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Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma from India

Dear Sir,

I got to know about you from internet. I need a help for a nine yr old girl detected with naso-pharyngeal rhabdomyosarcoma a year back. She was operated on, received chemo and radiation, but all failed. And now she is just near to death. Please can you help??? I am from India.

Reply:  I am sorry it is just not possible for me to help patients from far away places.

Note:  Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) is the most common soft tissue sarcoma in children. The name is derived from the Greek words rhabdo, which means rod shape, and myo, which means muscle.

It begins in mesenchymal cells (immature cells that normally become muscle). It develops in a type of muscle called striated muscle. Striated muscles are the skeletal voluntary muscles, which are those muscles that people can control. Rhabdomyosarcoma is most often found in children and young adults.

Rhabdomyosarcoma can occur anywhere in the body:

  • Head and neck, about 39% of all rhabdomyosarcoma cases. This includes parameningeal sites (near the membranes covering the brain), 24%; eye socket, 8%; and other head and neck locations, 7%.
  • Urinary or reproductive organs, about 29% of cases
  • Arms or legs, about 15% of cases
  • Other sites, about 17% of cases. This includes the trunk (torso), intrathoracic (inside the lung and/or chest), biliary tract, retroperitoneal, pelvic, and perineal sites (close to the anus, vagina, and urinary structures).


Sarcoma in 9 month old

My name is Sarah I am a mother of two and my beautiful 9 m old was just diagnosed with localize Ewing sarcoma. Before the diagnosis it was excised from his neck thought to be nothing serious. Pathology reports are a little inconclusive and conflicting. It was just recently decided it is Ewings sarcoma and they want to put him on chemo for 7 months. I don’t feel right about this, I can’t imagine pumping poison into my baby, yet I don’t want it to spread if there are still cells in the body. I am very open to alternative treatment, any advice even if it’s going to another country, whatever it takes. I don’t have much of a window so I’m trying to find out as much as I can in as little amount of time and make the best decision I can. I’ve researched a little on the Gerson Therapy, Mistletoe, Essiac, Laetrile and things like Vitamin C cure. I have yet to see anything involving infants though. Please any suggestions will help. Thank you so much. 

Eighteen Months Old from Bangalore, India

Hello Chris,

I was going through some articles about chemotherapy and came across your  websitewww.cancercaremalaysia.com. After going through the website I have got a new hope for my daughter.

Please find the attached files of MRI images, MRI report & biopsy report of my 18 months daughter.

The first symptoms were about a month back when her blinking of both the eyes was uneven. She used to blink her right eye less as compared to left eye & had lot of tears flowing through right eye. When consulted our pediatric, he first thought it might be due to some infection. He prescribed neusporin. After 4-5 days, her tears stopped & even she stopped blinking her right eye. By then her mouth was little deviated in the right side. When consulted my pediatric he doubted Right facial nerve palsy & suggested a neurologist. Neurologist also doubted the same, prescribed some vitamin syrups & told it’ll be cured in 6 weeks.

We consulted another neurologist for second opinion & he suggested for MRI scan. We got MRI Contrast & brain stem tractography scan done on 05 July. In MRI scan we got the tumor near brain stem (Large Pontine glioma). I’ve attached couple of photos & MRI report. By this time my daughter was not able to walk straight. Her balance was more towards left side & she often fell while walking. Even her head is tilted to left side. 

We also consulted a neurosurgeon, Dr. Rao, who agreed to do a biopsy to check the tumor. Biopsy was done on 11 July & I’ve attached Biopsy report. /biopsy report says its ependymoblastoma.

Post biopsy, her blinking of the eye still persists & even her neck is still tilted towards left. She is still not able to walk & she is still recovering from biopsy operation.

Dr. Rao had referred to Dr. Patil, oncologist, where they suggest Chemotherapy. I’ve attached Pathalogist report of HCG hospital also dated 24 July. Report says its CNS primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET).

