast Grade II/P3T3M1

Tidak terdapat gambaran DCIS

Tidak terdapat emboli limfatik

On 20 August 2014 she got WSD on her right lung to drainage 1.5 liter water & blood.

Blood pressure 104 / 69. Heart 105. Breath about 25x / minute because she feel like cough due to sputum on her throat.

Oncologist want to do radiotherapy everyday for 30x on her back bone but we have not agreed for this treatment.

Dr. Chris, please advise what we should do. Thank you very much for your kind attention.

Best regards,



Asking for Miracle Cure — Doctors Have Given Up

Dear Dr Teo,

My name is vV. I come from indonesia. My sister is diagnosed with breast ca 3 years ago with initial stage of 2a. Until last year november , she been doing holistic treatment i.e , gerson method

The cancer was not healing until last year and she opted for medical treatment in USA. She’s doing chemo and on april 2014 she is confirm to be heal. The ca marker is close to normal. Everything went well until last july. She got a cough very bad one. And she went to doctor and the doctor said that the ca recur and now is attacking his lungs. The diagnosed for the stage is IV.

She started to do chemo again however, her cough is getting worse until one day , 3 weeks ago she’s having difficulty to breath and admitted to hospital.

The doctor suggested my sister to depend on O2 for good with the level of 3 liter / minute.

2 weeks ago suddenly she’s suffocate and again admitted to hospital. The O2 level went up into 8 liter / minute. The oncologist and lungs specialist already gave up all of her treatment as well as the chemo. They said now the main aim is for my sister to have a quality of life. That was 7 days ago.

Today , the nurse who came to check upon my sister suddenly said that she is dying and stated that she only got less than 2 weeks to live.

With this email, i want to ask if you have a miracle cure for cancer if all of the doctor already give up.

I heard that you are specialized in keladi tikus for cancer. And if so , please give me recommendation on the recommend dosage.  If possible please recommend us what kind of treatment to prolong her life.

If you need her medical report i will email you the detail. I really appreciate your help doctor.

Thank you so much

Reply:  I am sorry I have no miracle cure.

Breast Cancer — 2 months to live

Hi Chris.

Hope you receive this message. Need your help if you can. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer metastasis to bones two years ago and doctors say there is nothing they can do for me and gave me two months to live.

I am taking chinese herbs these two years and bloods tests are stabilised even though cancer marker is high. Just did x-rays for full spine by chiropractor and show drastic bone lesions.

Need your help and advise please. I am unable to travel to Penang right now because of a collapsed right lung caused by the tumour.

Reply: Where are you from anyway?

Thanks for your response. Sorry. I am a 52 years old Canadian citizen, former Singaporean and now staying in Singapore temporarily. I am Chinese. 

Breast Cancer from Hong Kong

Dear Dr,

I am a F/64 cancer surviver,live in Hong kong. I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma left breast (grade 3) and ductal cell carcinoma in situ right breast;  and left radical mastectomy and right simple mastectomy was done in July 2012 followed by chemotherapy and RT,completed in Jan 2013.

I am taking Arimidex 1 mg OD as the tumor cell is ER positive, since Feb 2013.

Now I have tingling sensation on my medial side of left upper limb, may be the side effect of RT to the supraclavicular lymph nodes. I also have mitral regurgitation with palpitation, taking Losartan 50 mg od and Propanolol 10 mg tds.

I heard from my friend that you can prescribe some other herbal medicine that help to kill or prevent cancer cell growing. Any advice or opinion from you will be much appreciated. Yours sincerely,

Reply:  You should go into my website: http://cancercaremalaysia.com/category/breast-cancer/    and read. They are many things you can learn from our experience …

I think the problems you are facing are the side effects of chemo and radiation. I never encourage patients to take hormonal therapy. Read what I have written and if you really believe in what I do and need help, send me all the medical reports etc.

Breast Cancer from Kuching

Dear Dr Chris,

I’m SL of Kuching.  I’m a friend of the Brunei lady who consulted you yesterday.  She has told you a little about my condition.  I’m breast cancer survivor. On 18 March 2014, I just did my PET SCAN and from the result my lower back bone and liver in particular is quite badly affected.  I’m forwarding you attachment of my PET SCAN result for you to reveal.  Please advise me on what to do next.  The doctor at Beacon Hospital, PJ has advise me to do chemotherapy again but I’m not in favor of doing chemo again.  I had 8X of chemo during my treatment last year.

I intend to go and see you next month as the air ticket now is very expensive due to school holiday.  However, if you want me to go earlier, I will try to make it earlier.  Please advice me on this.

Thank you very much and may God bless your outreach work on the sick.  Looking forward to hear from you.

Reply: You decide when you want to come.

Breast Cancer from UK

Hello, My name is S and I live in UK.  I came across your website when looking for alternative cure for cancer.  In December I was
diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast. In January I got the mastectomy done. Doctors recommend 6 round of chemo and radiation after the surgery. I refused and rather take the herbal medicine to eliminate the problem. Lucky for me that according to the CT scan it has not spread any where else and surgery had the clear margin with 3/11 nodes with dead cancer cells.

I would like to come see the doctor for the herbal medicine. Please let me know the procedure and when is the best time to come to Malaysia.  I thank you in advance for your help.

 Hello Sarah,

Since you are from UK …it is extremely difficult for you to come and see me in Malaysia ….so far away … and also I need to monitor you often to know what is going on …it is just not easy for you to come here often. Please read this booklet: German Cancer Clinics. Why don’t you seek help in Germany instead. It is nearer to you.

Recurrent Breast Cancer from Singapore

Dear Dr Teo,

Trust that you are well. I am KC and was referred to you  by my friend, Professor S in Singapore.  He told me about you last year while we were practising taiji together.

My wife has a relapsed in breast and lymph nodes cancer (the first was 5 years ago).   I hereby attached the preliminary medical reports, scan photos ( lots more in the CD given by the hospital)  and the Chemo medicine leaflet for your reference.  Please advise are those reports sufficient for you to start to do treatments ?  I have paid for the full report but it will takes about three more weeks.   The first visit report will be completed when we go to Penang.

My wife and I would like to see you for consultation soonest.  May i know when is the best time to make appointment with you ? and How many days should we put up in Penang ?

I really appreciate your help and hope to see you soon.

Thank you and kind regards.

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