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Itchy: Liver Cancer

Hi Chris,

My father is diagnosed with malignant liver cancer that spreads to lung (sugestif metastasis). His appetite is quite good and he is using electrical jacket from alternative cancer healer in Indonesia.

The problem that we face at the moment is he feels severe itch in all over the body and no prescribed medicine for this specified issue. Although his dermatologist has already give him a topical cream. It doesn’t help that much.

I know that it’s better for us to come since it’s important for you to see his condition directly. But he is too weak at the moment for overseas trip and I plan to come by myself to Penang.

Is there any way to lessen the itchy feeling at the moment? Since he said that he is quite upset with this and causing stress on him. Also he does not have a good appetite for food that contain no salt in it, even he likes fruits, it has to be a taste in the veggies. And by the way, he loves meat. Now I realize that what he likes are actually what is his cancer like. And it’s quite hard to change his habit totally. Thank you for your support.

Reply: I cannot help patients who cannot change their diet or life style.

Misbehave and Your Cancer Marker Shots Up — As Simple as That!

URGENT … Dear Dr Chris,

I went for my blood test today and the marker shot from 8 to 27. Would you suggest I increase any of the herbs that I have been taking?
Thank you very much.

Reply: Take it easy — think back and ask if there was anything wrong that you did? Anything different from before?  Diet — stress???? Reflect and ask. Then did you go to the same lab to do the test?


Yes Dr Chris,

I have been guilty as charged — with food and stress. I was away for a while and the hotel I stayed in couldn’t help me with the herbs. Though I ate salad and fish, the salt used wasn’t my salt.

I was so strict with everything when my tumor marker dropped after the treatment. I will get back to that regime.

And yes, I did go to the same place for my blood test, i.e. SJMC.

Thanks Dr Chris.

No Sugar No Appetite (Variation: No Meat No Strength)

Dear Dr. Chris,

After two weeks my father eat less and less, therefore he is getting weaker and weaker. He told me that he doesn’t have appetite for the food we prepared specially for him since it has to taste (according to him, but to my opinion the food tastes good).Now he asks me to borrow from a hospital a hose to eat so that his stomach is full with food without tasting it.Do you think this is a good idea? What would you suggest him to do?

It seems that he has less energy since he doesn’t consume sugar at all. Can this sugar function be replaced by other thing? I read an article that cancer patients are allowed to consume palm sugar. Do you think this is right? Maybe my father will get his appetite back if he would be allowed to consume a bit from palm sugar.

Thank you very much for your kind attention, I’m looking forward to hear your opinion.God bless you. Warm regards,VH

Reply: Well, it sounds like difficult. He has to eat but I understand, some people like to eat tasty food. I am not too sure if it is a good idea to put a tube / food directly into his stomach. But if this is what makes him happy — you can try if you like.

Well, it is not true that without sugar there is NO energy or taste — in my house there is NO sugar. And I am full of energy and I have appetite. Sugar feeds cancer cells. Tell him that. After that if he thinks that he wants to take palm sugar, try it. And see if this makes him stronger or gain his appetite. May be it makes him happy and surely it will make the cancer cells happier.
Take care, Chris

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