I am not sure which stage is the tumor is in. Since today morning she is not able to sit properly. She needs support sit. She is not having control on her neck & her left eye is not aligned with right eye (the retina of left eye moves separately & right eye retina moves separately). She is feeling uneasy n wants to be on bed sleeping all the time. These all are additional symptoms to the existing old ones.

My wife and I are not in favor of chemotherapy. But looking at her symptoms all my relatives are suggesting me to go in for chemotherapy & even my doctor is telling me take decision quickly.

Please help me out as am not able to take a decision about my daughter’s life.

If u suggest, I can come down to Penang. Thank You.

Reply: Where are you from? And she is only 18 months old? It would be very, very hard for her to drink all those bitter and smelly herbal tea.

Hello sir,
Thank you for the quick reply. I am from Bangalore, India.I went through your interactions with patients and I somehow feel your medication would help us out. I do understand that the medicine would be bitter and smelly, but I feel that would be much better than going through painful chemotherapy. Please suggest us on this. My doctor is insisting for chemo from Monday or Tuesday and has asked to get chemo port put in by Monday. I really don’t want her to go through that painful procedure. Pls suggest us at the earliest. I can fly to your place whenever reqd. Thank you once again. Regards.

Reply: Thanks for your email. It is indeed very hard for me to advise what to do exactly. It is trying to choose between the deep blue sea and the devil. We cannot know what is the best course of action. And I have to be very frank with you because I don’t want to mislead you.

I would not have any hesitation if your daughter is a bit older. Last night I had a young boy with leukemia and I believe he benefited from our herbs …but for a one plus … I really don’t know.

I also know what chemo is a disaster. There is no future at all. Even if it helps now it is going to be more cancer in the future. There was a young Indian girl who came, she had radiation and that killed her.

But if you think I can help, you can come and see me. Bring all the MRI and medical reports and we discuss. But also remember that we can only try out best.

There is R from India whose son-in-law flew in from New Delhi. The doctor gave up on him. He took the herbs and scan showed he got better. That’s amazing but he is an old man, not a one plus.

Please think seriously if you really need to come and see me.

Hello Dr. Chris,
We have thought upon this and have decided to go in for ur medication. Now I have checked with my friends and have come across my college classmate who stays in KL. She can come down to your place with all reports and maybe I can speak to you over the phone then. Please let me know if we have any other options. Thank you.

Four-year-old from Czech Republic with 9 cm tumour

Dear Mr. Teo!

My name is Mr. J M and I am from the Czech Republic (Central Europe). The reason why I write you is my almost four-year-old nephew is very, very ill. Three weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a very aggressive tumor in his belly (9 cm!). His cancer is an embryonal and alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.

It seems to grow from his bladder and there are already some metastases in his liver and some marks in his lungs.  We absolutely do not know why he got this terrible illness (there about 20 children from 1000000 that get this). We all live in a very healthy manner, eat little white sugar, at least 50% of our food comes from organic agriculture, there is a lot love in our families etc., so except of God’s anger or some  pathogenic  energy problems, I hardly can see any substantial reason why this happened.

In my country, the standard classical medicine is free, which is very good, but it means also that for a child, we cannot refuse the treatments the doctors prescribe when the illness is life-threatening, which is actually the case. We had gone to the hospital when my nephew felt difficulties to poo and  pee.  Ten days ago, he went through his first chemotherapy, yesterday he had zero leucocyte level and, now he tries to recover.

It is useless to say how afflicted we are by this situation and that we are ready to do whatever is in our power to heal him. Two days before his chemotherapy, he began taking Chinese herbal tea – Agrimoniae herba, Aurantii fructus, Curcumae tuber, Trogopterori seu Pteromydis. We had actually entered into contact with a Czech traditional Chinese doctor, and now we wait for the moment when he is allowed to go home for a while to give him hemp (Rick’s Simpson Phoenix tears) in tiny quantities, which we believe has not only palliative virtues but also can cure cancer (the use of medical hemp is unfortunately illegal in my country).

In February 2011, my mother , who was then sixty, was diagnosed with breast cancer, but she refused chemo, radio and hormonotherapy. She tried to heal by homeopathy, diet changes, reflexology and spiritual growth and I must say that she feels much better than before. And she seems to be happier now. At that time, I found your web site but you seemed to me too far to even contact you. But now, when my sister’s son got ill, we find that we really have to do anything that we can for not losing him.

I have thoroughly read your instructions for those who come from distant countries. I must admit that going to Penang would be rather expensive for us. First of all, we will try some alternatives that we can get here, in my country. But if my nephew cannot recover, we are ready to go to your place, because it  will probably be the last chance.

The reason why I write you now is to ask you three questions.  1. Have you ever met this kind of children cancer?  2. Do children have benefit from your therapy? In other words, is your method suitable for children too? 3. Can parents be “responsible” in some way for their children’s cancer?

Mr. Teo, thank you very much for your answer.

Reply: It is really hard and sad for me to hear such problem that you are facing now. It is unfortunate that I cannot offer any help. It is not only the distance but also the nature of the cancer. The tumour is so big, 9 cm, and it has gone to the liver and even lung. I don’t believe anybody can do anything at all. I have never come across such cancer and have never treated like this one. Even if you come to me now, I must admit I don’t know what to do. So I hope this answers your too first questions.

And about God being angry or parents being “responsible” – I really can’t say much. But as a strong believer in God, I don’t see God is punishing anybody. There is something “wrong” somewhere which we don’t know or have yet to know. I recall a case of a young boy who had a very big liver tumour. Yes, I managed to help him. Later, I found out that her mother had been taking “growth hormone” for so many years to prevent her miscarriage. This hormone was prescribed by her doctor. But we know that this hormone causes cancer and has already been banned for use in human. Unfortunately some doctors still prescribe it to their patients. Also they still use it for farm animals.

From India: 5-month-old-baby with Liver Cancer

Dear Dr. Chris,

I am writing this email on behalf of my co-brother in law who has a 5 months female baby. She is suffering from Liver Cancer, All the details are below:

UltraSan Report: 14/02/2012


CT SCAN: 15/02/2012

Liver is grossly enlarged extending up to the iliac fossa. There is e/o multiple hypo attenuated areas diffusely involving both lobes. Following IV contrast administration there is heterogenous enhancement during arterial phase. Delayed section are not available. No calcification. Portal vein and IVC are normal.

Diagnostic possibilities includes: Adrenal neuroblastoma with hepatic secondaries/ hepatic haemangiomatosis.

MRI SCAN: 16/02/2012

Liver grossly enlarged in size extending up to pelvis. Both lobes show extensive lobular T1 hypo, T2 hyperintense lesions with intevening parenchyma showing T1 hyper and T2 hypointensity. Significant strtching of the vascularity noted with compression. the largest lesion measures 4×3 cm.


Biopsy has been done on 20/02/2012 and the report confirms for cancer in the Liver through Adrenal gland. Embryonal cancer.

Currently we are residing in Hyderabad, AP, India. I kindly request you to look into this case as soon as possible, and give suggestions. Let me know if there is any hope for this baby, as Doctors advised for chemotherapy. And I came to know about your Cancer care Center, and I have seen many cases of cancer on your website which has been cured. We want to talk to you, if you please provide us with your contact number. Please do reply soon, really appreciated. Thanking you.

Reply:  I am sorry I cannot help patient from so far way country.


Thanks for the reply, what if we decided to come to Malaysia then you will ready to see us?And is this Cancer curable? If you provide us with your contact number we can talk about this case, and we will decide to come to Malaysia as soon as possible. Thanking you. 

Reply: Cancer is not curable and it is no use coming to see me because I cannot help small baby.



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